Girl at work reported me to HR because i touched her waist when we were talking

>Girl at work reported me to HR because i touched her waist when we were talking
>Apparently it's rude, and not something a friend or coworker should do and it's something reserved for couples
>HR will investigate and I'll be told of any repercussions

Did i do wrong, Jow Forums? also why is it so bad to touch a women's waist? I believe i didn't do anything wrong and didn't mean anything malicious by touching.

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Can you explain how?

Probably not a good idea to touch someone without their permission.

I agree, but why is it a big deal because it was the waist? she went on about this fact.

Because you wouldn't touch another man on the waist. The waist is an inappropriate, vulnerable place to touch (like grabbing a cat on the stomach.)

Tl;Dr if you wouldn't do it to another man, don't do it to a woman. I believe she should have said something directly to you before going to HR, though.

it's too close to intimate areas. shoulder is better. i don't touch anyone though.
touching people screams "narcissistic"

>it's too close to intimate areas

like what? shoulders are close to the tits...

How would you feel if you were having a friendly conversation with Chad, your burly 6'0" manager, and he suddenly came in and touched your waist.

You cool with that?

i'd be pretty turned on...

Stop making excuses. You would not have touched a male coworkers waist.

nayrt so you're admitting it has an inherently sexual connotation?

The waist is an erotic zone. Honestly though, at work you shouldn't do anything more than a handshake. Gotta be careful

Don’t touch peoples waist face, anything unless they ask or you ask. You came off as a creep. You have no right to be touching her at all

Touching the waist is seen as kind of sexual form of contact. Or just bf/gf kind of contact at minimum.

You can't deny there is a clear difference between touching someone's shoulder and grabbing someone's waist; the first is subtly sexual and the latter is friendly.

I didn't grab it, i placed my hand on her waist.

Not as bad but still kind of sexual my dude.

A shame you had to learn it the hard way, hope HR decides to just let it go for now.

Why would you grab her waist? You have to be pretty dumb not to know not to touch anyone there, especially a woman. Well now you know. Unfortunately not touching people is a lesson you learned the hard way.

Any way you make this look. She didn’t fucking like it. And don’t do it again to anyone

you fucking idiot. just don't touch people unless you are stopping them from immediate harm. obviously, you lack the ability to know what is work-appropriate touch and what isn't.

you didnt do anything wrong we're just in a feminist dystopia that has about 20-30 years left before it implodes.

t. the beautiful ones

just explain you were just trying to be friendly but lack some social tact
it's OK dude you just have to tell the truth
but touching people on the waist is a little bit too invasive, just try the should if you absolutely want to make friends

Why did you touch her waist in the first place?

Don't fucking touch people

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So according to you its ok for some man your gf or wife works with to cozy up and put his hand on her waist and she should be ok with him doing so?

You’re lucky you didn’t get charged with a crime yet.

This. Easy.

Welcome to the real world. Never touch a female without consent. Never be alone with a female without an audiovisual recording device running. Never employ a female if you can avoid it. This is freedom. You are happy.

This. Females WILL report you and claim rape for the slightest touch. NEVER EVER TOUCH A FEMALE YOU ARE EMPLOYED WITH. She will use it against you.

Males obviously are different, we hardly mind if you touch but expect a punch if you get sexual. That's how it should be done but females rather smear you as a rapist and love to see you rot in jail for tl
20 years.

Not the original commentator, but first of all, you can't use "cozy up" and "put hand on her waist" together like that. He put his hand on her waist as far as we know. He didn't "cozy up", which is much different.

Further, she should have simply told him at the time, sorry that's a bit too close that I'm comfortable with. I bet OP would have apologized and understood. But no, she decided he was a sexual predator and reported him to HR.

It's even worse than this. At my work I saw two women report a male co-worker because he greeted them as 'ladies' in their meeting. As in "Hi ladies, let's discuss this project". They said he was a being condescending and misogynistic and they felt sexualized. The guy is perfectly pleasant, nice, and married and with kids. Males cannot win in the current social climate.

What fucking clown world we live in.
I'm sorry this happened OP, and by "this" I mean the joke of a world we live in.
Plus all the people telling you how "she is right". Jesus Fucking Christ we're so doomed.
The funny thing is that it doesn't really matter what you did OP. If you hadn't put your hand on her waist she could still go to HR and claim that you did, and the outcome would be the exact same.

You'renot wrong in that she's overreacting hard and could simply have told him off. It's still common sense that you don't go around putting your hands in someone else's waist.

Incredible. If I ever build a business, I feel like I should not hire females because of how much more power they have socially in a work setting. Or vet them so I know they're normal girls who just tell you off for something like that instead of calling rape, but that's hard to do and very costly.

OP, the women at work only want the highest status guy there.

Why would anyone ever touch a coworker, other that shaking hands?

That in itself is discrimination, which isn't lawful either (and rightfully so). Like I said, males cannot win right now. I do hope things settle down, but for now all men are misogynist rapists until proven innocent (but by then it's too late).

I think Chris Rock had a similar thing. I don't even like him because of the racist shit he says, but he explained that when he's talking to a woman in his office, he always has a male witness in the room just in case.
Can you really get sued if you just don't hire females? Who would even check that shit?

>Did i do wrong, Jow Forums?
Yes, of course. Are you fucking autistic? You never touch people unless you're very close friends and are 100% sure that the person will appreciate it. You were 100% wrong, the person did not enjoy it and you thought they would, making you a failure.

Autists should die.

Max force bait.

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What was your thought process you retard?
It's not an arm or shoulders which you can touch casually, you have to reach down to the waist.
Did you actually just awkwardly 'touch it' or did you pull her to you?
I don't believe you actually don't think this was sexual.

So hypothetically, let's say it WAS a clumsy attempt at flirting by OP. Could the woman not have been an adult and said she wasn't comfortable with that level of closeness, that she wanted to keep the relationship professional, that she wasn't sure what his intentions were, or any number of other phrases? People expect others to act like adults and solve problems as mature adults would, but when it's their turn to do so, they can't stomach the responsibility.

I'm a fervent capitalist and I think you fundamentally have the right to hire whomever you want for whatever reason you want.
No Niggers is a valid sign and you'll probably go broke, but you have every goddamned right to do it.