How morally wrong is it to date a minor?

So im 25 khhv now and i met this girl on a festival.
We both were very far in front of a band that was about to play. We talked a little bit and when the music started we kept checking each other out.

After the show i got her number. I texted a little bit and asked her out, she replied with sure :).

We text a little bit more and turns out she's 16.
We both cant believe each other's age because i look really young and she thought i was 19 maybe 20 and she seemed pretty mature for her age.

I need help she is very cute and i like her a lot, but the age gap is terrifying. She seems really smart, but im not really comfortable exploiting her inexperience.

I dont often talk to girls so this might be my chance. What should i do help.

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I don't think it's wrong, but society has dictated that it is not only wrong, but also the worst crime in our entire society.

I went out with a 16 year old for a year when I was 21, we still catch up on Facebook 7 years later.

legally - if its legal, go for it

morally - if you feel youre going to regret this, dont do it. if youre confused, meet her for one date and see how you feel then. always bring condoms.

Not morally wrong; probably illegal unfortunately.

jail time stupid. she can date you, you can't date her.

Stop stop stop stop holy fucking shit, she's literally ~10 years younger than you, she's fucking 16. Sixteen year olds don't even look like adults, you fucking pedo.

t. Low test white knight

Don’t throw your life away user

How okay is she with it?

It's not jail time if she's legal age you moron

>not being a raging hormonal child rapist in the year 2k19

nah if he's not american it's not illegal in any way
found the teenager

but i agree it's kinda... weird
i mean, if you are not in US then you should be ok, just be respectful and meet her parents

Women stop maturing intellectually at 13, so she can consent as well as any "adult" female. She's only hotter than the average old hag

Real nigga moment rn


I was a little horny fuck how is it "rape" if she wants it? She even gave user her #. Like cmon biz its not like hes Epstein with the pimp outs

I always give underage bitches a textnow # tho

Go for it. It is ok. If there are any outside threats and you're really in to her, wait 1.whatever years.

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The problem with dating someone that much younger than you isn't so much the age difference, it's where you are in life.

Aside from just the differences in mental processing, teenagers are usually still trying to figure out who they are and their relationship with the world. There's also a huge difference in autonomy between a teenager and an adult.

Legal or not, it's just not a good idea. Teenagers change a lot as they get older so it's not as though the relationship is likely to last.

You shouldn't be looking at this as being "your chance", you should be realizing that if you want a relationship you should be seeking to talk to women to make opportunities.

Just trouble
In the miraculous chance she's mature enough to sustain a relationship with someone who's got a near-decade on her, you're still dealing with the social fallout.
>mention underage
>thread is immediately inundated with Eurotrash who think they're in like company
I love how I simultaneously believe Euro men are immature trash on average, and then they always seem to be obsessed with dating teenagers.

Yanno, you were supposed to graduate high school physically AND mentally.


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nigga the age of consent is

Not really sure about it.

I dont really want to straight up ask her that.

As i said she assumed i was a 19-21 anyways so it didnt bother her then.

She hasnt outright stopped texting aswell so idk

Tbh if she completely doesnt care i would 100% go for it but how can i find out?

I think what one user said about going on 1 date and seeing from there is the way to go

Only if you can assure you can keep her mouth shut, which is highly unlikely because she's a woman. If you can somehow manage that, have fun.

Just suggest a date or something. Don't make it super serious, take it easy, pick something lighthearted and silly to break the ice.

She totally does. I guessed her age at 20-22
Thats the worst part my man

Well i already asked her in a generic way if she wants to do some stuff together but that was before she dropped the age bomb.

I have no idea how to reapproach it now.

I was thinking to be blunt and ask her tomorrow if she wants to eat ice or some shit

Did you ask her how SHE feels about the age thing? Because it sounds a bit like she might've dropped it to turn you down.

Im sorry for being misleading.
I started the age question
I didnt ask her i have no idea how to do that out of the blue.

Honestly it feels weird to start the topic up again but i would love to know how she feels about it

Just preface the question with "Y'know, it probably sounds weird but..."

Sexting her is cortuption of a minor, her sexting you nudes is child porn.

If you can legally fuck her, you cannot tape it. Again, CP.

It is not worth wasting you life if she decides 10 years down the road that she was exploited and presses life-ruining charges.

Do. Not. Fool. Around. With. Minors. AOC covers way less than you think.

Stop being a paranoid fuck jesus fucking christ. Not every little girl is out there to ruin your life. Kys

Here's a lil fun fact:
The frontal lobe, responsible for the 'reward' areas of your brain, doesn't fully develop until your early-mid twenties.

What this means is that until your early-mid twenties, you have the same instant gratification rationale as any other child.

Teenagers want everything and they want it now without doing anything to get it, then they're going to change their minds and move on to the next thing immediately.
Boys and girls both do this. Sometimes women get too much handed to them and get stuck in that mindset (see: middle aged cunts.) but largely it's fixed by the mid-twenties, assuming the individual in question isn't a stoner (regular marijuana use as a teenager has been shown repeatedly to have an adverse affect on the development of the frontal lobe.)

>tl;dr you don't actually want to fuck around with a teenage girl because it's going to be a shitty time and probably not worth the sex, morality aside.

People with only a tangential understanding of science shouldn't post about science.

What a roastie response

Dont touch it you dickhead, you could completely ruin her life. Go read Lolita.

I watched the kubrick flick. That scenario is a whole new level. Still good movie!

>Women stop maturing at 13
True, but now it's the same as having sex with a 13 year old, so that not any better.

Morally, it's dubious. You guys are at different levels of maturity and different points in your life. Consider the rule of 7. The youngest you should be dating is 19.

Thanks a lot for your input.

Who made this rule? Why 7? Isn't it just something someone made up? True 9 years is quite a lot but would it really be much different if id be 23? Not sure.

Also according to the 13 yo old thing it would be as saying fucking every woman ever is like fucking a 13 yo lol

why would you want to date a 16 year old? She will obviously be immature, come on man, remember what you were like at age 16.

>The frontal lobe, responsible for the 'reward' areas of your brain, doesn't fully develop until your early-mid twenties.

meme science

I thought the same but when i talked to her she seemed very mature for her age, and in texts she can be quite smart and witty plus shes pretty hot.

Seem like good reasons for me

>Sixteen year olds don't even look like adults.
Some definitely do. Their are plenty of 15-16 year old girls who have fully developed bodies with ass and tits who you could easily mistake for being 18+.

Mid 20s women don't look as good as 18 year olds. That's why men think they're hot, not because they're immature or "less experienced"

Can you at least answer if 16 is the age of consent or not where you live

No man, they'll slip up and you will be like 'shit im talking to a literal child', when I was 16 I read hardcore philosophy and people thought I was mid 20s but I know now that I was a stupid kid

Honestly if you've got a good head on your shoulders I don't see an issue. You have to be the man though.

> (OP)
>You have to be the man though.
For the child? That is fucked up mate, we are completely different creatures when we are younger. She can't understand and work with what is happening in her life fully yet. That is taking advantage of her. It is like stealing food from 5 year old because they are smaller than you. Don't do it slimeball.

Yes Its even lower

Girls look developed these days at 13 - 14

It's not tangential. I'm not that guy, but I literally just finished a book written by a world renowned neurosurgeon who said the exact same thing. Granted, it's a bit of a stretch to say anyone under mid-20's run on instant gratification, but it's quite clear that the frontal lobe does continue to develop into the mid-20's.

then literally nothing is wrong. if it's legal who gives a shit. And sounds like you don't live in america or the UK so most people wouldn't care at all.

I don't understand why you're coming on here to ask mostly american incels and femcels what they think. Don't forget we're prudes about sex anyway. Americans think 18-24 year olds are children too

your brain stops developing at 25, but it doesn't mean you're not developed enough to understand consent. You can drive a car at 16, join the army at 17. Stop infantilizing young people

>found the teenager
>teens are the only age group that care about pedophiles


im dating a 5 year younger girl and we meet when she was 18 and I can tell shes still a bit immature but college is shaping her a bit

your brain is still developing in your early 20s ,also some are also late bloomers

its the fluoride in water supply ,thats causing all this

>caring about morals
>[current year]
Nigga, if it's legal: DO IT

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heres an example: in state of MA consenting age is 16 for a female and 18 for a male .other states have a four year rule. age is a number. maturity is what matters. family acceptance. how ever your 25 so no. dont do it. prolly already did you dog. if you were 20 what ever. not much mental difference between the 2 (lol) new studies show our brainsnot ready til 25. i wouldnt dude. its really an issue of the current culture regarding age gap love

This LÖL
All this sois talking about fucking ethical concerns and “societal fallout”
Who gives a shit holy fuck just fill her holes it’s not like she’s some pure virginal maiden

Some advice from the other side of this discussion.
When I was a month away from 15, I started dating a 20 year old. Though it was online, I sent nudes and we were pretty adamant about meeting up. There were times I wanted to just drop out of highschool and move in with him, he waa only 2 states away.
Because I was not only young and immature, I also had awful mental health issues I couldn't afford therapy to fix, there was a lot of shitty moments in our relationships. Honestly, the first 3 years was hell mixed with heaven, no in between. I visited him for a summer when I was 17 and we fucked a lot, but not too much because I wasn't on birth control and he hates condoms.
I moved in with him the next year.
I'm 19 now and looking back, I feel like I lost my highschool years. Those moments of hanging with friends weekly, partying, maybe experimenting with my sexually, I gave up a lot for him because all I wanted was to spend time with him. In the moment I didn't care, I was in love with him and only wanted him, but now I wish he had told me no, had told me I'm too young. I have like 2 friends left who I never talk to because I've basically ended up isolated, even though he didn't pressure me to end up with way.
I feel sexually frustrated a lot because there's so many desires I never got to fulfill and never will fufill if it means being with him.
I suffer from a lot of BPD symptoms, and find myself switching between idealizing him and hating him often, and I still can't afford therapy to fix these issues. I'm still with him because despite all this I love him deeply and feel like my life would be empty without him since I haven't been a day without him for so long, I am extremely dependent on him.

TL;DR Long term just be aware you face the high probability of having lots of problems in your relationship since her brain is still developing and immature, you'll have to deal with teenage angst, possible mh issues, etc.
Short term, you could get a good fuck.

Dude i met mine when she was 17 and i was 25, and guess what? We got married.

Based, unironically a decent sized age gap is best. It helps to create a healthy power dynamic