Why do men match with me on Tinder then never message or reply?

Why do men match with me on Tinder then never message or reply?

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swipes right everything to see all options then picks the best.Obviously picking the best value. you swiping only those who is out your leage tho

But I don't think I am. Plus that thing about men spam swiping right is a meme since that flags them as bots.

I’m a 23 year old kissless dateless virgin. Every so often, I make a tinder account, and match with a couple dozen girls. I never message them because I’m terrified that I don’t have anything interesting to say or open the conversation with. So I wait around for the girls to send me a message instead, then they obviously don’t, so I delete the app. Rinse and repeat.

It’s possible that some of the guys you’re matching have the same fear as me

but you are and it's not a meme

It's possible. Also the reason they never write you first is because they have 15 guys who took the time to write her first she has to respond to (hah, more like she just responds to the 1-2 she likes the most)

So there’s no hope for an anxious KDV like me. Sigh...

They don’t fuck cats

I don't reply when I see the bio is something like "open relationship" or "my pitbull is my son" OR ESPECIALLY fat girls that take that face crop shot where all you see is a cute face but then in regular photos is a gelatinous blob.

Shit like that, be honest sweetie what's the unwanted surprise on your tinder?

Why he isn't messaging you
>He swiped right on every girl. You have no evidence that they flag them as bots. Furthermore, Tinder knows this and introduces special memberships to allow you to do this
>They're entitled to be picky about how they talk to, and this applies to both genders. Know one owes you a conversation, vice versa
>The conversations on dating apps are either full blown sexting, cheeky but tame flirting or sterile dinner table conversation. Some people just don't know what to say
Or, if you're a lass, you should be familiar with using this,:
>'sorry I've just been really busy'/'I didn't get the notification'
Tinder is a near unlimited pool of potential users. Don't get too beat up over it.

I was having a good chat with a girl over two days and we stopped talking yesterday. Haven't got anything today. I was hoping she'd be the one to ask for my Facebook/number or to meet up because i'm too pussy to do that.

You just have to be crafty and shoot your shot. It’s also good to remember that if they reject you it’s not like they’re ever gonna see you again

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also if the chat isn’t flirty/somewhat sexual then they’re not interested. Even if you’re trying to find a relationship. When flirting it’s good just to talk in innuendos and never actually talk about sex directly cause that’s a bit creepy. First chance you get to get some secondary contact go for it. Tinder convos should be short. Also don’t reply immediately

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I can't even get to the stage where this happens because girls either don't respond to my first message, or only give short answers from which no natural conversation emerges.

What the fuck do i do?

you are either trying with guys out of your league or you have an unfortunate selection of a picture in your profile
if you post a screencap of your bio (without your name, age and localization of course) we could be of great help

I think you know this but it’s important to message about something on someone’s profile. If they go to a rival university or live in a shithole neighbourhood/town a good line is “I’m sorry for your loss.” That’s a pretty good launch pad for flirting.
If they like similar music to you than “Alright litmus test. What’s ‘x’s’ best work”
Ask questions about weird shit in their pictures.
I would never start off with a compliment or some sort of praise, save that for later. It’s important not to get hung up on anyone, most people don’t respond. Also if they respond a day later with seemingly no reason just unmatch them. Don’t let other people use you as their ego boost

If you're super introvertet/socially anxious, my best advice would be alcohol.
Go out and you will have a high chance of talking to someone without worrying too much about it. Also takes away the nervous breakdown you will have if you actually plan to meet up with someone on Tinder.

If you are insecure about your body, work out. Will naturally increase your confidence

In terms of conversations improveyoursocialskills.com/conversation/inspiration
Always remember people care way more about themselves than other people.
Only talk about you if it gives the chick a launch pad for her to talk about herself more. People love talking about themselves.
Sorry for all this phone posting

I do exactly that, reference things on their profile in a witty and mildly teasing way. Most of the time, the girls just don't respond. i don't get what else i can do at that point


Maybe OP just isn't a sexy cat

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why do you match with men and never message them?

Because your hitting up trust fund chads and you’re thinking your the only one doing it

Because messaging girls on tinder is emotionally draining and most of us don't do it unless there is something in the pics/bio to prompt an easy open or they seem like a particularly good match for us