Hooked up with a fat chick to bust a nut didn’t use condom came inside her she’s pregnant can I block her and not...

Hooked up with a fat chick to bust a nut didn’t use condom came inside her she’s pregnant can I block her and not take care of the kid she told me she took plan b I am 23

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absolute state of heterosexuals. thank god i am gay. he truly wanted the best fur me

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im sorry about your condition. my condolences

If you didn't use a condom, it's your fault.

Hope you thought getting a bit more pleasure was worth a 35% cut in your paycheck for the next 18 or so years.

Im not caring for kid I didn’t want she lied told me she took plan b

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Yeah sorry that's not how the law works. Join the hundreds of thousands of men (the number of which grows every day) who, against their wishes, have to pay child support.

I know a couple friends who had the same stance as you did. Short of going off the grid and leaving the country, there's nothing you can do. Uncle Sam will eventually find you, and when he does, your wallet will be 35% lighter.

I can't believe you fell for the whole "oh user, I TOTALLY took plan B, I promise!" trick.

Never go no-condom with someone you don't trust 100%. They'll pull this move on you sooner or later, and you won't be able to stop them once they've secretly decided to do it.

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Lol you didn't wear a condom. That was an expensive mistake. Law is against you. You have to pay support unless she wants you to sign away your rights. She could offer that.

Ok I will block she won’t be able to find me

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the absolute state of heterosexuals

enjoy some photos of some hot guys op

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I’m not even attracted to the bitch really I was just horny we have NO chemistry what’s so ever

Are you retarded? Does she literally have no idea who you are? Does she not know your name, family or friends?

If she knows anyone who knows you she'll just ask them. She can go to police/law enforcement and give your details.

Don't underestimate a single mom hungry for cash.

My friends also blocked their respective "mistakes", and were found. One by a mutual contact, another via law enforcement. Like I said, the only solution is off the grid, or her deciding she doesn't need your money (0% chance of this).


Tell that to the judge, I'm sure they'll sympathise with that.

"I don't need to pay child support! I didn't even love her! I let my dick do the thinking!"

HOLY FUCK she asked for my last name b4 we fucked it’s like the bitch set me up she makes more money than me I told her

This is why Hitler was right. All along they tried to warn us not to be degenerate and associate with obese whores, but the brainwashing was too much, you mocked them and you gave into your urges, and now you are going to be utterly fucked by the Jewish courts. I wish the best of luck to you OP and I hope the baby is not actually yours.

or u could just be gay

What the fuck should I do I make minimum wage I literally can’t take care of a kid and like I said me and the hambeast have no chemistry it was just Supposed to be a sex thing

You need to have a serious conversation with her. Tell her this is also your life you are talking about, NOT just about what she wants. Abortion doesn't hurt and it sure ain't murder

>HOLY FUCK she asked for my last name b4 we fucked
The fact that you did not notice this massive red flag suggests that perhaps your IQ lurks in the single digits.

> "Oh user, cum deep inside me, just tell me your last name first."

She definitely went into it with the idea of getting pregnant. This is especially the case if she's not panicking about the pregnancy. If she didn't expect it she'd be worried.

You fucked someone who didn't even know your last name. You brought this upon yourself.

The law doesn't care about any of that. You are legally obligated to support the child (and the mother's previous lifestyle, if she loses money because she has to take time to care for the kid). Even if you earn nothing.

Doesn't matter if you had no chemistry. Doesn't matter if it was "only supposed to be a sex thing". Funnily enough there are no legal exceptions for "but nah we didn't really love eachother".


You could always flat out tell her you don't plan to support the child in any way or be present in their upbringing, as morally corrupt as that is. I wouldn't recommend this really, but she might take it into consideration if she wants a father figure in her child's life.

However, judging by the number of single moms on dating sites it's unlikely she'll care.

And in 18 years when you're confronted by some guy or girl who is your adult kid now, asking why you abandoned them?

because he's a Savage yo

Fuck I didn’t connect the dots I was just thinking about fucking I was on no fap no pussy for 3 months prior
I hope she doesn’t care I can barely take care of myself yet alone a damn kid
Hopefully it doesn’t come to that and she gets a abortion but if it does I will tell him or her the truth

By having sex you consented to the possibility of having a child OP. What are you complaining about?

>Hopefully it doesn’t come to that and she gets a abortion
Work out whether she's the sort of person who would actually do this. A lot of women really don't like the idea of doing this, and telling a girl to get an abortion may make her angry and more confident that she does want a baby.

Congratulations papa!

I’m not taking care of said child if I can avoid it
She’s a liberal npc she might go through anyway regardless if she does or not I’ll fucking move to another country if I got to

Have fun being another worthless dad who traumatizes the child they chose to bring into the world by abandoning them. Men these days are so selfish.

>She’s a liberal npc
Could go either way. She might think "I don't need a man to help me raise this child! I'll do it myself, and be a strong, independent woman", or might think "wow, I can't have a man tell me what to do! He can't tell me to get an abortion! I'll keep the baby to spite him!".

ahahahaha, fucking retard

tell her to have an abortion, and in case she is still pregnant after 7 months, ask for a patternity test. this will cost you, but not as much as having to feed a kid (or her mom)

Don't sign any birth certificates or legal documents. Once you've signed those you have no power.

an hero before it gets any worse.

otherwise, learn to punctuate.

Mfw I had a vasectomy at 27

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Pretty selfish decision. You shouldn't mutilate yourself like that, it's against the natural order. What if you want kids later on in life? What about regrets?

poes law user. try and be less subtle

You say the mom never offers signing away rights but that's not true. He didn't want to do that but then also doesn't want to pay support.

I’m on a phone I’m not about to punctuate shit nigga and I’m not an heroing cause I’m not gonna be involved if she doesn’t get abortion

That doesn't matter. She can bring him to court and force paternity test on him.

Don't just tell her to abort, offer to pay for the procedure.

I’m not paying for shit how much is it I probably can’t even afford

C'mon, man, you were cold minded enough to string this bitch to fuck and won't barter to save your ass? You may persuade her to do it, but you gotta play your cards right. You can always go for the intimidation route later, but at first try to sweet talk her into stopping the madness. If you offer support for the abortion, maybe she'll be all "ok then", having avoided dealing by herself the trouble with money and burocracy.

Jesus Christ you are literal garbage.

And you know what, he fucking deserves it. You don't wrap it up and turn something meant for procreation and then - le surprised pikachu face - knock someone up, you pay for the crotch goblin.

Let this be a lesson for you being a degenerate.

I didn’t string nothing she came to me wanting to fuck when I was horny, she lied to me and led me on she should be handling everything herself I have no responsibility in this child
Roastie hambeast sympathizer

Should have gotten vasectomy

>I didn’t string nothing she came to me wanting to fuck when I was horny, she lied to me and led me on she should be handling everything herself I have no responsibility in this child
I hope you tell the judge this.
There really isn't getting around it since they can simply garnish any wage you make for the next 18 years and take it directly out of any paycheck you receive, any tax return filed, and any court action in your favor etc. etc. Moral of the story, don't fuck randoms without protection.

not sure if trolling or something...

>I’m not paying for shit how much is it I probably can’t even afford
again, a kid will cost you a LOT more than that. you better get the money and pay for it or take responsibility of your actions and support both the kid and her mom.

>I have no responsibility in this child

Are you really this dumb?

This is why people should have to have a license to breed. Have fun being a statistic, OP. do the world a favor and get sterilized

The boy or girl will be a bastard child I will not pay child support

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Your genetics are trash and you should feel bad. Now, since she knows your name I'll tell you what will happen if she pursues child support. She will get a lawyer and share the situation, and he will agree to work for pennies, and try to force you to pay the full bill. She'll have a day in court where she will testify you are the father. The judge will send you a summons, which you'll ignore. The judge will then sign a warrant forcing you to undergo a paternity test. This will be a legal order, the police will FORCE YOU to do so. Boom! There's proof you're the father. They will garner your paycheck. YOUR MONEY WON'T EVEN GO TO YOU. Straight from your employer to the courts. Don't have a job? They'll come after the things you own. Have fun having nothing. YOU WILL GET FUCKED. SHE KNOWS YOUR NAME. YOU CAN'T RUN.

She won't even have to hire a lawyer. The state has a department that handles this free of charge.

This. Penises should be castrated at birth and men should be given an operation to have a fully operation 7 inch fake penis that can be used for procreation after passing a test and gaining a procreation license.

Oh look at that. OP is even more fucked

>ever banging a fat girl
>ever rawdogging somebody you don't want to risk kids with
shiggy diggy

Good luck. I would honest to god kill myself if I were in your shoes. But then again, I don't cum inside of strangers.

It’s called moving out of the country I have dual citizenship is another

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I was horny I have high sex drive you wouldn’t understand incel

t. involuntary dad

ignorance of the law is not an argument. you got buttfucked, lel

>I'm an addict
>this is not my fault as I have no responsibility for my actions
>because I will not show any control since I'm retarded
May as well pay every female that has had contact with you.
$10 please

Have fun paying child support the next 20+ years, hope 1 nut was worth it

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Buy a plane ticket to Eastern Europe or SE Asia. Never return

She came to me retard I have no responsibility she lied

Doesn't matter, you consented by engaging, Rubby mcChub Bub.

>retarded female namefag getting baited

Deny everything, tell her to fuck off.

Nope. Ur fucked unless you go full underground snd come back with a stolen identity. Maybe talk her into abortion.

>even though he gets to play with the bait
>wymen can't possibly know

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What do you do for work, OP? What's 35% of the minimum wage in the US? :)

Not paying that’s what it is

I did this and now I have a fat baby mama. The baby is cute, but the shit is soul crushing.

You should've started acting like a faggot sooner, could've scored some dick instead of child support.

Best solution for this situation is to kys

Sorry OP but yer fucked

Congratulations daddy

Congratulations daddy what are you naming the runt :)

Provide her money for abortion then leave her and never speak to her again you can't really get in any trouble if she told you she took plan b but didn't and you still went ahead and paid for the abortion

You can undo it

Assuming she's mentally unstable enough to not consider abortion, your only real option to accept paying child support or literally leaving the country.

If it bothers you that much to could always eliminate her and then off yourself retard.


Kill her

Making home made fentanyl laced powdered donuts

She'll never tell the difference

>Hope one nut was worth it

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Plan B isn’t 100% effective. It’s effectiveness decreases with time and also with BMI of the woman.

Get a new number and delete all social media. Make yourself literally evaporate off of the internet for the time being.

So, what's the problem?

She said she would get abortion if it didn’t work
Can’t take care of a kid didn’t want kid no chemistry with the bitch

Tell her to abort that fucker. My money my choice.

I’m never fucking a fatty again at least as if it was a above average girl I came inside I know my child won’t have shit tier genes I’m 6”2 and she’s like 5”3 my son or daughter is going to be a Manlet

Sex makes babies, big news.
You sound like a pathetic piece of shit, I suggest you suck the barrel of a gun and pull the trigger.


Common bro. Just live happily ever after.

Says the fucking nigger who is willing to do everything to escape responsability after getting a woman pregnant.
Time to man up and end your miserable life already, you won't be missed by anyone.