Try to sex my gf

>try to sex my gf
>"nooooo, we can't, I'm not shaved"
>"I don't care"
>"but I do"
>"okay, shave then"
>"ugh, it's too much effort"
>"but then how can we have sex?"
>"don't worry, I'll do it eventually, just not today"
It's been three months like this, WTF.

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When is the last time you had sex?

Either she wants you to just fuck her unshaven
or she doesn't want sex. try the first then realize it's the second.

she's cheating on you bro

i promise she doesn't have a problem with showing her hairy gorilla pussy to chad

On March, maybe? I don't really remember.

Very weird. Say you'll eat her out hairy

cheats on you fren

I did, she says it's too embarrassing. I honestly don't care at all about body hair.

does she blow you at least

You anons are fucking your lives up by pursuing these detached, emotionally disturbed nerdy girls. Go find a normie girl to date who has a healthy sex drive and won't make you feel guilty for having natural desires.

I'd probably just lift her up, start kissing her, play with her tits for basically a full ten minutes then when she's sopping wet undress her and start fingering
she'll complain but you tell her to sush and enjoy it
after she's naked go down on her and eat her out well, then if you can make her cum by oral, do so, else go crazy on her. When you get cuddling make a soft joke about her being hairy something about you preferring her shaven but don't be mean. After that she won't mind hairy sex I bet

Tried that, but she stops me whenever I try to put my hand un her pussy.
Yeah, she's willing to give handjobs and blowjobs if I ask her to. She's not good at it, but doesn't complain so it's something.

be more forceful. I'd even get mad. Like what's some hair to stop me? I'll eat her out and I don't give a shit about any of the hairs that get in my mouth. I'd get pissed and force her unless she gets really mad (or quiet or really disagreeable about this half-assed rape)
Maybe she's just a sweet soul who's still a bit scared about sex and not a huge slut, in which case don't be forceful but try to get her to further her boundaries.

Shave her.

She's not attracted to you and doesn't have the balls to tell you. My gf of 2 years started gaining weight, stopped wearing make up, and her hair started falling out. I was just repulsed by her (I generally fuck at least 9s on average and really take care of myself). She wondered why we weren't having sex. At first I just said stuff like "I'm too tired" while thinking about just fucking chicks at the gym or texting a previous hookup. I don't cheat though so basically I was jerking off and literally having less sex than when I'm single. It was surreal. Then she started getting bold and just stripping and I had to scorch her with the truth. No one wants to have that conversation, let alone a chick.

Ask to do a little bdsm
>buy wax kit from sally beauty
>set to high one hour
>then low one hour
>tie her up naked
>wax that kitty
>make sure the rest of the wax comes off
>plow town

She's probably a trap waiting for her operation lol

It's a shit test, she clearly views you as a beta male provider. Show her your alpha, show her you have confidence, and leave her.

She's not keen on fucking you anymore

Yeah I can understand maybe a week, but if this bitch is spouting this and it's been 3 months, then it's time to leave brosama.

Ask her if she doesn't want to have sex with you and tell her that this situation is weirding you out, and that it's ambiguous why she wouldn't shave after three months without sex.

OP here, thought the thread would have died by now but since it's still here, I'll use it.
Yesterday after talking to you guys I decided to confront my gf until the issue was resolved, but now I'm even more confused.
At first she claimed to just be "very lazy", she kept saying that shaving was too much effort while at the same time hair was too embarrassing, but I was having none of that shit and kept pressing: we're having sex next time I'm in the mood, wether she has shaved or not.
And then suddenly she completely changes the story and tells me that the last time we had sex she felt pain in her cervix and now she's scared that there's something wrong in her uterus and can't have sex until the fear goes away, though apparently she has already talked to a gynecologist without telling me and everything is right, but she's still scared.
Now, that might seem like it comes out of the blue, but there's some context here that I've known for a while but thought was unrelated: her father died of cancer when she was 8 years old and since then she's developed this very serious phobia to diseases, specifically cancer, but others trigger her as well. This was a problem at the beggining of the relationship because she kept getting checked for AIDS every other day even if we had not actually fucked and, it could be that she had tripped on bruised against a tree, and suddenly got paranoid that maybe some guy with AIDS also had tripped there on that same spot of that same tree.
So the story is believable, but it still fucks me up that she would not tell me even though I know she has this problem. Also, I have no idea how to help her with this or how long it'll take for her to get over such a small thing, I thought she was already comfortable with sex because for half a year or so she had not acted like this.

you are a shit lay and she doesnt wana have sex with you
next time frogs will jump out of her vagina and she cant have sex like that

just start searching for another girl

Whatever you do, don't rape her

You won’t get anywhere by waiting for change. Her new alibi will be good for another 6 months until you press her hard enough that she comes up with something even more convoluted. I would ask her to allow the two of you to work through the fear together and if she shuts that down leave her because by that point she’s either a liar or showing a complete unwillingness to cooperate and resolve a problem in the relationship. Honestly you are a saint for keeping it together this long

Was going out with a girl for 4 years who had body image issues. Sex was good for the first year and then it started happening less and less often. I dampened my own libido to match hers and dealt with sexual rejection now and then until during our breakup conversation she said, "we don't have sex anymore.. I feel like we're more companions".

Hey man, same thing could happen to you down the road. And you'll feel just as cheated as I did for being so stupid. Relationships should be easy. But we're all so afraid to lose our investment, even when we see it sinking

She doesn't want to have sex
Get another gf and go on not caring about pubes

Three months is yikes tier homie, abandon ship.

Honestly she just sounds way too annoying to deal with. I don't know what the rest of your relationship is like but I'd dump her.

Well, she does have a LOT of issues. I could honestly make 7 or 8 posts about "things my gf does that make me mad", but there's one thing I can say for sure: she's a good person. She never intendsay harm and is quick to apologize and try to correct her mistakes, so I kind of made it my life mission to help her get better. It's just that at times it gets too much.

Break up. You deserve better king

she's cheating no doubt man

These. You're fucked, op.


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>made it my life mission to help her


>she kept getting checked for AIDS every other day even if we had not actually fucked

She was probably worried about getting it from the other guys she's fucking.

She is fucking someone else.

She has some craziness going on down below that she got from another guy and she's waiting for symptoms to subside.