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I want to kill myself. Took pills, hope at least I do this okay for once, as everyone always thought I was too pussy to do it. Goodnight anons, I wish you all the best and thank you for all.

I hate men.

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As a man, this triggers me.

I spend too much money and I'm afraid I'll need the money I'm spending now later and I can't really afford it. Buying clothes fucks the environment and it feels so good to shop but I'm afraid something will happen idk

There's probably no-one else like me in the world

If you're lying, just stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something with yourself.

If you're not, goodbye.

This is called addiction.


Thank you for pretending.

Yeah tell me about it

She's getting raped?


Last night I had a dream that a relative of mine said to me, "You'd be surprised how much easier it is to accomplish your dreams once you give them all up."

Does this make any sense at all?

I was able to delude myself into happiness for a little while.


How do I stop?

This is rarely successful. It depends on what you took and it can be a very slow agonizing death. Like several weeks.

I hope you didn't do it but if you did call for help. Things can get better.

Stop trying to do it and do it.

Wtf is wrong with you??

I have no idea what that means.

Willpower and replacing you behaviour with something else.

All I want is someone who likes me besides my family. My ex-GF left me and she said she liked and cared about me but now I believe that was a lie.
Everyone just flakes out on me when I make plans with them and I never get asked to hang out by anyone. I'm so alone I can barely take it anymore I want someone who actually likes me and wants to spend time with me but that seems impossible after all of the failures I have felt. It's like there is just always a better option than me, I'm the afterthought to everyone. Of course, I know people who like me are out there but they are certainly rare because in all my struggles I have yet to find them. I'm honestly ready to just give up and accept I'll be alone. I wonder if my depression and anxiety can be felt by these people and that's why but I always act happy and make them laugh with my jokes.

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What? Is it a tranny?

The thought of him is thrilling.

I'm sorry about all the feminists, they took it too far. Many years ago, I said that it had to be built up, blown far out of proportion, for equalization.

I wonder if you believe me yet?

I used to be this way

But I already replaced overeating with shopping

Then do it again. And again and again and again. Never stop.

I want to be abducted by an alien bf.

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Now replace shopping with something else. Maybe running or lifting?

My heart hurts too much when I let myself feel for him.

You're probably right, I haven't been going to the gym lately

What do you want me to do?

Sometimes I wonder if my ex's sister hadn't had a boyfriend at the time, would I have ended up with her? Is there an alternate reality out there where I'm together with the sister?

I realised after it ended that the reason I liked my ex is because really I liked her sister.

I should leave here.

I hate that I am so weak and don't fit in anywhere. I thought that I would be much better off at my age.

I'm pretty sure I'm rh negative, my mom was.

You could have inherited the gene from your dad.

Someone fuck me RIGHT NOW. *waggles buttocks in front of thine visage*

I have no reason to lie on an anonymous board, I'm just getting it off my chest. Last person who said everything's going to be okay betrayed me today. I am too pussy to jump/shoot myself anyways, heard pills n alcohol should do it too. Still here but hkpefully not for long.


Karma really does exist and if there is a God he has a weird sense of humor!
Imagine how absurd it would be to build up a partner from scratch on a piece of paper, down to the nitty gritty perfect person that you wish to be with, then turns out you meet them a while after the fact and they are just as amazing as you would want them to be, but unfortunately they also have the worst possible red flag for you.

Now i'm wondering, is this the perfect possible match God was willing to throw at me, is it a carrot on a stick to make me feel bad, or am I just too picky for my own good?
I'm not even that much of a religious person, but this is too perfect to be real, it's stuff you'd read from a book! I'm really curious to see how this will play out now, if it develops further I'll definitely accept it.

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Trust me.

It depends on the pills the dosage and your body reaction. This is not a sure way and you could end up still alive but with severe damage.

Oh that's where you fucked up. Never put your happiness in another person. You'll lose it every time.

What's the red flag?

Hates children.

oh. Yeah I can see that being a problem for someone who wants kids.

You should call the hospital right away

Yes, it's not a superficial thing either. Genuine hatred with mistreatment to back it up, cruel even.

Ask them about their childhood

I need you, Yellow

I'm sorry I haven't been there for you.

The birds surround you because you are angelic.

I'm so sorry that I've been selfish. I left you without anyone. :(

You still have time...

I gotta do more shit

God, I feel bad. I want to give you a big hug.



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Another awkward sexual joke from a man. I just yelled out a knee-jerk "omg"

Nah, she doesn't want attention.

Nice, thanks I needed that

Time check'd

Every once in a while I just get in like a rut. I joined the army in 2018 as a means of escape from a toxic home, and a dead end life there. By large my depression has gone away. I'm making money now, have friends, and the whole 9, but I still feel empty inside.

I just cant shake it. A lot of the people here like me, and I feel very welcomed by my peers and nco's. Like the other day at my promotion ceremony, after I got pinned and all that, the company was chanting my name and all that. I feel the army was the best thing I ever did. But idk. I'm feeling a little home sick I guess. I dont really have a home too go back to is the crazy part.

I don't know. I'm just feeling out of it today.

Pic unrelated. I just like k.i.s.s

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Me too.

I'm pretty feminine but that's just because I never exercise. I'm lazy as fuck, unfortunately. And I don't like the idea of having to salvage what's left off my genetic potential so I'd rather be left alone.

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I thought Yellow sounded better than Clocks

I love both :)

miss you daniella

Cap'n crunch, cheetos, tits and milk...

idk what you're trying to do but thanks I think...


I just want a boyfriend who would intimidate my friends and beat me if I do anything to hurt his feelings is that too much to ask for?

Yes, this is onions only

I made up my mind after someone told me as much in a self-harm thread.
I will build these arms up until they are strong enough to carry a woman.

People around me have all sorts of suggestions for what I should be chasing right now, better jobs, hobbies, education. I think if I just work hard, maybe bump my pay grade up by working somewhere like Fedex, and build my body, though, I will demonstrate sufficient merit as a father.

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Oh, it really is going away, isn't it? Even the curiosity is fading. whut... in seemingly an instant its already over?

I had a sandwich with red onions on it the other day. It was tasty. Usually I only eat white but I really enjoyed it...

Nicole Simpson? Please come out of hiding. Your husband's suffered enough.

I don’t hate you you’re a wonderful guy I just really don’t think we mesh well besides loving similar bands and also I kind of hate myself for 1 how we started and 2 I’m doing jack shit with my life compared to you though you don’t see it that way
My anxiety and depression aren’t your fault but this situation is tearing me apart so hard and if we ride this out and it falls apart in the end I’ll just end up hating you and myself more
I wish I could quit you and focus on myself like I originally meant to
Please cut me off and delete me from yourself so I don’t have to like you don’t text me back for fucking hours anyway and that doesn’t help makes me want to delete your number

I foundold notes of mine from some years ago that outlined a certain plot and the relationship between two characters of my creation.
Turns out I literally lived that story in real life this past year. Am I a fucking prophet?

I don't think it's gonna work out. I'm too retarded for a girlfriend

Then apologize and be a someone to them.


I can't rn

Nearly a decade of obsession.

I wanna say ily but it would be weird

I'm way too thirsty lel
I've been having a tough single wholelife 2bh

I may be some random user on a Korean phone making board, but I wouldn't want you to die. If you did I hope your in the process of getting medical help. I tried to kill myself once and honestly it feels like an embarrassing memory, you will get through whatever is effecting you.

Awwww damn. Gotta take reality for what it is, for real. It's one thing to realize what's real and it's another to actually take it to heart. That's harder.

Just ask...i'll say yes...

I’m afraid of losing a girl I just met(talking for 3 weeks) and clicked with over the summer. We go to the same school, but I can’t attend this semester due to family issues. Don’t know how to tell her yet.


There's no comfort in the truth. I should've known that.

As someone in the situation of the person you are sorry towards, you can do what ever you want but choose not to. Having your best and only friend randomly disappear from the face of the earth is distressing, especially if you have been friends for years. You could be someone's friend but you choose not to.

I have no direction in my life

I have had it
It's time to be chad and slay sum pussy

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I hate women.
And everyone else.
We have so much in common! :)