I took the blackpill

I took the blackpill.
Is MGTOW the only sensible thing to do for me if I'm not a top % male

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i hate the whole movement but they do have some strong points

Stop being a fag and go back before it’s too late

Married guy here - definitely stay single.

why, show me reasons

My general statement about marriage is that it's a bad risk. If it goes right, your life will be improved by a small bit but if it goes wrong, you could be involved in a huge, potentially life-destroying problem. People have literally killed each other / themselves because of divorce.

That alone should convince you.

This. If you find that 1 out of a billion girl who is actually decent and compatible with you and capable of actual love, marriage is ok. Otherwise it is a joke, plain and simple

Just be seriously careful if you are considering marriage. It really is a bad deal for men.

Not really. They do have some sensible points, but most of it is BS. Let their core principles guide you, but don't swear off women.
Core principles include: prioritize yourself over chasing women, careful with marriage/sex to avoid the crazies and the feminazis, and some other shit along these lines.

If you consider that AWALT, you kind of need to avoid them as much as possible, just sayin'

it depends on how ugly you are tho, we need a picture to tell for sure
but you can get laid as long as you are not in the 20% bottom of the barrel
but yeah, never get married

t. married guy

Why don't you love your wife?

This right here. They do have valid points but it's pointless hating women and being really bitter.


>Is MGTOW the only sensible thing to do for me if I'm not a top % male
MGTOW is like a cult, in the sense that despite "going your own way" everything you do is defined by women and how much you hate them and yourself.

It is a weird obsession, almost seems like a punishment or self harm desu.

Maybe you can take this opportunity to focus on something in your life other than the opposite sex.

I don't think it's about loving your wife or not, but about the greater picture where men are disposable utilities instead of lifetime partners like they used to.

>it's pointless hating women and being really bitter.
Consequences of a lack of better alternative

Not really. I follow some of the mgtow philosophy but for myself. I'd rather focus on myself and build. I dont believe in marriage either and really dont care about chasing women nor simping over them. Maybe one day when I've done a lot for myself in life, will I consider a relationship again, but right now, no.

That's fine, but many people make MGTOW part of their identity. Its obvious if you ever listen to the MGTOW podcasts by angry old men.

If you need MGTOW to guide you, you must be too autistic to understand social interactions or how to evaluate another human being accurately, yourself included

Well, I dont identify as mgtow. As I said before, they do have valid points but the rest, is just shit. I dont hate women either. I'm just not interested in a relationship right now and plus the last girl I dated, scared me off of relationships for a good while now.

No, I've been doing this before i discovered mgtow. How about being less angry? I do fine with social interactions lol. I still have female friends.

You sound like a stupid leftist if you think its podcasts by "old men". Its just as retarded as someone calling a feminist podcast done by "angry old cat hoarding women". Lol

The message being MGTOW is good advice regardless of what % of male you are.

Doing what you want (going your own way), as opposed to doing what you're "supposed" to do (often referred to by members of the MGTOW community as "following the life script").

It's not exactly a list of do's and don'ts. It's about motive.

Don't go to uni because other people want you to. Go because you want to, or don't go because you don't want to go.

Don't get married just because you're supposed to. Get married if it feels right, or don't if it don't.

The message is good but the community is disenfranchised with the status quo, often around dating and is more interested in bitching than actually going their own way.

That said, I'm all for warning younger generations of men about the hidden dangers when it comes to divorce. If it were not for them, I'd be completely unaware that you don't actually have to be married to get divorced (common law marriages...) or fucked over by it.
But, there is warning naive younger generations that they may be taken advantage of, and there is bitching about your ex for all eternity and throwing the blanket assumption that all womankind is like her.

If you want to go your own way, I implore that you actually go your own way and do something you enjoy, and I surely hope that isn't bitching on the internet.

But I think maybe you need to work on your social interactions if you're this angry. No need to attack someone because of their lifestyle lolol.

you're the one who needed to announce you've taken the black pill and asked if mgtow is sensible.

clearly you're a little bitch who is trying to start a pity party about how hurt your feelings are but its ok cause you're real tough and you'll be fine because you're not obsessed with women nor do you hate yourself.

Why do you think I'm OP lmaooo try again, dude. I'm not OP. Jesus lmao

Like I said. Maybe you do need to work on your social interactions. How do you confuse me with OP? Lmfao be less angry.

But the idea the AWALT is an Jow Forums tier generalization. There's lots of low quality women, and nobody debates it, but there's also a lot of high quality women. You just need to look in the right places.

>Lack of a better alternative
Sex is a better alternative to inceldom.

This is what MGTOW was supposed to be, but in reality, they're much worse. It's like the feminists, it was supposed to be about women's rights, but it isn't about that anymore.

>Sex is a better alternative to inceldom.
Well yes but actually no.
What they're missing, actually, is meaning.
Especially for white men, meaning has become almost impossible to come by, pic related

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Black pill is just Absurdisum for ignorant incels, read Camus' The Stranger, and look into some Robert Frost. Life happens, dont hate it, it just moves.

Take some time and ask yourself what the end goal of accepting this ideology is. If you believe that the end goal is a positive impact on your relationships and your quality of life then there isn't much any of us can tell you. If you aren't sure what the goal is or if you don't think this "blackpill" will result in a positive impact on your life and mental health then I think you have some soul searching to do. I don't know anything about you but I'd put money on the fact that you probably don't foresee a shiny rainbow on the other side of this MGTOW blackhole. They don't strike me as a group of individuals who are invested in improving their positions in life.

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>i'm no longer useful to society so that's why i play videogames
fucking lol, an actual good bait for once

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Take the good stuff from MGTOW and take the existentialism pill. Go read Sarte's essay.

Redpill/MGTOW is bullshit. What you want, is a true liberation from sexual desire to be able to focus as much time as possible on personal achievement and empowerment. If that means going to the soup kitchen and helping people out, or fucking over entire economies to make a quick buck, thats fine. It's still better than following the women-hating rhetoric shared by the MGTOW folks. Be pragmatic and presevere, ideology will only serve to hinder you, unless it aligns in the ACHIEVEMENT your goals.

I've been through the red pill, the black pill, the blue pill, deism and theism. If they waste your time, ditch them, even if it means losing a significant amount of your life.

Read more, learn more, aspire to be more. The trick is to keep the mental game strong. The mind relies on the body for physical actuation and energy. Make sure you keep them in balance.

Based posts.

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