I just can't seem to love anybody. I'm not asexual...

I just can't seem to love anybody. I'm not asexual, I still jerk off to porn regularly and have romantic daydreams all the time. What is wrong with me?

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Trust issues. I got them too. It’s hard and I don’t have a solution for you or me

Well what should I do? I've even tried browsing through dating sites/apps, I see a lot of people I'd call pretty, but something about the fact that they're just semi-anonymous pictures on the internet and not somebody that I recognize is really unappealing, and I end up not contacting anyone there.

>What is wrong with me?
The fact that you watch porn for a start

I've self diagnosed myself with having a madonna-whore complex. I can't love what I desire (sexually), and can't desire what I love

I've loved before, and I watched just as much porn then as I do now. But it was a girl who approached me first.


I thought this too. Then I met a girl who I genuinely loved only for her to break my heart.

I hope there will be more

Probably depression, and bare in mind that depression is not a problem, but the symptom of an even bigger psychological problem.

Just read up OP, if you truly want to know what's wrong with you, no one here can tell you.

The problem of being lonely? Which is impossible to solve, because to find a person... you mustn't be depressed out of loneliness? Does that even make sense?

Yeah I get this feeling. This coworker of mine recently was so enraptured by this girl he saw that he just had to ask her out. It just completely baffled me. I can't imagined being that moved just by how a girl looks, and even if I thought we had something in common I feel like I'm just holding so much of my personality back (due to my personal flaws) that any true connection is impossible.

Sorry to hear that, user.

Porn. Quit porn.


Get out with this brainlet sensationalist bullshit.

Maybe that person need to earn your love and you haven’t given them that chance

Who? What person? I don't and even can't have that sort of person, that is in fact my problem.
>earn your love
Friend, it's the current year. No girl will bother with that shit when they have dozens of chads bombarding her on Tinder everyday.

If you think frequent consumption of hardcore pornography doesn't in some way affect the brain in regards to sexuality, you're the brainlet.

Why would it? Aside from creating unrealistic expectations, and aside from the same effect that frequent consumption of literally anything else would do.


I mostly watch drawn/fantasy porn so it's not like I could fuck those women even if I tried. I prefer to self insert into the guy.

You're selfish and self absorbed. That's why you can't love. Trust issues have no role in this.

Why do you assume this?

It's okay, i'm 29 and just got my first love, my grandpa also got his at 28.

I love my mom, dad, and cat though.