Jealously or Envy?

I will try to keep it short.
This time of year (the month of august) always makes me feel uneasy, uncomfortable and anxious. People heading off to first year of Uni, experiencing new things, moving on with their lives. You know those movies where at the end you see the kids heading off to Uni. You know the “autumn leave on campus”. You must have seen those movies where autumn at Uni is super romanticized.
I feel uneasy, uncomfortable and anxious because I never went to Uni. Thinking of all my peers doing thing I never got to experience. Sadly I'm a 'NEET' and have become a total recluse/hermit. Lots of people have told me “go outside, meet people”. That is easier said than done. I have not clue where to start or how to socialize. I need guidance, I need to be told what to do. My life growing up was mostly in isolation.
I don't know if it is anger or jealously? Because my life has come to a halt, I also demand that of others. I can’t stand others having lives, fun and experiencing things.

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It's frustration because you're a NEET and thus unhappy. The super romanticised feeling is bullshit, uni isn't that special. But the feeling you have is dread because people around you are progressing while you aren't.
Fix it and start progressing. You can always catch up, but if you keep not progressing, don't expect to become happy.

Thanks for your reply!
> Then why is UNI so romanticised? I really wanted to expierence going to campus and walking around in the autun leaves. I wanted to experience moving into my 1st dorm room and meeting cute new females.

Media romanticised it, you internalised it. It's mostly lefty women with purple or whatever flavour hair who would accuse you of rape for any sort of right wing opinion which a NEET like you probably has. Uni as you imagined it has been dead for probably decades already..The boomers took everything from us.

Hey I got a big chunk of advice for ya bud but i'm just writing it up. It may or may not help you but I kind of understand where you are coming from.

I just need to know how old you are.

I have related feelings, but not quite the same. I am 22. I live with my mom, but in exchange for free rent I agreed to go back to college. I've done a year and have about two left. I'm doing well now that I've readjusted and enjoy learning.
The issue is I am a virgin and sexually frustrated. I am trying to overcome my desires but this is difficult as every girl on campus wears short-shorts and other slut clothing. It is tantalizing and my best way to handle the problem is to never look at anyone and either stare at the ground or straight ahead. I obviously have no friends which doesn't bother me.
So, in a way, I too get "jealous" that I'm not more normie. But I think it's more curiosity, because I don't want their life and pleasures in my life, but because their lives are entirely different than mine and have been throughout their lives.

>I don't know if it is anger or jealously?
Neither, it's fear.

>but because their lives are entirely different than mine and been throughout their lives.

This is a big thing. You can't be jealous of other peoples lives because you fantasize about how happy other people are. They have had monumentally different experiences than you and have different motivations and different views on the world and what they would want to achieve.

First things first you need a job. Want to go outside? Want to meet people? Want to also make some money to... I don't fucking know buy some shit you want? Maybe, I don't know. Save up for something big? What makes you happy in life? What's stopping you from doing the things you want to do?

> internalised
I hate that word! Makes me think you are some SJW.

Are you gonna tell me your age cause or can I just assume you are between the age of 19 and 24

>mostly lefty women with purple or whatever flavour hair
That's mostly arty farty colleges like Evergreen and such.

On a sidenote, what type of occupation do those type of women think they can get with those "feminist dance theory" studies?

>first things first you need a job.
I work a few days a week at my mom's pizza shop.
>want to go outside?
I bought a bike recently so I'll be outside more, but yeah, I like being outdoors. Unfortunately I live in a ghetto and there are no trails around me.
>Want to meet people?
Not really, no.
>want to also make some money to... I don't fucking know buy some shit you want? Maybe, I don't know. Save up for something big? What makes you happy in life?
The only thing money could buy me at thIs point that would make me happier is the ability to not work, the ability to travel, and books. Maybe a house of my own with some land, but I don't want any of these things enough to justify working.
>What's stopping you from doing the things you want to do?
Not much. I'm studying philosophy which is something I enjoy doing. Ideally I'll go for a master's in architecture which is also something I want to do. Beyond that I want to write some philosophical and fictional works which I have done some of already. I'd like to work on my art skills which is a matter of motivation more than anything else.

OP here.
I'm 34.

You are just an INCEL

wha? Internalisation is a neutral world. I'm a fucking Jow Forumsack, I'd be gassing jews, niggers, brownies, spics, poos, muzzies and anything non-white non-straight and non-male (even though I'm bisexual, half white, and have some feminine qualities I kind of like, shut up you nigger)
to internalise means it's become a part of you like OP did with his fantasy uni where there's loads of trees with falling autumn leaves and cute girls all around

I'm contrasting because OP has a fantasy image of unis. Bring it straight back to 2016 and let him see the hubris of current unis.
Most of the people doing those studies have absolutely no idea what they're going to do with it and they will probably end up in HR..

How are so many American going to college?
Saw an article that about 60% need remedial Maths, Read and Writing courses.
Also that 75% lack basic understanding and have very little to no common knowledge.

How can those people take on HR jobs when they lack qualification?
> I thought the world worked on merit and academic achievement. No handouts.

Many are dumb and many should not be in college. But because the government hands out loans like candy, colleges are more than happy to lower their standards and cater to the lowest common denominator

OP here!
I apologize to all if this thread has become somewhat toxic.
My apologies!

I don't really hate women anymore, and virginity certainly isn't central to my identity. I know it's a matter of involuntary celibacy but I was close to getting an escort a few times and decided I couldn't do it. I'm just a regular celibate at this point

can't you just hang around universities over there? go to their library or some shit

oh my god OP if you want to have a serious thread ur gonna have to become a tripfag

I study STEM. I don't intermingle with people who study 'Gender Studies' or 'Women's Studies' and I wouldn't be able to. I'd laugh at them and their stupid study without ever being able to respect them. I'm sorry I can't help you because I simply have no idea how these people will get jobs and frankly I hope they don't, because with such a shit diploma, you don't deserve a job, you deserve the gutter.

Sorry for interjecting in this thread op
I think you can make it, but if you keep thinking like
>but I don't want any of these things enough to justify working.
Then it's hard to help. You need to go fully for your education or get a full time job and go for your goals. Also use your art skills as a possible source of money or atleast relaxation is important