Why do women smell so bad? And why does their breath smell like shit too...

Why do women smell so bad? And why does their breath smell like shit too? This has been the case with pretty much every girl I’ve met. Am I insane or is this for real?

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Because they don't wash their hair than max two times a week. A dentist told me that bad breath comes from the stomach unless it's a cavity you're smelling. Bad diet and too long between meals probably

I don't think I could ever kiss a girl if they ever gave a blow job. It's just too fucking gross. I don't want dick in my mouth, otherwise I'd be gay

>Kissing a girl is gay

Sucking dick as a guy is, yeah.

Go outside

Thats fucking disgusting. I wash my hair every single day. What the fuck is wrong with women? Why do they think they can get away with being disgusting?

This is why I come to Jow Forums. Never change.

Then wait until she is done sucking dick you impatient faggot. Nobody is saying you have to eat your own cum from her lips, that is all in your head.

The second one. Girls care about their hygiene more often than men.

That doesn't mean that you haven't found some particularly nasty specimens, only that your sample is not representative.

No he said "ever". I wonder when he'll realize that his mom has sucked a lot of dick in her life and he has touched those lips many times, which according to him makes him gay.

See, you people like to think the cum and dick just disappears after she's done. This is true physically, but emotionally that dick remains in her mouth forever

I realized it already, unfortunately. My mom ain't no saint, that's for sure

Washing your hair [with shampoo] everyday is bad for you, user.

This. I haven't used shampoo in a year, probably. Sometimes I use vinegar and/or oil!, but artificial shampoo is literally poison.

>Why do women smell so bad?

Ur gay.

What about tinfoil? Does that help?

Ok, have fun walking around with hair smelling of grease and ass then, retards.

>muh vanity
No thanks, bucko.

You need to see a doctor if you're smelling like ass after 2 days, user

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What, you enjoy smelling of shit? Are you wrong in the head?

My head doesn't smell like shit, even if I go a week.

That's what you think. Everyone else is smelling your musky airs and thinking "what's wrong with this goblin, why won't she take a shower?"

Are you referring to the smell of literal feces, or generally to any smell that isn't artificial perfume? Guy btw

Not literal shit, just bad. Sweaty, musky, peculiar smells. That's what I smell on girls pretty much all the time. But don't get me started on most girls' breath smell, it smells of actual fucking ass, like something died in there.

Onision is that you?

Yeah, I know what you mean as far as breath goes. Rancid, fermented cum is my best guess

I'm white and I have no fucking clue what you're talking about hahahahahaha

You must have poor hygiene yourself then. I can smell all the shit and dirt on women every time I am close to them. Most women don't care about staying clean

Then don't fuck them? I'm sorry you feel entitled to perfumed air everywhere you go.

What kind of fucking shit hole do you guys live in?

The UK

I'm in the US. PA. Most girls my age have dragon's breath that melts my nose. Fucking disgusting


>Then don't fuck them
Nobody said anything about sexual intercourse, femincel.

Problem is I have a healthy sex drive, like any male, but these hoes don't want to have a proper fucking wash.