My girlfriend sent me a text 30 minutes ago finally admitting that she cheated on me, with my best friend...

My girlfriend sent me a text 30 minutes ago finally admitting that she cheated on me, with my best friend. I just now got done smashing up my entire apartment, breaking the doors, breaking my closet, punching holes in walls and smashed my Xbox into bits too. Please could any user console me and tell me what the fuck to do before I smash any more shit, or worse, before I drive over to one of them and do something I regret

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Break up, fap to calm down, and stop breaking shit. What’s done is done. Anger—->acceptance. You can’t change anything about it and you just got to move on

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Never speak to her again. Say you cheated we are done. Never give her closure. Never speak to her again I know of a girl who got committed after she got exed out so hard.

>breaking your stuff because you're mad

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This, what the fuck man

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Nah, break some more shit, go fight with someone, go running, dance, get that shit out, don't let anything rest inside


This. In this moment do anything that can calm you man. Jack off, cry, smoke weed, get a hooker, whatever. You need to get the rage out in a calming way because letting it run you is gonna make you do something you regret. Dont even talk to them anymore. Cut all ties, numbers, social media, etc. Essentially see this as a restart save file bro. You're gonna have to start from square 1 and god its gonna suck, but trust me to death when I say getting out there and doing stuff while you're hurt is worlds better than being mad in isolation.

I think the shit I broke is gonna cost a lot of money to repair... Fuck anons my life is really fucked up

Never say a word to her and beat the shit outta your best friend. Take a few depression naps and power thru

This and don't worry about this stuff you broke its just stuff you can get more of it just don't break anything more it happens to everyone at least once man just pick yourself back up and focus on rebuilding your life

>smashing up my entire apartment, breaking the doors, breaking my closet, punching holes in walls and smashed my Xbox into bits too
What the fuck. Consider getting therapy, that kind of explosive reaction isn't healthy.

Seeing how you reacted is probably why she cheated on you in the first place. You're unhealthy and dangerous

Listen user this happen to a lot of guys what are you gonna do lay down and cry no because I believe in you become a gymcel looksmax become a Chad show everyone and her that she didn't deserve you and that you were out of her leauge you got this user

Kids like this were always the dumbest

>loses in video game
>smashes controller
>punches wall
>throws monitor

OP if I could I would visit you and give you an it's alright hug. I know feelings of frustration all too well. It will be ok, only time will calm you down. I always said I wouldnt be the kind of friend to do that to a friend, what you went through sucks but you'll get better.

>gf cheats
>smash own stuff instead of gf stuff
You need counseling

gee i wonder why she cheated on you, you fucking neanderthal

How pathetic can you be ? Breaking your stuff which doesnt do jack shit but add on net negative to yourself.
Id say go do something n keep ur mind of it a while for time to cool off.
After tht get ur self together n ghost tht bitch n ur fren she slept with.
Be a better you.







i will be your gf, i'm ugly tho ;-; just calm down. you dodged a bullet. imagine if you married a person who was okay with cheating thinking they loved you. it's okay. it wasn't your fault. you will find someone else, okay op?

no op don't beat yourself up about it. you are obviously very hurt. you can't always be strong enough to act like your ideal self. it was a mistake to break all those things but it's not the end of you. you can do this. the trash took itself out. they can fuck themselves. don't let trash ruin your life. you deserve better.

try to listen to this, it helps me calm down.
you are going to be alright.

More proof the brocode is a myth

>she fucked your best friend
Iktf user. I know

This was all your fault you’re clearly some kind of weirdo

smoke weed
hoes will be hoes

You’ll forget all about her when you get the bill for the damage done to your apartment.

It happens to guys too young or stupid to voice their emotions correctly.

In my opinion user just wanted to feel like the guy in "Hysteria" by Muse

I think you should show her your anger and forgive her, but then it’s up to you decide to give her another chance. You could put her away and never talk to her again, but forgiving her would help you find peace.

Is your name Kyle?

>with my best friend.

This is why I don't have friends. They always fuck your girl. Rookie mistake. You never introduce your women to other men, just never

I understand you're angry, but breaking your own shit and potentially getting evicted for being a destructive retard will not make this any better.

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this. and don’t listen to , don’t hurt your former friend. acting out on emotion is a sign of defeat. ghost them and go do your own thing. it’ll hurt. for a while. but now is ample time for you to do good for yourself.

also, don’t go doing something crazy right now like getting smashed and thinking up dumb shit. self-destruction is not the way.

if you’ve got good family, go be with them for a bit if you have the chance.


pretend to be cool long enough to rage fuck later then dump her ass

But it feels so good

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Bro, go hang out with your friends and smoke a joint. Go go karting.

Girl just edited herself out of your life, its cool.

Leave her and go fuck someone else.

Smug anons acting like they never acted stupid in a life-wrenching moment.

Never speak to the girl again. Do whatever you feel is best for dealing with your "best friend." And don't worry, high school will be better.

Just ghost both of them. Nothing hurts people more than being ghosted with no closure. Trust me. Karma will get both of them. They are dead to you. Dont acknowledge their existence.

exercise op user it's super hard to get rid of the feels swilling helps a lot apparently

>i just smashed up my xbox
>could anyone console me
I see what you did there.

I don't know why OP would come here for genuine advice. You're all arrogant turds that just come here to look down your noses at other people.