Do you feel like you wasted your life?

Do you have this strange feeling. Suddenly this morning i realized that my life is wasted.
I am 26, female, still playing video games, still dont have a stable job, still waste time on dumb stuff.
When i was little it was not the future i imagined.
I need to talk to someone. PLEASE

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No, I don't feel like I've wasted my life. But I'm married, educated, and employable. But you're not too old to change your life.

Well what do you want out of life? What do you feel you're missing?

Stop watching anime and playing jrpg's. They idealize the consept of lazy life and self harm. Start a new healthier hobby.

Definitely. I fucked up and am awaiting trial for a serious felony which will put me in prison for about ten years. I spend my days browsing chans, playing vidya and drinking because I'm going to prison anyway so there's no point in doing anything useful.

maybe my expectations where to high. but everytime i try to change the situation everything is falling
i dont want to live like that, i want to make an impact

They idealize the consept of lazy life? Are you sure?

Could you go on facebook to do some vagueposting instead? It'll be the same effect except you will get more people responding.

come on man, dont give me that

Well at least give us something to work with. All you've done is vagueposting. What do you want advice on? What do you want to talk about? Explain your situation a bit?

i feel like everyday is the same shit, i dont want to go to work, i want to do something mine, but everytime i try i fail.
i hate this cycle morning > work > plaaying video games > paying rent
i cant stand it, for me it's like living in the matrix and was not what i expected from life.
ok, the theme of this thread is IT'S SO FUCKING HARD FOR ME TO GROW UP


Have you considered finding friends? A bf? For friends and social events look at meetup and see what's happening near you. For a bf go on bumble.

>still playing video games

I don't get it, when people succeed in life do they stop playing video games? Because video games is a thing of not successful people?

Some one enlight me.

Yes. Anime sells you the idea that being a passive shut-in is a valid lifestyle. It's not.

You either fix your shit, or you get in deeper shit. It's not really hard as much as it is that you're bad at knuckling down.

I'd just suggest throwing yourself through the wringer.

I wasted so much fucking time just doing nothing but browsing the internet

Every day I wish I could restart my life, this fucking sucks

>either fix your shot or get in deeper shot

Woah user, have you though of a career as a psychologist? Or are you already one? Because your advice is on another level

I suppose your not alone here OP. I'm your age and I play video games often as well. But that isn't all I do.

I work out everyday, I have three jobs (part time and military, I just work when rent and other bills are due) and share a small home with a friend. My justification for this is that I stay at home to work on a project (a video game).

I work on that project at least 8 hours a day. If I don't, I go into a cycle of doubt and immediately feel like a loser, given that my choices aren't yet taking care of me. If youre anything like me, you may just need to create a purpose/goal and stick to it, nobody can really give you one.

Video games aren't the problem. Its escapism- or spending too much time reaching goals that are imaginary instead of investing that time into something tangible.

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It's S_H_I_T.

time is an illusion and irrelavant, you're the one complicating things, seek help user

I know that.

But how do I turn down the auto correction in this phone, that is the question

I forgot to say:
>inb4 nice reddit spacing, fuck you it looks better
>i know its you're, its just a typo

Oof. If it's a keyboard app you can just change it in its settings.

No, time is real, even if it's just a concept. It matters in all the ways you think it does.

What you're saying is basically the same as "pain is just a chemical reaction in your brain it isn't real so why care when you're being tortured?"

Calling something an illusion doesn't make it go away the EFFECT is still real

Thank you!

You could have changed it all at 18.

Could have changed it at 25.

Your age doesn't matter, you can still change your life.

You're probably expecting too much too soon. That is a very common way people fail to change themselves. They will tell themselves "from tomorrow, I am a different person, I don't drink/overeat/smoke/whatever and get my shit together". They do that for a week at best, then run out of willpower and fall back into their old ways, not having changed at all.

The key is small steps. Think about what you want to change, who you want to be, etc., maybe write it down. Then think of small steps from where you are now to where you want to be. Then implement them slowly and deliberately, so they become habits.

>Your age doesn't matter
Really depends on her achievements, both career-wse and socially.

>i want to do something mine, but everytime i try i fail.

What does that mean? And why do you fail?

Its no bother to me. If you still wish to speak to someone about this I have no problem in talking it over.

You can reach me at [email protected]

I'm sorry, I was under the impression OP was quickly closing in on 30 years old without a single prospect to her name.
But since you guys have a ton of time and energy and resources to devote and dedicate to soft, drawn-out solutions why don't you go ahead and take to those instead of bugging Jow Forums?

Her shit sucks, but if you wanted an 'easy' solution, 26 is about a decade too late for OP, you fucking phoneposter. What she needs is the skill and willpower to get her own lot in life; 'no stable job' at nearly 30 is a terrible prospect to have. You can't be there, because this modern world will chew you up. My city just okayed teens being paid less than min-wage, so wagie grunts like OP whose prospects are piss? They're getting fucked out of work left and right because teens are cheaper and honestly, retail work isn't tough enough to warrant the quality of standards.

If you have some grand solution then post it. My solution for OP? Fuck it and hit the ground running. Don't wait, just go out there intending to shred the skin off your knuckles. Get out there and get hard with yourself because this delicate fingers approach is clearly not getting anywhere constructive.

You either start paddling shit now, or you drown in it. I know neither sounds terribly fun, but you're old now. You're closing in on 'most of our parents were married, had careers and kids by this point.' You're closing in on 'oh Jesus, 30 and no experience? fucken denied, what is this person not telling us?' You're just around the corner from convincing yourself there's no repairing this.

So yeah, I point out the obvious, because that's all that's left.

Im sorry user did they hurt your feelings?

Become a whore for some 30 year old guy who works a trade.

26 isn't too late to get your shit together. I didn't stop smoking weed everyday until I was 25 and got my first "real" job at 26 (was doing pizza delivery before). It sucked at first but eventually I started making good money($28k->$60K), wound up getting a promotion after 5.5 years, stuck it out for 2 years and just left for a new job paying $20k more a year.

It’s too late, your life is over. Whatever you do, don’t try.


W-what would you say we waste our lives together user?

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> Nier
Don't stop playing video games, you have patrician taste. If you play mobileshit or other games that are just an endless grind, give those up, but games like Nier are art.
If you want to make a change, meet some new people, pick up a mew hobby, do something, anything, to change up your stagnant routine, even if it isn't something with an immediately obvious benefit.

that's practically every late 20s millennial life, i wasted like 5 years crying over my dead brother, you're fine
just be pragmatic and ditch the shit you don't like and replace it with shit you would like to do, simple as

I fucking do but how could I have done different? It's my own principles and ethics that makes me suffer. The world sucks. I suffer because I don't dance the same pornographic music it plays.

Just feel i'm wasting my life for mostly 3 things

>Even when i try hard to improve myself i cannot do it, i end in the same shithole doing the same over and over. I can follow a routine for a week then i quit and get into my old routine.

>I feel like a spolied kid all my friends work in vacation or while we are in college, but in the end i'm, just in the house of my parents and ask them for money, adn i know i can get a job, but i fall in the meme of getting a degree would get you a better job

>I'm getting worry about how to spend my time and money like when i want or i spend for a videogame, book or anything i want sometimes i feel i'm just wasting my money and time, like what i doing to do it when i finish it or when i dont want it anymore, sell it? but what about if i'm the only person in my town how like that stuff or what about if i'm bad at selling things even in internet.

What i should do anons?

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What the hell do you want people to say?

I'm 29 with two Degrees. One in Biology and one in Business. Can't get job lol.

I mean, yes, but it's not strange. There's not much I can do about it. I have crippling agoraphobia and nowhere near the amount of money it would take to fix it with therapy and medication. I'm basically just waiting to run out of people that care enough to support me.

What's your damage?

Sounds like a good as hell life to me.

I guess it's a matter of perspective. Is a life truly wasted just because you don't do things that are normally considered good by the masses? Doesn't really matter as long as you enjoy it, I suppose. Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted, as they say.

I'm also 26 and yes I didn't do anything I can be proud of.

>30 khv
>took 7 years to graduate from college, graduated at 25
>only worked a total of 3 years after college
>didn't work at all through college, just gamed and got shit grades
>been a stay at home son for a year
>starting an online certificate program that builds on my degree in hopes of employment even though full time work made me suicidally depressed, despondent, and misanthropic

While from your perspective, it might seem like all your time spent on this Earth would be thrown into the wastes due to too much time spent on hobbies or not enough time working progressively on your career or anything of the sort, it's not unlikely that you're not alone.

I'm sure this is something that you can pick up after starting the thread here. Especially in the current state of society it's not an easy time for our age demographic currently.

What's best is to talk it out with those closest around you, even if it's just another user from here. There's lots of bumps in the road but the goal is to fix everything one at a time, and as they appear.

Sorry for being vague but maybe try to step back and just not be proactive in videogames for a little bit. It'd be a step in the right direction, and help give you more time to process what exactly needs done, and maybe even find a new hobby that isn't expensive like sharpening bamboo sticks.

i will cum inside u and then ur life will have meaning

What felony did you commit?

It's time to grow up. Where's your ambition, what goal do you have beyond sitting around playing games all day? Don't you want to do something with your life? Start with baby steps for fuck's sake rome wasnt built in a day.

Get a job. Network. Potentially move onto a better job.

Get a hobby you can potentially profit from, learn an instrument instead of playing games. DO literally anything else that would be more productive than wasting your fucking time all day. Isn't there something you want to do?

oh yes because instruments and wageslavery are so much more productive than video games

Part of me wants to go on a bunch of dates and see who’s my soul mate but at the same time I enjoy being in a committed relationship. I have no plans on breaking up with him because I love him but I wonder if there’s someone out there who was actually meant for me.

They literally are, in fact.

Thank you very mush for the support guys!

>No, I don't feel like I've wasted my life. But I'm married, educated, and employable.
I can practically sniff the insecurity.

Im wasting my life and yet, I dont "feel" like Im because of my mindset.

I don't regret things I do because at the time it what I wanted and Im OK with the results that may come from that choice, even if they are bad.

This way, if I prefer to stay at home instead of enjyong a sunny day outside and loose and oportunity, I dont mind, because at the time, I did what I wanteded.

Kind of fucked, I know, but actually takes a lot of pressure out of my back.

26 isn't even halfway to old, just pick yourself up and start working towards shit you want to achieve