My boyfriend accidentally came in me. tomorrow he's getting me plan b. is it too late? should I kill myself already?

my boyfriend accidentally came in me. tomorrow he's getting me plan b. is it too late? should I kill myself already?

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Plan B usually gives you 72 hours, also, you don't accidentally cum in someone.

according to him he said he couldn't feel it happening and it's been a while since he last had sex.

I had no idea women knew so little about the male orgasm. I'm going to try his excuse now.

He's lying. He wanted to cum somewhere warm and decided it was worth $50. You should feel retarded for not using some form of contraception

Plan B gives 72 hours but the sooner the better. Ideally it should be gotten tonight if at all possible.

And get some legit birth control please. He should help out with that if he can't control himself.

You're gonna be fine dude plan b works reliably, however, it's just not as good for your long term health as birth control pills which have a little to no short term side effects compared to a plan b.

This most likely

definitely bullshit

>women killing themselves over finally managing to fullfill their only purpoise they have in their life
Kek. No. Dont kys. Instead marry the idiot and raise a baby or three.

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Hahahahahahaha holy shit

Plan B should be fine

Invest in a more effective form of birth control if you’re going to have unprotected sex regularly. My girlfriend has an IUD and I bust inside every single time.

lol yes you do

What did you think was gonna happen if you fuck without contraception? Better kill yourself now so you don't put your spawn on this earth.

>has sex
>doesn't want kids
Why are you like this?

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Except for the detrimental psychological effects of all that excess progesterone.

>little to no short term side effects
There’s no way this is true

Stop having raw sex if you don't want a kid you fucking retarded hollow headed fuck

Are pills safe? I've been having sex in condoms for my entire life and they kill 50% of pleasure, but we are too afraid to use pills.

yes you do lol it's happened to me many times
OP are you fucking twelve? you can take that shit even three days after and it works for like three days more so in that time you can get an entire bucket of cum in your cunt if you want

why don't we have a sticky with a simple "GOOGLE YOUR SHIT FIRST OR ELSE FUCK OFF"?

probably White (most likely German) or Japanese.
They don't like having babies anymore.

They’re definitely not good for you. If you want more pleasure then eat each other’s assholes or getting really good at sucking dick/eating pussy. Buy some handcuffs or a paddle or something. Idk maybe I’m just young and retarded but all my friends who have raw sex have gotten diseases and a couple I know has raw sex exclusively but the guy still says sex is boring for him because the girl doesn’t do anything. Like is it really so hard to find pleasure other ways? I’m no virgin but I’ve only had sex a few times and it was with a condom but there’s so much you can do sexually I don’t see why I would take the risk although everybody tells me to.


Silly OP. Traps can't get pregnant

The only thing funnier than that excuse is that you thought it was true

stop projecting
obviously nobody wants to reproduce with you

OP here. let me explain further.
update I took the pill and im still horribly scared.
I think I'm getting PMS symptoms though so maybe that's good?
anyways it was my first time having sex. he thought he was good at pulling out and he wasn't.
NEEDLESS TO SAY I will NEVER have unprotected sex again. I'm so scared.

>should I kill myself already?
Why you dumb cunt? Is the answer to all your mistakes to do the most pointless thing you can think of?

>it's just not as good for your long term health as birth control pills which have a little to no short term side effects compared to a plan*
*Fucked brain chemistry, endocrine disorders, hormone imbalance, and a significantly increased chance of breast cancer not addressed in this statement

>losing your virginity to a non virgin
>losing your virginity to an absolute retarded
Congrats on missing out on an important formative experience

Don't worry, it's going to work. Good that you took it, even though it would have been better to think ahead.
Yes, PMS symptoms are good. Your period might come earlier (or later) than usual.

It's 72 hours.

What are you so worried about anyway? If the test were to come up positive then just go abort it's a few hundred bucks jeez.

Biggest lie that a man could tell.

You should reconsider him as a partner choice. “I didn't know that I needed to not spend our rent money on weed and video games, sorry babe.”

I'd say the exact same thing
I will try this to my gf thanks to you
but honestly they're all laughing saying he's lying and that's probably the case but maybe he suffers from premature ejaculation?

fell for the oldest trick in the book, huh

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that depends, how old are you?

Should’ve taken it the same day idiots

>tfw not using NFP

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