My boyfriend is going through some health problems, so he can't fuck me anymore. He's in too much pain...

My boyfriend is going through some health problems, so he can't fuck me anymore. He's in too much pain, he won't even let me ride him most of the time. There are also times when he's in pain and doesn't say so and his dick won't stay hard. I feel really bad for him.

However. I've been getting so sexually frustrated lately that I've just been staring at random men at the bus and feeling sick to my stomach. The way I see it, I have four options:

A) Ask him to help me pay for a hitachi magic wand (shit's expensive okay)
B) Ask him to open the relationship up and let me fuck other dudes as long as I don't talk to him about it/still make time for him on the usual days we hang out. We don't live together so this might be easy to pull off.
C) Start cheating on him in secret bc asking if I can fuck other dudes means he's gonna get upset and dump me ANYWAY.
D) Make up some bullshit excuse and dump him. I really don't want to do this bc I feel really happy, warm, and loved around him. He's a genuinely caring, wonderful person.

It's worth noting that doctors are blowing him off and refusing to treat him because the American health care system is an absolute nightmare. There's no light at the end of the tunnel, there's no reason for me to believe he will ever get better. Also, even though he's a sweetheart, he's selfish in that he hates eating me out so I can't ask him to just do that all the time either. What would you guys do?

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>seriously listing B, C, and D as viable options
total fucking bait

God ask him If he at least can eat you out.

Everyone else is doing it anyway because we may all die quicker.

So you’re saying this poor sap you is in an assload of pain has to either spend his own money so you can buy a stimulator or else you cheat/leave him?

I don’t want to be a part of this world anymore...

can't believe you copied my name out of pure rage lol. it was just a joke, lady

pic related is you

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I can't force him to like the taste of my pussy. At this point it's been 3 years. 75% of the time I ask him to eat me out he says no, 20% of the time he stops like 2 minutes in. The remaining 5%, which I can count on one hand, he's given me bliss. I can't count on him being willing to do that for me. Sorry, heterosexual men suck sometimes.

Appointing one person to be responsible for all of your sexual needs for basically the rest of your life only works if they take that responsibility seriously and try to take care of you. If they don't, then monogamy becomes a fucking prison.

The roastie thought process everyone...

you're willing to cheat and you're willing to dump him without having the guts of being honest about it. You don't like him at all, let's be real. Time to let him find a decent women.

I miss being able to write bait threads this subtle.

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to be fair I'm still thinking about parodying AGTWBTR's name myself, but I like being an user better.

I haven't cheated on him yet. I would like to fuck other people with his blessing but I'm really afraid he's going to just dump me. Dumping or cheating on him would basically be a last resort.

Why cant you just masturbate with a cheap 20$ dildo lol

>i have to cheat on my boyfriend because i cant masturbate


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What? Stop seeking this ridiculous attention, Alphonse. You sound like an attention seeking faggot :)

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I'm already masturbating and watching porn every day and it's not enough what the fuck man

Relationships aren't about narcissistic pleasure seeking

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you call this subtle?

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Masturbate harder you thot

Just leave the dude. He can do way better than you. You would rather cheat then to pay for a hitachi by yourself.


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Wouldn't be the first time.
That's not me.

Also, you guys, I feel like I should have posted some extra context that wouldn't necessarily paint me more sympathetically but would help explain a few things.

I had to take my IUD out earlier this year bc it was positioned wrong and I was wracked with pelvic pain pretty often. The doctors told me that replacement IUDs also had a high chance of misplacement bc I had a tilted uterus. I have issues with birth control. While I was trying to figure out what to do, we decided to have condom sex for a while boyfriend started withholding entirely. He just put his foot down and refused to have sex with me 9/10 times because it didn't feel as good raw.

I ended up caving in and getting my tubes tied because I couldn't think of what else to do. Spent 500 dollars of my own money on it. He didn't even offer to help pay.

So the fact that I went through all of that for him, just so he could fuck me raw, and now he's still not having sex with me, saying he won't go to the doctor anymore because it's too expensive....Yeah. It's bullshit.


Hey girl that breaks the rules you've been on Jow Forums for actually a couple of years now I just want to ask few questions since you clearly want the attention.

1. Are you the same person this entire time or have you co-opted the mantle

2. Are you bisexual

3. On a scale of 1 to 30. 30 being the hottest. 1-10 ugly bitch 11-20 ok bitch, 21-30 hot bitch. How attractive are you? Assuming that if you give the wrong rating somebody hits you with an ice pick.

4. Are you also in Florida like me

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I'm the same person.
Like 25 unless you're
>not blind
Legit just had someone tell me "My wife thinks you're hot" today.
Yeah, bi poly but picky.
No, but Florida weather is nice, and there are a lot more extravagant events on fetlife there.

You’re addicted to sexual pleasure. It is an unnecessary feeling, stop acting like its a biological necessity


How white trash poor are you? Lmao

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You don't have to tie your tubes that's your choice and if your boyfriend is being a dick about it then maybe you guys shouldn't be together.

But this isn't about who's the good guy who's the bad guy. It's about the fact that you won't pay for your own hibachi but you totally cheat on him as a viable option.

I mean let's be honest to you it's your sex toy. You pay.

Dude, you can get depression from being an incel or nofap. Be nice and realize that our bodies are more complicated than the bible's stupid incoherent laws.


Ok so your a 20 irl.

Fetlife is GARBAGE......but all online sexual provications sucks when you're a guy vs being a girl. Its too easy to get anything as girl sexually online.

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You're just using your boyfriend as a sex toy, why are you even in a relationship

You guys do realize they originally developed hitachis for sore muscles, right? And he has chronic lower back pain? It's a two birds, one stone type deal.

Also, pitching in 40 dollars for an 80 dollar wand sounds reasonable when you remember he refuses to eat me out.

Sorry to hear you're going through this shit, I totally get where you're coming from and it's frustrating.

From what I'm reading, it sounds like he's the being the opposite of the "genuinely caring, wonderful person" you mention in D -- it's ridiculous that he wouldn't even contribute to getting your tubes tied just so he could continue having raw sex a few months ago and threw basically a temper tantrum until he got his way. That's anything but considerate.

A and B are practical ways to compromise. D is probably the right answer. Skip C and go straight to D, you'll fee better about it.


>Also, pitching in 40 dollars for an 80 dollar wand sounds reasonable when you remember he refuses to eat me out.

>when you remember he refuses to eat me out.

OH MY GOD how can one person be this self conceited! You think this is a tally mark game where you add up the fucking score! Lol you are not self aware at all! I hope this is a troll!

He doesn't have to eat you out or pay for shit. You dont have to be his girl either if thats a dealbreaker. It seems like you just need a sex toy and not a boyfriend you sociopath.

Sure ask him to pay for the hibachi. Also show him this thread LOL this is fucking gold!

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Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd my sides are gone.

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Fetlife isn't a dating site, you mong. It's a social media.

Oh i know what it is. And expecting anything but a dickfest at EVENTS or bottom 10/30 chicks or trannys to show up isnt my style.

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Make him pay for the hitachi, then break up with him to live your dream life by yourself with a sex toy and several cats

Speaking of which whats your fetlife?
25/30 lets see some proof

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cant you just flick your bean without expensive technology?

Nope, women need to have their pussy explode otherwise it wasnt sex.

You don't even need a bullshit reason to break up. You are unsatisfied and unhappy. This is a sane reason to break up. You are both better off spending time single to recuperate physical and mentally. If you stay with him you are gonna end up meeting someone attractive, straightforward, and eats pussy. You're gonna tell him your tubes are tied and will cheat in a matter of days

>hitachi magic wand
>implying women know what a hitachi is
incels, i stg

I'm a guy, and the only reason I know what a Hitachi Wand is, is because of women I knew who've admitted to using it.

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lululul i trol u

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i think you meant to quote OP

If it helps you sleep at night, boyo.

Break up.

>staring at random men
ew quit peeping at us

>Not using a tripcode
You did this to yourself dummy

Just break up with him asap.

Not because you're frustrated, but because you're just a whore and he deserves better.

The scent of incel all over this post. You masturbated to your own post right after writing it right?

Time to break up. You live in a country that disregard people with health problems, and seeing as he isn’t wealthy enough to fix himself he is no longer a viable partner.


Let me offer you real advice:

Cheat. EVERYONE CHEATS. And then lie about it.

Flip the situation around OP that nigger would've BEEN cheated on you

Why cheat when you can avoid all the work of secretly cheating by breaking up and finding something better.

Never had reason to do such a thing in my entire life.

Call me incel as you want, that won't change that OP is a whore.

She has had sex for money? You don't have proofs of that. Therefore what you call a "fact" is mere speculation from your part, arisen from the little incel bubble you live in, one you built based on your massive insecurities and delusions and stupidity.

Sexual desire, which is a natural thing in all beings is now being a whore? Yeah, incel for life. Maybe not speak when you have nothing to offer.

what kind of health problems does he have and will the pain ever go away ?

Because I not only want to eat my cake, but yours as well
She likes being around him. Fuck it.
He shouldn't of been a weak cuck and got injured

I swear. Anons on adv act like if you cheat all your partner's Bitcoin automatically goes into your wallet or some shit.

As if she scammed him out of his Ethereum

Do him a favor and just leave him, he doesn’t need a snake in the grass like you.

Okay. Lets break it down for the retard. Being with someone that you care for, but dosent fulfill your needs isn’t healthy. But instead of cheating, some people can get more work done (dating, fucking, whatever) if they don’t have to worry about putting any energy or time into the secrecy of cheating. I know this a hard concept for you to understand, but we understood your comment with ease. As it was very clear and didn’t have any depth to it. You don’t have to repeat yourself.

People like you are why mass shootings will keep happening.

why would you pick an inferior genetic subhuman to begin with? you should bring other girls around for him to fuck and sit in the corner and watch

You're an idiot

It's not hard theres nothing "secretive" about it unless you're an autist

If I'm an idiot what are you? I retired in my 20's

The entire world is like this open your eyes

Oh yeah, what did you do to retire so early? Im not trying to argue but every Jow Forums thread seems to have some succeful dude browsing 4chN

Just invest. I didn't go to college because I'm smarter than students. Why study books in school when you can study speech/language?

They count success by how many chicken tenders their mom made them.

No Move on. Man that don't eat pussy is either gay or worthless. It's like not being able to change a tire.

I wish I could write bait this good.