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Dear Jow Forums,

I did an IQ test and they said I had 80. I knew I wasn't very bright because I never succeeded at anything, but seeing it like this, it crushed me. I am a literal brainlet. It is now for sure.

I am not smart enough for most skilled jobs, I can't even study anything properly. I couldn't finish school. I work in a supermarket now. I even like my job.

What should I do?

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I think this is roleplay because no IQ test employed by a professional therapist or psychologist goes under 90. Better luck next thread. You really should try therapy though.

>I think this is roleplay
I wish.

>no IQ test employed by a professional therapist or psychologist goes under 90.
This is not true. I got 80 on a professional test. Why would I lie about being dumb?

I don't have mental issues, I'm just not smart.

I don't believe you. Do you have any failures to show for it?

In the US they don't recruit anyone with an IQ less than 82,so I guess you are saved

Don't feel bad. In my jiu-jistu gym there is a guy that is legit retarded and he became a lieutenant colonel in the army.

Just learn to live a simple life. Some people aren't meant for success and ambition. If it makes you feel better, I have 133 iq (tested by a psychologist) and I support socialism so people with no skills or ambition can just live quaint happy lives of consumption.

How old are you? What was the name of the test given? What were your scores on the individual component areas? For what reason were you given this test?

I mean most people historically have had an IQ that would come out to around 80 if they were tested today, so meh. You can still have a good life. I wouldn't bother much with things like becoming a software engineer or an engineer in general, but there's plenty o' jobs you can do and make a decent wage.

Learn a trade. You won't pick it up fast and it's going to suck until you get the hang of it, which may take longer than it takes other folks, but stick with something and over time you'll grok it. I doubt you really have an 80 IQ, given your correspondence here. You probably just tested poorly.

The happiest people ive met have been some of the dumbest as well. Just because you have an iq 30 points above average doesn't guarantee your happiness, skepticism can play a bigger role when your smarter. For example, being less religious, not being satisfied with the status quo of society and overall a higher sense of awareness of us can cause people to lead very unhappy lives and in some cases even lead you to become insane, just take the example of richard kuklinsky who's better known as being the unabomber or William james sidis who is supposedly said to have had the highest iq in recorded history but decided to abandon his status and live completely isolated from people, In fact i may even go as far as saying that in some cases its a curse, especially for the ones who are so aware of society's faults but are powerless to do something about it since they are very tiny voices in a sea of ignorance and circle jerking. If you are happy at what you do, then don't worry, believe me no advanced knowledge on a subject or a higher capability to learn stuff will help you if it genuinely doesn't make you happy. Just try to live a comfortable existence because no matter what you do you cant change shit only people with the brain + the personality can.

Ignorance is truly bliss people, just ask any retarded kid what makes them happy, they'll settle for much less than smart people.

u like ur job?? Thats nice to hear. At least ur not under 70...

being high level aware sucks. not to brag or anything but having people dismiss what yu say only to agree with it years later when news covers it is frustrating as hell

The problem space of the world is so huge that being a "genius" is still being a fucking idiot in comparison to everything out there. You dig with what you know through blood and tears and you uncover regions that mere thought can never explore.

You're letting the judgement of other stupid apes take the piss out of your life. What you're afraid of isn't being less intelligent but of being dominated by a force you can't out think. Just learn from the actual wise and be humble enough to stay out of fuck fuck games that entrap the prideful and foolhardy.

TLDR; yall need Islam.

I don't understand how an IQ test determines your overall intelligence. All it is is matching weird patterns under a time limit. I'd throw a few points onto your score because the time limit makes it kind of nerve-wracking. I'm sure you'd score higher if you had more time.

the point is generally pattern recognition among other things. sure, given infinite time youll probably be able to figure everything out, but thats not really the point. iq tests are flawed anyway for multiple reasons

I had a friend in high school who was about as slow as you could be before you'd think there's something wrong. Simple concepts would prompt questions from him that had simple answers. But he would ask questions, he was diligent, would study harder than anyone else I knew, and now years later he's more successful and happy than the rest of us. Infinitely more than I ever will be; I've coasted by on easy academic success and waste my days in laziness and addiction.

There's so much more to life than IQ. If you can read/write and wipe your own arse, there's really nothing more to it.

That user is just repeating the first reply on another thread that was also about IQ and had the same pic related.

You have a better level of writing than some of the posters on /pol and /fit claiming Einstein level IQ's.

There are many types of intelligence plus you can always improve your IQ by reading books for example and training your memory.

IQ, like its name suggests, is a quotient. Granted most people with above average IQ do absolutely nothing of it, and in the end, end up being as intelligent as their averaged-IQ counterparts. IQ only serves the purpose of knowing how fast you can understand something. It's not about being smart of intelligent. If you create for yourself a methodical and well thought way of learning things, as well as being perserverent in your efforts, you can end up to be more intelligent than most people, even with below average IQ.

>Internet IQ test
>Believes the results from internet IQ test
Shit man I don't know it might be right. Are you brown? Do you have a large brow protruding over your eyes? Do your knuckles drag when you walk?