Do you value your first times?

Do you value your first times?

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If you want advice, can you at least write something that is coherent?

My first, around the transition from the first half to the second half, let's just say I wasn't really consenting at that point.

No, I don't. To be honest, I would not want to hear other people's sex lives anyway outside the internet.


Kind of

Very much so, yes

I won't know until it happens I suppose, but at 32 I'm pretty sure it'll be disappointing and have the same "coming of age" significance that it could when it happens in your teen years or early twenties.

*NOT have the same

If you're 32 and a virgin, it might be time to just get the first one out of the way

No. Sex is overrated anyways.

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Yes i do. Despite having 6 exes, i actually have never had sex with one of them, i sort of think that my first time is like a best gift i could give for my future wife. Until i'm fully sure she'll marry me and accept me for who i truly am (but no one come close to that), i'll stay being volcel. I'm a 21 yo male btw, might be just mild autism.

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22 and considering paying a whore. It's either that or complete my wizard training. Remaining celibate is probably better desu

Do you expect your future wife to be virgin? Because at 21 and older, female virgins are about 1 out of 100,000,000 non-virigns (aka roasties)

Oh okay, I'll just pop over to the Walmart and go down the sex isle and pick me up some sex.

Unless you mean hire a professional, which to me is more pathetic than my current state.

Yes, I'm very fond of my memories
As for sex, I value as much my first time ever as each first time with a precise girl

That's exactly what he means. He'd never actually help you get sex. His role in life is to dole out empty platitudes to make himself feel better

why hello there wizard!

not really, i know well that i'm not a good person or deserving such person but preserving myself is the least i can do for her.

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>hire a professional, which to me is more pathetic than my current state.
It's not, go for it

I thought 40 was the cutoff for Wizard status. But if it's 30 and I'm a Wizard, I'll graciously accept.

I did but then I lost my virginity to rape.

I value my first time quite a bit. I think it had a big impact on me. I was 6 at the time. And he was the first person to ever love me. But i think all first times are special. Ive had my very first time


Go and be free

My first kiss and tits was a 14year old girl while I was a 16year old guy lying in a public park
jesus christ that was fun back then
it was just before the age of smartphones so you could just barely pull it off...god why weren't we caught and send away for being so public
strange now it think back to it

Absolutely beta lmao

No, it's 30.
t. Lv 22 wizard's apprentice

Well shit. Today I became a Wizard.

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Digits also confirm your wizardry. Congrats , brother. Wizards are pure in mind and spirit.

Congrats. I'll be joining your ranks in a few years time. Study the occult and ascend

How can you still be a virgin at 30? That's 12 or 14 years later than the average


Normie doesn't understand that wizardry is the way of the truly transcendent not burdened by wants of the flesh.

My wife pussy let me access higher planes of existence, her ass lower planes and her mouth alternate planes



Tonight at eight: inside the mind of a cumbrain

>first times
A first is a singular event in a string of events.
Just because you are a whore doesn't mean you have a lot of first times. Your life is as meaningless as any other.

>enjoying sex makes you a cumbrain

>relying on something external , a female, for Ascension

Must be hard being that whipped. Take the /celibacy/ pill and once you do the world will open up like a map unfolding.

Celibacy is boring

Yes, quite literally.

t. Cumbrain

Was your first time with each other?

>A person obsessed with sex to the point where it becomes a detriment to their abilities to socialize and think through problems.
I don't see it

I'll tell you when it happens.21 years and counting

Greatest moment of my life in all honesty.

Without explaining my life story in full, here are the major points that I can see:

1. Genetically predisposed to social anxiety from my dads side of family

2. Got bullied by girls and guys all through grade-school because ONE time I got dog poop on my shoe without noticing, and everyone thought I was the one who smelled. I became known as the smelly person.

3. Acne (doesn't help self-esteem)

4. Dealing with alcoholic father at home, causes adverse side effects to normal development

5. Not super-attractive. I'm okay, I'm fit and okay looking, but haven't reached actual Handsomeness.

The experience was cringeworthy, but I still recall it fondly.

I think its endlessly amusing that you incels have now invented insults that literally just describe normal people.

How about "normies"? You must be a newfag and a normalfag

Yes, that is why I am a virgin.

>”guys I step in dog shit once and became known as the smelly person x^D”

I’ve shit myself in middle school once. I still had sex at age 16. You more likely just had an insufferable personality.

>normal people

People who derive they're happiness through outside sources is the definition of weak. Stay enslaved to the weakness of the flesh , for you will never be truly content with life. So it makes since for you numb your unhappiness with futile pursuits.

I guess you didn't read the rest of what I wrote, but okay, thanks for your expert analysis.

I did, but I decided to respond to the most ridiculous part which I found weird you even decided to include.
As for acne, social anxiety, not looking attractive, and having an abusive family, most teenagers have to deal with most if not all of that, and yet nearly everyone has sex as a teenager.
The “I stepped in dog shit when I was a kid and everyone thought I was smelly for the rest of my life” part is a pathetic excuse and in no way is a reason you couldn’t have sex a decade later.

How old are you?

Yeah. We only were together for a few months, I was 16 she was 17. But we deeply cared for each other (as much as a new teenage couple "can") so I have fond memories of us just being nervous and laughing a lot.

I definitely value my first time. I was 22 and was seeing a girl. We had sex around 7 months of seeing each other but it was while on vacation going to the beach. It was worth waiting for it because of the experience. The sex, the beach, the nightlife. I definitely cherish waiting and using my first time for something special.

Look I'm not going to justify my issues to you. And I did say previously that there's more to my life story than what I wrote. You can feel high and mighty if you like, whatever.

>acne, social anxiety, not looking attractive, and having an abusive family, most teenagers have to deal with most if not all of that
>yet nearly everyone has sex as a teenager

These aren't completely correct.


Why did you start dealing with your issues so late if you are conscious of them?

again, it's hard to explain my life story in just a few sentences. In fact, I've been doing a lot of work trying to come up with succinct things to say to a therapist once I get one.

I'm decently successful in other parts of life: great health, family (notwithstanding the alcoholic father, who I still provide help to), friends, education (I'm a CPA), decent job.

I'd always chalked up my failings with women to low self-esteem, which I thought would improve with enough healthy habits: finishing CPA designation, having hobbies, exercising, dressing better (I had zero fashion sense until about 25). But all those efforts turned out fruitless.

i dont value my first times and i dont understand why most people do. your first time was with some girl in high school who you havent seen in years

>you can feel high and mighty
I have nothing to do with this. Do you do this with every interaction? You most likely have an inferiority complex based off of the aggregate of what you’ve post. I’m not even trying to berate you at this point.

>These aren't completely correct
It evidently is. Most teens have sex, and most have issues like these, but only some are so maladaptive that they can’t overcome the smallest obstacles like getting laid in high school.

I'll add here, that eventually what happens when you have low-self esteem, social anxiety, low confidence, etc, it becomes your normal. You deeply don't believe that you can have the things in life that "normal" people can. For example, it's like walking down the street and seeing a $500,000 supercar. The average persons brain doesn't go "holy fuck I don't have that, there must be something wrong with! I'm going to start working on my issues and make a billion dollars and finally get that thing!" Instead they go "oh that's cool, but it's not for me. It's for special people in the world".

It's like that for women for me: I'd see pretty girls all over the place, but brain would automatically go "oh well, they're reserved for special people. Not you." And I'd go on with my day.

What are we talking about?
>first time getting cancer
Ugh, yeah. Pray be the last
>first time having sex
Can't remember it desu. It was that awkward.

Value, no.

Don't value it but also don't regret it.
Although I wish we fucked on a bed instead of outdoor on the grass.

Nice analogy. Educated people realize a $500,000 sports car is going to be high maintenance and is 10,000 times more likely the catch an engine fire since super cars are notoriously less reliable. Super cars are race cars that have stiff, low suspension, and aren’t fun to drive. Race-car drivers who get paid to drive the cars without air-conditioning at break-neck speeds are the people who get the most utility out of these cars. This would be analogous the people, but it fails to recognize the fact that human beings are not commodities.
When an assertive person sees an attractive girl they don’t think “Oh, wow! I’m an inferior human being who can’t obtain a human being who is do disproportionally greater in value than I am”. They think “That girl is attractive”, and they acknowledge that she is a human being with thoughts, emotions, and imperfections.
So again, it seems like you have an inferiority complex if you actually think like that.

You're bringing intensely logical points into something that is inherently illogical (anxiety, self-esteem and confidence issues, bullying, etc.). You don't think I know that human beings aren't commodities? You don't think I know that women are human with all traits as such?

You seem like the type of person who tells people depression "just get over it, stop being sad". Again, you can't possibly know what a mental issues feel like if you haven't had them, and it seems you refuse to acknowledge them when others LITERALLY TELL YOU HOW THE FEEL.

You make a good point. I won’t tell you how to feel, but make a note to not let lies about how the works and how others perceive you run rampant in your head.

I've been trying. It's hard to change that many years worth of automatic thoughts. I've been doing meditation, CBT workbooks, visualization (after reading Psycho-Cybernetics).

Here was with me on our wedding night, yes

Not really