I immigrated from slavland to USA but my name is hard to prononce for workmates...

I immigrated from slavland to USA but my name is hard to prononce for workmates. My name has an italian equivalent which ends in -o easier to pronounce, should I tell them to call me like this ? I just want to make communication easier

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Call yourself John.

As recently as a few decades ago, this practice was very very common. Pretty much all immigrants to the US at one point would "Anglicise" their names by finding a similar English equivalent. There are many US surnames that originated from migrants who changed their names upon arrival in America.

in the year 2019 people expect crazy things from other people but wanting people to try to pronounce your name properly is not one of them


What is the english equivalent of emil

In English it's "Emil". It's not a common name though, except in the female form "Emily".

Fuck that. You should keep your name but allow people to pronounce with American accent as best as they can. Changing names is bullcrap and it is also bullcrap to expect people to be flying along in one language and suddenly say a word that doesn't fit.

What is hard? Is that like to eat "a meal?"

Emile, probably. Not a common name in English speaking countries, but I have met a few people with that name

More like eh-mill

Wtf can't they pronounce fucking Emil? Say like Emily without the y

Fuck that shit. I really like it when they anglicise their names. I'm currently working with a guy named Zakari but pronounced as you do it in Afghanistan (meaning ain't nobody going to pronounce it right).

The french use that name too
A name is just a name it isn't who you are just tell them to call you John

Yeah. That's what I'm saying. We should pronounce it how we say it based on how they spell it. My name is "Ta ra bi su" when I'm in Japan. I don't give a fuck if they don't switch to English for the split second to say my name. They shouldn't have to. But I'm not just gonna change my name to takenobu or something. That's gay. We can meet halfway.

Even better.

Seems hard for them, maybe because they overthink it, dunno

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Don't be a faggot. Keep your name and understand that some people may say it differently. It isn't wrong, it's different. Another way to say your name.


I have family in the US whose parents and grandparents peaced out of Eastern Europe during WWII.
They always look so dead inside when someone says their Anglicized name. When you say their original name, they light up.

This was enough for me to keep my own name when I moved out of Eastern Europe. If they struggle with it? Let them struggle. The advantage is that they will surely remember me. They ain't going to remember the nth Johnny or Jay or Jenny. They're going to remember your weird ass foreign name.

Not OP, but where are you from user-kun ?