Hey all, I used to consider myself to be a progressive, but I literally cannot deal with the amount of self righteousness, back-patting etc that exists in the SJW community, even the way that they type like ending every paragraph with "I mean" or "so" and using the same insults, memes (shitty images of stock photos with dynamic text, ala gangster Popeye) and all being seemingly unconcerned with health (fat acceptance movement etc) they are all just carbon copy's of each other and the group think is unbearable.

I am looking for another political group, I am open to pretty much everything but:
1) I am not racist, idgaf about your race or religion and I don't believe in DA JOOS conspiracies
2) I don't hate transgender people, but I do hate when they're radical SJWs.
3) I like cool aesthetics and concern with health

I was thinking fascism, but is there fascism not tied to race?

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watch "the baader meinhoff complex". good movie. you will then be more progressive but less sjw than your friends, and feel superior.

There's always National Bolshevism.

>I used to consider myself to be a progressive
>the group think is unbearable
>looking for another political group
>I was thinking fascism
Typical liberal, can't even think for yourself

>Six people whining about gender on Twitter made me feel uncomfortable, should I become a violent, bootlicking authoritarian?
Congratulations, the real snowflake was inside of you all along.

Possibly the most retarded comment on 4channel right now.

I'm just looking to see if there's anything else interesting out there, trying to broaden my horizons as they say. I haven't really explored the entire political spectrum.

Mussolini's fascism was not as much a racial movement like Hitler's. Read Julius Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World.

t. Hitlerite National Socialist

> please assign me a political affiliation

bloody hell, just shoot yourself in the head while you're at it.
it's the fucking 21st century, dont join any group, just think for yourself.

you can be progressive, socialist, communist, etc. and not fall for this retardation. learn to argue, keep your feet in the ground and realize that theory and reality are two different things. we all want a better world (well, most...), but the world is what it is, not what we want it to be.

also this, kek.

>ending every paragraph with "I mean" or "so"
how is that even bad?

>Mussolini's fascism was not as much a racial movement like Hitler's
italians are a bunch of fucking niggers, why would they be racists?

this. you want to be spoonfed a political ideology, might as well kys.

take the redpill

You sound center-left-socialist. You would like Scandinavia.

Libertarianism. It's basically leftism, but for people who study economics.

>The people I politically associate with are more important than my convictions
You are such a fucking tool.
Don't join any political movement and never vote again.

I think this might be the right answer, thanks user

>I don’t like identity politics, so I need a new label
You’re too disabled for politics my nigga, just spend your energy somewhere else.

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This image is nightmarish

I'm a libertarian, but this motherfucker would not like it. No good aesthetic at all. Prove me wrong, libertarianism has a shitty aesthetic made for boomers

>1) I am not racist, idgaf about your race or religion and I don't believe in DA JOOS conspiracies
How do you expect to have a political opinion if you don't understand the social implications of race and the history and influence of the jews?
>I was thinking fascism, but is there fascism not tied to race?
See Different branches of third position politics take different approaches. Hitler was racial, Mussolini economic, Codreanu religious, etc.
It mostly comes down to eliminating usury and cultural marxist subversion, and maintaining a strong national identity.

There's always the dirtbag left. Join us

>I was thinking fascism, but is there fascism not tied to race?
Not really. Fascism does however believe in a superior and inferior, and this does unfortunately mean it is "rayciss". However, every group of peoples can use fascism, politics are just a means to an end. If you would like to know what fascism is all about, the basics of the basics, read a squires trial. The main character is a Mexican who talks to an Aryan about Fascism.

>not racist
You fail.

Grow the fuck up. Most important things in life come as a package deal and you have to fucking weigh the options available as they all offer desirable and undesirable traits. You cannot NOT hate transfuckers and expect not to be in the same camp as SJWs. F U. Grow up.

GTFO commie scum. This is the ideology of death.

Someone's triggered

You got that all wrong. Nothing comes as a package deal. People can align themselves however they want, you silly cunt.

Spooky scary marxist ik ive heard it before...faggot bitch

>ohoho someone is mad xddd u mad bro u mad xoxoxo

You‘re fucking stupid. Stop forming your political worldview based on idiots. There are idiots in every last political movement, that doesn‘t say anything about the actual movement. Look at the smart members and what they think, then form your opinion. Or in other words: You can either form your opinion by watching SJW destroyed videos, following people on twitter that constantly ridicule or rage over the other side(exists for dems and reps) rage over libs on Jow Forums, etc or you can look at the programs of different parties, read rand and marx etc or at least a summary and then choose what you beliefe is right.

>read rand and marx
>don't think for yourself, just read these two jewish authors

You sound like a faggot

Which flavour, the one that is a stupid utopia like communism or the other that is just a different branch of bootlicking corporations?

You sound like your regular ass leftists that hasn't been brainwashed by the media's obsession with identity politics (which is pushed by both sides of the spectrum because it gets people talking about things that aren't economy or classes). Sadly there really aren't any movements or parties that represent this since they will always get hijacked by either identity shit if leftist or unironic nazis if they're right-leaning.

Read something by Noam Chomsky, you might enjoy it.

I went down a rabbit hole of anti-sjw stuff on youtube for a year, but came to the realization that you never ever really see these types of people in real life (At least where I live). It feels silly to get so riled up about something you really only ever see on the internet.

They’re not evenly distributed amongst all areas that’s for sure. In NYC, whenever I go to Brooklyn to play music, 100% of the population that isn’t a ghetto minority is the exact stereotype. They all dress like tranny clowns, they really say all the crazy shit you see SJWs say about there being no genders or whatever, and they all support communism.

Surely it's just a phase, they'll grow out of it...r-right?

>He is not an absolutist monarchist
>He is not a constitutionally limited monarchist
>He is not a fascist
>He is not a national socialist
>He is not a libertarian
>He is not even a liberal
>He is a progressive
And then there's a bunch of meme ideologies and actual ideologies I'm not even talking about
>He doesn't understand the possible necessity of anarchoprimitivism in light of rising transhumanism

Honest question what did you guys talk about in sjw circles?

Also most fascists weren't racists. Hitler had muslims in his army. He didn't care about their skin colour, he cared about people mixing so they all ended up with the same skin colour aka the destruction of both ethnicities/races. Diversity means keeping things seperate.
>idgaf about religion
lol atheism will die out in less than a century

If there ever was a meme ideology it was fascism though. It got promptly smashed everywhere it reared its head and even communism managed to outdo it in longevity.

SJWisms are a form of religion. With it's liturgy, unquestionable arguments, sacred books, commandments etc.
So maybe it'd be easier for you to just transfer to another religion.
Rastafarism would be a nice option, but they are indeed super racist.
Just shop around, I'm sure you'll find your perfect fit.

If longetivity is important, monarchism has outlived every other societal setup.

Yeah, it shows monarchy had its place before. Then it got overthrown when it wasn't good enough anymore.

Similarly, fascism was tried and it failed spectacularly everywhere it was attempted.

That's why you don't see people saying we should revert to absolute monarchies. For some reason we do see people saying fascism is worth a try, though.

Monarchies are still alive and breathing, Jow Forums has more monarchist shills as of late. Fascism always does things spectacularly. It always does create a gust of fresh air instead of a mere breeze.

sounds like you're just a fucking pussy

You're telling me there's nothing sexy about this image?

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You might want to read "Democracy, the god that failed" by Hans Hermann Hoppe
It's like fascism but tied to IQ instead of race

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Listen, I hate the whole "No labels, man" attitude, but do you really HAVE to be part of a political group? Just believe what you believe and vote accordingly. You don't need to be part of a mob to have your opinions matter. You're the only one they really matter to anyway.

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That’s all well and good as a personal compass in life. But when it comes to voting collectively to decide the future of your country it does get a bit more complicated.

I know what you mean, but you just kind of have to vote for the party that has more in common with your ideals than the other. I'm definitely not a Republican, but last time I voted, I voted Republican because I live in an area where the Democrats are absolute fucking lunatics. Think you see what I mean.

Probably bait, but if you're going to be a fascist you have to ask yourself where you fit in the ideology. Do you have the capital to benefit from the merging of business and state interests? Are you strong enough to be a useful weapon? Do you have a specific skill that is integrally important to the state? If the answer to all of those questions is "not really" then you might as well be a communist, a capitalist, a fucking monarchist, whatever because your position isn't going to change one iota.

Political ideology is masturbation until you've accomplished enough to make your opinion worth listening to.

Jow Forumstard Nazi here.

Look, mate, politics and a broad umbrella term that hosts a wide variety of topics.

You can be left learning liberal because you are pro-choice, for example. But that's just one topic.

You could be right wing on say, LGBT+, thinking "okay, this "pride" think is more like arrogance now, mate, back up". My genuine thoughts (I'm bisexual, but the LGBT community is degenerate trash that labells everyone outside as "muggles" while demanding their fucking tolerance).

My point is, think for yourself.
You don't have to be all right or all left.
You can believe in the good old Martin Luther king version of equality instead of "cultural appropriation" equality instead if that's what you want.
You can hate da joos (I admit, I do) but still find yourself sat ext to soros funded protesters because you happen to care about employee rights, given that your are one.

Stop looking for a group, start looking for some beliefs that mean something to you.
I assure you, you are not the only progressive now disenfranchised with the new definitions of progress.

Political movements are for the weak. I exist as my own being because I have shed my attachment to the persona. It is so much freer and wonderful. Just acknowledge reality is just good vs evil even within you this battle rages. There are no nations, classes, ethnicities, there is only the light and the dark.

>Hey all, I used to consider myself to be a progressive, but

Eh. 2/10.

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Unironically national socialism if you can crawl through the untermensch cancer that makes up it's ranks nowadays. It's more about loving and improving your own community than hating minorities. Think of every nation celebrating it's own culture, history, and values, unlike the melting pot worldview progressives recently adopted where no one belongs anywhere. Also, whether or not you hate Jews doesn't have anything to do with it contrary to what history says. The reason national socialists persecuted them was because Jews under their eyes were viewed as lying backstabbers who would pimp their mothers for another coin. Also they held strong positions in local communist communities which national socialists strongly detested. These facts might sound ridiculous to an outsider, but they are always online if you need them.

Again, it's pretty good as long as you stay away from the degenerates who constantly whine about why their pure innocent aryan waifu went to fuck tyrone instead of their lazy asses.

No OP, you should follow my ideology instead. Here I'll describe the most idealistic, propagandistic rendition of it so you get hooked without finding the truth about what kind of scummy, opinionated, self-centered people infest it as well. I'm not one of those guys though, pinky promise!