How can an introvert / shy guy have a girlfriend?

How can an introvert / shy guy have a girlfriend?

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You're fucked

Become as ambivert as possible because introvert is not a good trait

Being shy doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't ever talk to people

I was the one who approached my bf first. He's extremely introverted. Not shy, he has confidence. He just don't care to talk to people first

I wish there were more girls like you
I have no problem if they come to me, but I don't talk much and I don't take initiative

Even if you like them you don't take initiative?

I hope he was the one who confessed, not you


I got my first girlfriend because we both got off work at the same time and she didn't want to smoke alone. Now I had never been alone with a cute girl or smoked but I agreed to come along because I didn't want to miss this shot. What I'm saying is you've gotta be the Yes Man. When some neurotypical extrovert asks you if you want to do something you find weird or alien just say Yes.

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Are you trying to make a joke? I don't understand

You just get over caring.
I think shyness comes from a place of misunderstanding. These people don't have any place judging you. Everyone is pretty horrible.

Get over yourself and start taking the initiative

Your bf should be the one who takes the relationship into the next level, which is becoming a couple. If he did not then oh boy do I have some bad news for you

>get over
I dont know how

The more you take initiative the easier it gets.

He said he loved me before I said the same to him and then I was the one who took initiative to find a place after he said he wanted to move out from his parents house

If you're an ACTUAL introvert you don't give a fuck. I literally do not give a fuck about women I'd rather fap. Stop making label excuses like "shy" and "autistic" and "introvert", they don't help you, what you lack is "balls"

Yeah I think


>I have no problem if they come to me, but I don't talk much and I don't take initiative
No hope

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Why should? Because it's a custom? Fuck that noise.

You're schizoid, not merely introvert.

That's antisocial, not introversion.

Why? I ask because I'm having this problem with the guy I'm trying to talk to. Never initiates or asks any questions but answers quickly

It could be that he's afraid that his questions or ideas might make a bad impression on you, that he means well but you'd just shame him for his anime figurine collection or something.

I'm usually like that because I never know what to ask.

I don't know how to start the conversation and I'm afraid of embarrassing

I don't want to be a bother.

nah depends on how ugly he is

They don’t

oh fuck