How can I get a gf and have sex?

How can I get a gf and have sex?

Preferably soon.

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Just get an escort

>find girl
>talk to her
>ask her out
>repeat until successful

>find girl
Stuck on this step.


why tho?
If you're poor, or worse,a manlet, I have very bad news for you.
And if you're both, may god have mercy on your soul

Literally why not? It’s like you want a video game and we tell you to go buy it then, and you say “no I want someone to give it to me for free”


Pathetic faggots. You are the exact same as fat chicks who claim "big is beautiful", or "health at every size". You can't even hope to reach the mountain peak, so you claim where you are is the new peak. But getting laid isn't anywhere equal to climbing a mountain.

Just like those dumb fat sluts, how about you go work on your personality, learn to tell an interesting story, buy some fucking clothes that fit (without pictures on them, you dumb dickhead) and wear some shoes other than New Balance?

I've been with a whole lot of women, to the point where if I said it, you'd think I was making it up (it helps that I travel for my job, so I always have interesting stories from other states/countries to bring up), but what I can absolutely tell you is you do NOT need to pay for sex. This is pathetic.

This board is full of wannabe viking/"muh roman spartan warrioz!" fags, then here you are: saying it's totally fine to pay a woman to fuck you. To give your hard earned money to some dumb fake slut that bangs dudes 3x your size, with unkempt facial hair they don't trim up (you probably have this as well though), who was just there huffing and wheezing and sweating on her.

You find it totally okay to pay money for this.

Get fucking real. Fix yourself before you go on a mass shooting.

Based schizoposter

Well, if all you want is genitalstilumation and not the whole process of getting laid, hookers have the advantage of the price tag being final

>Avoiding the issue

If being a schizo means I don't live on your tier of life that's so far under the ground you can't possibly hope to do something literally billions upon billions upon billions of people now and millions of years ago managed to do -- then we should all be so hopeful.

I get your point
But do you really think sex will be free with other women? It'll be much more expensive on the long run

If you get a fuck buddy or a modern day girlfriend who has a job, you pay nothing, and they do your dishes/laundry/networking opportunities (this is important in life but you stop playing vidya so much and leave the house on a regular basis)/wear whatever slutty outfit you like as you bang them, plus they don't have dozens of fat old guys bopping their nose with their obese bellows as they shove their tiny dicks in that girls mouth.

Your choice. Stay where you are, makes life easier for me. Just trying to help you.

Be good looking and don't be insufferable. If you can't do those then you're going to need to use wealth or social status as padding.

You aren't paying for JUST sex. I get you need to have money, and typically I do pay the bills when I take a girl out. Again, I have a decent job, so spending a like $150 a week for a date isn't hard for me. You are thinking outside your lane. Instead of something fantastical at an upperscale restaurant or whatever, how about you just be creative? Buy a tree, and go plant it on your first date. Buy some canvases, paint, and wine, then watch a video on youtube about how to paint and drink wine? Go to a museum, that's not expensive. Shit, most women are fine with bowling and throwing darts at a bar. People like the kind you find on Jow Forums have set the bar so fucking low it's retarded. Anyone who doesn't jerk off and and rage at 14 year olds on CoD can easily get laid nowadays. Anyway, now, not only do you have a decent date, BUT YOU FUCKING LEARNED SOMETHING AND GREW YOURSELF that you can share with the next girl.

Unless you want some cracked out toothless whore give you an STD for $20, hookers are like, $100, plus the risk of tricked by a cop. Now that's a fucking criminal record and a ton of money to pay whatever fines.

Saying "But gf's are more expensive in the long run, so hookers are a good idea" is like saying "selling heroine makes tons of money in the short run". You are literally promoting criminal, degenerative behavior. It blows my mind that this is even a discussion.

Jesus christ user I guess I am just not as handsome as you if planting a fucking tree - or worse, painting in a canvas - is preface for a first date
What you are saying is ridiculous for any normal person, now imagine the anons here who never had sex reading this, do you really think they can pull off what you are saying?
You won't help anyone here by saying "it's easy I can get pussy by planting trees lmao"
Also for the record I only said that gfs are more expensive because you said in your post "you are literally paying money for sex", yet that's exactly what you do when you have one-night stands (only you're paying more for less). I also agree it's degenerate behavior and that's why I don't do it, but using financial viability as an argument will not end well

Not gonna dive into everything you said, but this one blows my mind the most:

>but using financial viability as an argument will not end well
I tell you what: you go get a good career, you go buy a house, then tell me paying money to participate in degenerative criminal activity that could very realistically give you a life long disease (btw, chicks don't like dudes with STD's) is a fiscally responsible choice. You speak as someone who has nothing, so can't imagine losing everything, or having doors shut in your life: because you haven't walked through any yet. Your family, your friends, your coworkers all finding out. Any future employer seeing this on your record, any gf prospect needing to be legally warned that you have an STD before engaging in sex (look it up, that's a thing) -- all because you didn't want to just improve yourself through trial and error with other women to learn how to have a conversation and wear some clothes that fit.

What a fuckin' pussy.

Here's a homeless guy who picks up girls so he has a place to sleep. Fix yourself.

What if I use a condom and don't kiss? How am I going to get STDs?
>here's a homeless guy who picks up girls so he has a place to sleep
Oh because THAT is not degenerate

You go ahead and do whatever you want, lil guy.

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No such thing as soon, it happens when it happens, just talk to people like a human being jackass. Women like it when they see that you know that are people too, not fuck holes. Man up.

>be me, 22 yr old 5'6 half japanese guy still working a minimum wage mcjob
>still manage to get cute skinny 4'9 womanlet gf

Don't believe everything Jow Forums incels tell you

>find girl
i saw a cute girl at the traffic lihts today and t the electronics store the other day but it doesnt seem appropriate to ask then and there. wht do? i dont want to be alone...

>find girl
This step is critical.

You can (not) get a gf

You stupid nigger OP asked how to get sex FAST. The answer to getting sex fast is escorts, not “getting a career and improving your personality and blah blah blah.” OP is obviously a cumbrained degenerate asking for directions to the nearest McDonalds and you’re over here telling him to go to a Michelin-rated gourmet restaurant in the next state.


I'm 23, the time for playing the slow game is over. I already have a career, hobbies and friends, I need a gf in the next two weeks or I'll kill myself, I'm getting too old.

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With this kind of mental issues you have, just skip waiting the two weeks. You will never get a gf unless you go to therapy and fix yourself.

This post is no joke. In today's world of dating your choices are pretty fucked. Wait till you get to your mid 30's, the selection becomes even fucking worse.

Fuck off, gay psyops.

What do you mean?

t. 30 year old roastie

Incels once again confirmed for being closeted homosexuals.

23 is so fucking young especially for a dude. I am sick of young people whining about being old in their early 20s.
imagine wasting your youth thinking you're an old fart. how will you cope when you actually get old.

By that time life will have ground the pride and self-importance out of them.

23 is old af

First you need to go out , then start approaching girls without being weird