I'm unhirable

I'm unhirable.
Now what do I do?

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Stop being a shitty person?

Sure that's step one but step two is prove I can stop being a shitty person by getting a job.

Get a hobby and turn it into a job.

Work on making your handshake fermer

Yeah that's not happening.

Where have you applied and how old are you?

Everything from McDonalds to entry-level bachelor degree jobs. I'm 24 and got out of college last year. The only places that have taken me are call centers that are only barely a step above McDonalds.

Czechia is currently missing 350 000 workers. Can you walk? Congratulations, you are hired!

Germany is missing about 1 million workers. Why else do you think merkel let so many rapefugees into europe? Europeans are too lazy to have babies. And it shows everywhere.

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I'm not non-white and I don't feel like uprooting my whole life for a job.

Fine, stay in a place without job nor future. I mean we all know your country has a bright future lined up for it. It cant get any worse, can it?

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How do I get job offers for Czech Republic so I can be sure that I'm going to have something lined up before I just move there.

These are lies by the way. Especially for Germany, they just need highly qualified people for as little pay as possible.

t. Czech living in Germany

If only there was a way how to search for information online. Google? Emails? Phone calls?

>for as little pay as possible
Thats true for every single company. They arent charity. Wanna better pay? Switch jobs, use poker face and say to your boss you need rise or you switch jobs and see what happens.

Its no coincidence that the people with highest wages are the ones with highest ego / confidence. You kinda need to be psychopath to have nerves to get good wage.

>Switch jobs, use poker face and say to your boss you need rise or you switch jobs and see what happens
>That's unfortunate to hear, user, but despite the company making 4 billions a year in profit we totally cannot pay you a single extra cent, I hope all goes well in your next job. Now step aside, I have other 120 people who want your job and won't ask for more money.

>another 120 people
Maybe in america. Here in czechia the head hunters (how the people whos job is to find workers for your company) are sometimes standing in front of competitive companies and are handing ads to the workers or outright offer money if they will go with them to different factory.

Time to move to Czechia

you have fool. go where the money is.
try a labor union, make sure you piss clean.

If this was true then I would have applied for a job in Germany or Czech instantly, except there is no opening there. It's fucking bullshit that they only accept refugees but not even people who will work for blue collar jobs

Literally first result off google
is listing 2923 jobs if you just select english as required language. If you could speak Deutsch it would be 81 000 positions...

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I'm way too unqualified for those posts. Might as well apply for a refugee status

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>he doesnt know MINIMUM requirements are simply wishlist these days
If it isnt literally boss position, almost nobody expects you to know anything. Also many HR fill out blown out requirements to scare away people without confidence. Nobody likes shy people, even at work.

True, but I'm a social outcast. I literally can't bond with anybody because people treat me as if I'm from another world.

Isn't it sexist to state you want to hire men/with/dicks?

In western europe there is some sort of schizo in society: online everybody virtue signalles "modern values", but in real life they are all good old normal people with racism and stuff.

Pic related.

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I'll read it, hope there's some PDF copies online for free

Well I will consider it anyways. Czech Republic is one of the few European countries with alright gun laws anyways. They don't seem any particularly worse than America.

Become hirable

Find a job offer and offer yourself for work experience

Funny that you said this, because even when I am a Business Administration graduate, I still manage to land a job in an engineering position. Companies provide product familiarization and other training anyway, made me think that college is a waste of time after all.

>Ha, your country sucks because you don't have wealth stolen from you to support genetically defective, unemployed losers!
The future would be so bright if we just let the bottom 70% die off.

>I have a problem, my problem is a choice.
>I choose to have a problem
>Why do I have a problem? Let's pretend its not my choice.
>Jow Forums

Listen to yourself user. Even if you let the 30% live which I assume are the world leaders you're only going to keep pushing those boundaries for 'efficiency'.

Yeah I can see that being a problem. Im McD you have to be social enough to work the cash registers or be fast enough with your hands to work in the kitchen. In 10 seconds you have to be able to move a tray of meat from grill to the warmer when the restaurant is busy.

It's either they can sense my autism despite doing very hard to practice good interviewing or they decide that I'm "overqualified."
But clearly not qualified for the good jobs.

If you have a degree then you’re not unhirable

I haven't held a job for more than 3 months.

Boy, you're really grasping at straws here. You never actually wanted help,did you? You just wanted that negative validation, to have people line up ideas just so you could excuse yourself out of them, thus justifying your misery yet further inaction with

Go back to Jow Forums you sadboy. I can't wait for weak white scum like you to be bred out by muhammed.

Dude what? I'm moving to Europe for work.