Should I blow my nofap streak

>have female friend
>give her tips on how to get her crush to be interested in her
>it works
>turns out her crush is a onions boy
>she loses attraction
>asks me to be her FWB
> but she's a 5/10

Is it worth blowing my streak on this. Bear in mind, I'm on day 43.

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>onions boy

well you technically wouldn't be fapping right?

sex isn't fapping you fucking lemon

But she's a 5/10

what does that have to do with anything? pussy is pussy

I just hate the idea of settling

Nofap is a meme, you underage retard.
It only does something if you don't fap for like 3 days, if you go on for longer you just increase the risk of prostate cancer.
Also fucking and fapping have the same effect.

considering the fact that you're on Jow Forums, i highly doubt you're above 5/10 yourself

Girls have told me that I'm attractive, my only downside is that I'm 5'7

That's an automatic -5 on the scale so I guess I was right


Nofap is a meme ya dip, just cool it with the deathgrip and stop watching so much porn, especially the hard shit

What kind of dude would be above that mark. I think I could pull off a higher number on looks alone because all kinds of women seem to find me interesting physically speaking. Would character also affect that rating?

You're one funny incel, I'll give you that

depends on the girl

you're one overly confident manlet

An 8/10 girl was upset that I didn't text her back last week, I know I can pull it off

I see well I was wondering because I lack a social life beyond family and I assume a lot of women would be turned off by this. I guess I should find a loner like me then.

>asks me to be her FWB
Major red flag

She asked you to be her fwb, not to marry you.
Why would having sex with a girl you know be bad for you? If you meet another girl, you can leave this one without anyone getting hurt.

if you dont do it, YOU'RE AN ONIONS BOY
but you won't because you're a pathetic beta male.

So dumb.

Onions boy

>not fucking a whore is being onions
just fuck her dude

How do I get a FWB?

>my only downside is that I'm 5'7
>he still cares about his height
You arent attractive. Fucking get laid you literal retard. pic related is what sex with you is going to be like.

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You've already settled for limp dick and ball cheese Kys

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Just befriend the girl man, don't put her on a pedastyl. Treat her like your guy friends and dont be afraid to make sexual jokes or even talk about sex

Not worth it, save for marriage