How are you single guys meeting girls?

I'm 6 ft 2, White, handsome. I've gotten looks from girls in the past from a few girls but nothing came out of it because I was to pussy to go up to them and wasnt sure if they were interested.

But for months now I feel like it's been impossible to meet girls, My job has no women and only work around men.

No matches from tinder, bumble, pof but if I do they are ugly 3/10 women which I can't do anything with.

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Im black and 5'8 and get hella ass. ur not handsome lol

But you're gay and guys are easier than girls

go out to bars and literally just ask women how they're going and chat em up from there

Tinder and Bumble. take a good pic, use the app when everyone else would use them (friday evenings/nights, weekends) and add a description depending on what you want to find.
I have a shitty pic and don't have lots of likes, but still manage to attract women, mostly "intellectual" ones, with my description. sad thing is that I'm an insecure emotional mess.

I just flirt with women in public. I'll try to pick someone up at a goddamn convenience store. I have zero fucks to give and it's still fun either way. I keep it light and playful so the worst that happens is a smile or laugh.

Change up your account information

This. Master the art of not giving a fuck and you'll have whoever you want.

Talk to literally every girl you see

Be careful with this though. Know your audience. Say something wrong to the wrong girl and be prepared to get the cops called on you or worse charges.

This. You can't talk to women anymore, just dont bother. I told a girl at my gym she looked pretty and we should go out some time, got a semi enthusiastic 'sure but im busy now Ill see you around the gym' and she called security on me the next time we were both there (which was TWO WEEKS later) for "making her feel uncomfortable in the way I looked"....

the 'liberation' of women has doomed our society

>incels are trying to get everyone in their swamp
Why won't you just kys? Seriously.

How did you deal with the situation of them calling security on you? Hopefully you weren't legitimately staring at her like an idiot instead of minding your own fucking business and working out.

I asked a barkeep at a local Ramen bar out one time (she gave me her number but never responded to the text I sent her) and didn't go back until a fucking year later when I went to eat there with my sister. She was clearly distraught when she saw me there and switched waiters on us after she acted incredibly awkwardly while taking our orders.

when did looking at someone become unreasonable?? listen to yourself for fucks sake! yea I looked at her just like I look at everyone at the gym, she wears skin tight booty shorts and doesnt want men to look at her lmfao... I told security to go fuck themselves and called her a dumb cunt and then kept squatting. Can't wait to go back and LOOK at her again (how vile of me eh?).

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What the shit? There's a difference between gawking at someone in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable and taking a fucking glance at them and acknowledging their presence.

>I told security to go fuck themselves
>called her a dumb cunt
>then kept squatting

Lol what are you, 15? Fuck off you dipshit.

>anyone who dislikes women must have never had sex... even the countless divorced men that have been ripped in half MUST be this made up word I learned on a gay cartoon image board because the truth is too much for me to handle

>dislikes women
>have never had sex
Literally true everytime.

Guys are such fucking sluts to be honest

>see optimal female
>apologize for making eye contact
>have lawyer draw up offer of date night
>forward agreement to her lawyer
>offer to pay for everything, make first move, no touching, etc
>her lawyer confirms acceptance!
>meet at site of date, look at the ground
>buy her food and drinks, apologize for assuming her gender
>date ends, get her signature that my contractual obligations have been met
>quickly email it to my lawyer
>"th-thank you"
>go home feeling like a real man, walk with head held high
>get ticket for intimidating muslim women for walking so aggressively

I rue the day maladjusted boomers started posting on Jow Forums

literally? really? you dont say carebear?

Same, I get a lot of flirting behavior from women but no friends so Im too scared to say something to them.

>makes them feel uncomfortable
Why didn't she confront him when he did that then? Fucking spineless bitches. This is why I stare blatantly at their tits and ass if they dress like sluts and I've never had any problems, but I'm not from the USA, so it's probably different here.

Sounds like my fetish desu

>still not understanding the difference

It's no fucking wonder the chick called security on your ass you autist lol

Passive aggressiveness has far less social consequences than being confrontational. The chicks who ask bigger, stronger men to deal with the situation are significantly smarter than the ones who lash out impulsively.

>still not forming an argument
>ad hominem

ok kiddo, time for bed

Not him but the argument is that you don't understand the difference between staring a lot and glancing at someone, which indicates that you have autism.
There is no "literally" in his post. I think you are having issues reading

thats the definition of autism? you sure? why am I even replying to toddlers?

>not him

yea okay

Yes, not understanding proper social behaviour is a sign of autism. I never said it was the definition. Your issues with reading are pretty concerning dude.

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this website is 18+ kid time to stop

>meet girl
>casual convo
>ask for number
>text her a day or two later
>no reply
women actively avoid men and hole themselves up in their nests, you need the jaws of life to pull them out most of the time

Dating apps, it’s like i was handed the nintendo code to women.