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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Apparently you can delete your own threads on Jow Forums so now no one will know I fucked up the OP and forgot the subject.

Ladies, what does it mean when you kiss a guy, or let him kiss you? I realize this question sounds absurd, but it's 2019 where kissing can mean anything from she really likes you and wants to see you again, to you're one of the five guys she kissed in the past week.

how do you become more confident

Same could be said for men. It depends on the person.

You answered your own question. It can mean a lot of things, depending on the person.

Alcool and drugs, but it's a short term thing

I'm 28 years old. I'm a pretty girl, a smart one, doing my second college degree. I have been told I'm kind and good socially. Why do I find myself only getting along with the weirdest people? Strangers from shady websites, alcoholics and losers. I'm not like them at all but I have so little friends and I haven't managed to get a relationship. I don't know what is, objectively, wrong with me, everything seems fine with me but I don't like myself and I gravitate towards people who fail at life even though I easily excel at school. Life is boring, even.

exposure to everything you're afraid of but wish you could do

That's more a question for yourself than for anyone on here. Especially considering we don't actually know you and have to take everything you say at face value.

What makes you say you don't get along with successful people?

Can’t you delete your own threads on any board?

That just reinforced the negatives for me in most cases because it rarely ever goes right, especially in the long term.

I was walking my dog sometime ago outside my apartment complex when I ran into a girl who was also walking hers.
I keep mine off a leash so that we can play ball, but hers is on a leash.
Whenever her MUCH bigger dog sees mine, it freaks out and wants to get all touchy-feely with mine and my dog wasn't having any of it.
The girl was trying to wrangle her dog and bring it back inside and I offered to help her bring her dog to her door since she is kinda scrawny and her dog was really big and energetic.
She gave me a very stern, "...No.".
We had been friendly enough and had bumped into one another a handful of times in the same way.
I almost never see her outside walking her dog at the same times as me anymore.
Girls, was she thinking I was hitting on her? I was genuinely offering help, not flirting.

There's a girl in my class who is very good looking but very quiet, she stares at me a lot though and I notice it too.
I saw her hang out with this guy around college once and he doesn't seem to be the kind of person I would even want to be around let alone be friends with.

Am I right to think that if she likes guys like this or just likes to hang around people like this, she may not be a good fit for me? I normally spend time with like minded and just generally similar people to me, this guy wasn't and I don't know if that means that she might not be either

is it weird if I'm a guy who likes to cook sometimes?


Fellow guy that likes to cook sometimes, here.
I don't think so at all. It can be fun and productive to cook, imo, and girls find it pretty attractive if you can cook well.

with each attempt at something new its ok to fuck up, but you have to take lessons from it and next time you do it, do it differently. Once you start seeing progress, you'll have the drive to do more in live, more difficult things, you'll be willingly exposing yourself to new experiences and that will eventually boost your confidence because you realize how capable and independent you can be.

Socializing also helps boost confidence. Once you spend time with enough people and you realize you're good company and that people like you, you become confident in your ability to socialize and make lasting friendships/relationships with people that like you for being you, which is all you really need to be confident

Honestly those are the most interesting people. Successful people all talk about the same shit, that mostly being their success. I've had just as many "intelligent" conversations with successful people than I have with some of the biggest losers you can imagine. Just be happy with and accept the people you naturally get along with.

>girls find it pretty attractive if you can cook well
is this true? Most people I talked to were pretty indifferent

not true desu but some girls like it i guess

What do you even mean by "successful people"?

I'd say at least some do, especially the girls that can't cook worth a damn.
Everyone enjoys a good meal and it means a little more if it comes from someone you care about.

Power through your fears.
The brave ones aren't the ones who are never afraid, but manage anyway.

Specifically asking non smoking men here, but any two cents is appreciated. I smoke weed, don't smoke cigarettes by themselves but still have to buy skins and tobacco. I ballparked my consumption to my (non smoking) bf at about £140 a month and he did not like. When I asked him what he would consider reasonable, he says he didn't want to rule my life. I understand and accept these things, but it puts me in a spot of wtf am I supposed to do now? I'm feeling having the discussion again later, but some "reality checking" would be appreciated.

Some people don't like partners who smoke, and some don't like degeneracy.

True I'm just wondering if there is any general consensus or what it personally means for individual posters. Maybe it could help me contextualize the situation a bit

Are you dependent on weed and can you afford 140 a month easily? If your answer to the first is no and to the second is yes, carry on.

Then those people wouldn't get into relationships with people they knew smoked.

I don't think I'm dependent on weed but nobody does. Yes I can easily afford it, I save about 550. Do you think starting the discussion with that would help?

Well, what do you care about more, your marijuana consumption or your bf?
He would probably like you to quit entirely, or at least spend way less, like >£50 a month, but is too polite/respectful of your freedom as a grown woman to do whatever you please with your money to say so.
If you can stomach it, try and wean yourself and see how he reacts.

you're seeking new feelings and sensations, and legitimately if your life is boring, but you're too afraid to pursue them and get a bit out of your shell maybe. better to seek these feelings in people who aren't problematic, you really don't want to ruin yourself by getting attached to bad people. i'm telling you because i was like you and got hurt and screwed over just because i wanted to feel something and get "closer to the bad side". it sounds exciting at first but don't play with fire, really, there is a reason why it's discouraged. people who are generally calmer and pacific need to get shaken up once in a while, but don't go from one extreme to the next. you ever see a group of punks in the street laughing and having fun and you suddenly light up? those are the people you should go after. gather a lil' courage, make a move. the group of punks of course is what's inspiring for me, it could simply be a group of people you see as different. do something new and talk to new fellas you like, everything starts from that

Guys, how do you feel about choking girls during sex? Is that something girls usually ask for?

Obviously my bf, that's why I'm here asking.
I understand that he would probably like me to quit smoking but I find his comment of not wanting to rule my life being a reoccurring theme with him. I don't want to do what I assume he wants and him get pissed off because that was exactly why he didn't say anything, y'know?

What did it mean when you kissed her?

>Do you think starting the discussion with that would help?
I think it's not a bad idea. I don't smoke myself so I can't really tell you too much about it but I don't think it's such a big deal really.

recognize your good qualities and maximize them, live the life that makes you happy, hold your own opinion of yourself in higher esteem than someone else's opinion of you

I think if the two of you communicate further and reach a compromise, you can both be happy.
When you had that conversation with him, did you just drop the whole thing when he said he didn't wanna rule your life?
If so, try bringing it up again and asking politely what about that bothers him and ask for suggestions.

What do you do if think you have no good qualities?

how old are you?

eh deleted it

Sounds like you lack self-esteem if you genuinely think you have no good qualities.
You can't possibly be THAT shitty of a person if you are even capable of asking yourself that.
At the very least, you have some sort of twisted form of modesty brought on by depression.
Immerse yourself in a hobby that is productive, something that sharpens your body and/or mind.
Such hobbies, like sports, playing instruments and body building, are practically proven to boost self-esteem.
Once you think you are worth a damn, you will begin to see positive things about yourself.

I'm already deeply involved in creative hobbies, and I still don't see any positive qualities in myself.

I'm not talking about hobbies that are creative, necessarily, but if you don't mind going into further detail, what are your hobbies?
Getting fit isn't creative, learning an instrument isn't creative in itself. I know how to play drums and lead guitar, I only ever learned other peoples songs and never got creative enough to learn my own.
If you have what it takes to get and stay fit or learn how to play an instrument well, you have discipline and perseverance, in some form.

I'm a guy and my hobbies are drawing, dancing, cooking, playing piano, watching movies/series, reading novels and comics, and learning french.

The drawing, piano, dancing, cooking and learning French all sounds pretty damn good to me.
If you aren't terribly dull/socially awkward, there's some girls out there that you could probably sweep off of their feet.
Honestly, you sound kind of creative and romantic in a classical sense.
If you watch movies/series that are popular, then you have something to talk about with women that watch the same things.
Some women like classical/orchestral music like the kind that piano provides, some appreciate art, everyone likes a good meal and some girls think that knowing a foreign language, especially French, is pretty cool/sexy. If nothing else, you could maybe one day get a well paying job as a translator, being bilingual.

I'm a guy, but I have really yellow teeth that I hate?
Will women ignore me because of them?

Can't delete them on /a/ as far as I know.
I haven't browsed that board seriously in like a year so I don't know if it was changed.

Went on a date with a nice girl, we have all the same interests, weeb shit, video games and books.
We talked four hours but it only seemed like an hour.

I gave her a lift home and in the car I noticed she smelled a little.
Not like outright shit but a little sweaty, like day old sweat.
How big of a red flag is this? People sweat but this wasn't fresh sweat.

To get the most accurate answer you should post pics of teeth.

I will say I dated a guy for a whole year until I realized he was missing one of his lower incisors. There are other things more important than teeth.

Nope, I have seen 10s get with guys who has more fingers than teeth.
It may ruin you confidence as teeth are important in human interactions.
Look into getting a scale and polish, I get it done every 3 months because I drink a lot of tea.
My teeth look like a celebrities afterwards and it lasts long if you have good dental hygiene.

If it is severe, try getting them whitened.

I'm in a love triangle, 2 guys chasing same girl. Me being the honest cute boy competing against a flirty and rich dude. How should I play my cards? Should I confess? Do I have any chance at all?

By not giving a shit what other people think

If you were in an open relationship, how likely would you include another partner in that relationship if the right one came along? For the sake of the question to females, were it would be MMF.

making a gambit on your own skill and succeeding, or even just coming close

Well my ex dumped me through text because she "wasn't happy". But upon snooping around her Instagram dms, she said she was technically in a relationship, but emotionally in one. What the fuck? That was 3 minth before she even dumped me. Why would she stay with me even if she wasnt happy? I literally gave off no red flags and all of her exes where full of em. She even got mad at me because I didn't abuse her or treat her like shit. What the fuck was this?

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>If you aren't terribly dull/socially awkward, there's some girls out there that you could probably sweep off of their feet.
I don't really live in an area where I can actually do any of these things. I can go dancing, but there's no opportunities to use french or draw for other people. These are more solitary hobbies that don't allow me to meet people that often.

>She even got mad at me because I didn't abuse her or treat her like shit.

dodged a bullet. crazy broads, not even once

this is more of a people thing then girl thing. people are molded into who they hang out with

you're in a fanfic. do death

some people are fucking insane and literally want to be abused

I posted in an earlier thread about how this girl interacts with me a lot but barely tells me anything or keeps a conversation with me but suddenly started talking to me a lot more. Earlier our convo went:
>You usually don't talk to me this much. Are you bored or something? lol
>haha that's not it
And that's all she said about it. What gives?

The poly friends i got, they all seem to get very close. Like a 3-way family. I don’t see the appeal, but some people just want/need more of the good stuff.

>If you were in an open relationship
Stop right there

We don’t know her, you have to figure it out.

You can say this about any post in this thread, though.

Well I'm the one coming along and he is the one taking advantage of his open relationship.

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Is Junko right?

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A lot of them, yes. That’s why this thread comes with instructions at the beginning, although I don’t think people read, nor understand them.

>>You usually don't talk to me this much. Are you bored or something? lol
>>haha that's not it
>And that's all she said about it. What gives?
Tbh. there's nothign wrong with these kind of questions. It only becomes a problem when they take over the thread

to single ladies with high body counts:
do you regret your past promiscuity? did you have any interest in starting a family before you began your promiscuous phase? do you have any interest now?
not trying to Jow Forumsbait, just curious

yes and no
the aggressive girl I was with actually got me trying new things, getting out more, and started my gym routine.

Then she gave up, blew up at me about relying on her too much, and I regressed from all of the progress she pushed me to apart from workout out regularly.

No regrets and i will definitely find a good man to settle down with and start a family. I got plenty of suitors to choose from. In real life, having a high body count dosent matter. There is enough guys of any caliber out there that don’t care. And i think that’s the most upsetting thing for people who are against women with high bodycount, they want some kind of justice for their beliefs. They want to believe no good man will settle with me, or that I can’t possibly stay faithful or even manage to have a healthy relationship. But of course i can, and will. No matter how much of a tantrum these forums throw at us.

hm. inspirational. I'm a virgin girl and I'm getting tired

Thought back on an interaction...
Is it possible that a guy who sought me out for friendship, wanted to chat 24/7, and called me cute had a thing for me? He's straight but also had an e-gf at the time.
Side note he's a BPDfag if that could affect how he interacts with people.

Go get laid, practice safe sex and enjoy all the good moments.

We can’t know, you have to ask him. But being around anyone with BPD is a draining nightmare, so be careful.

yeah but we have 4 words to work with

Well to sum it all up
>be friends with girl for a few months
>interacts with me a lot, but barely keeps a conversation and doesn't talk about herself
>a couple days ago she suddenly keeps a conversation going with me and talks to me about herself
>kind of poke fun at her and say, "You usually don't talk to me this much. Are you bored or something? lol"
>and she simply replied, "haha that's not it". Once again not talking about herself
As far as I've known her she hasn't really been with any guys and she doesn't use me for attention at all. It's like she wants me in her life but also wants to keep a far emotional distance.

GQ. It means I care very much for her (and also am attracted to her, duh)

Practice and getting over your issues that make you less confident.

Probably he wants 0, but isn't willing to break up with you because of your drug problem. Most people who don't do drugs, even if they can accept other people doing them, aren't usually thrilled about it especially with the money factor.

140 GBP is about 182 USD. At the interest rate I have, that would be about 10k USD in 5 years. Slightly more than 2k every year. Just for reference. In 15 years that's 111,689 USD (!!!), just being kept in a savings account.

I have experience with this. Am married. And was open before that and we are in an open marriage now(has some issues recently so taking a break currently *disappointment*). Anyway... If i had to choose between a MMF relationship or a FFM i would choose FFM. Because i enjoy having a partner of each gender the most. And men tend to get jealous and competitive and thats hard to manage. Plus desu girls have the better bodies. But ideally just being involved with another couple and swapping and having group sex and group date nights and activities is more ideal. Less issues when everyone has someone.

>relying on her too much
In what way?

I was a late bloomer and I tried to have a “hoe phase” and it just worsened my depression desu. Tread carefully and be safe.

that's the same 4 words but elongated
the only thing i know is that she didn't talk to you because she's bored. what do you want me to say?

I just can't do people. Reading books and trying to understand things ia what I can do. I've been trying to be social, and I've tried alcohol, drugs, sex (I'm a girl) and intellectual conversation, but nothing seems to work. I can't wrap my head around how people form social relationship and just talk and hve fun with each other. So alien to me. Am I destined to die alone and miserable?

how do you have sex without knowing how to talk to people?

socially- needing to be pushed to get out more, not wanting to be out at an event or something without her (she'd sometimes want me to mingle somewhere on my own an hour before she got there, or if she had to cancel she wanted me to still go), etc

the main message I was trying to get across is that that type of relationship only works if the girl has the patience for it.

by being a girl.
that's always been a rule- all girls need to do to have sex is be available

> I'm a girl
Any girl that isn't a planet sized landwhale needs only to ask for sex to get it. Maybe she won't get it with an atttactive/committed guy, but no non-revolting woman struggles to get sex full stop.

Do you think the same would have happened if the genders were reversed?

yeah, probably- the bigger the gap between the introversion of one partner and extroversion of the other, the more patience the extrovert needs

yeah but i'm imagining she's a complete social autist that would probably be too shy to ask for sex

It's her own fault for refusing to communicate while trying to change who you are. I hope you called her out on her bullshit

Perhaps you should find a codependent girl to compliment your own codependency?

>inb4 thats unhealthy!!
There's plenty of unhealthy thigns in relationships that normies consider to be perfectly normal and acceptable. OP's story is a good example of that

Nahh I have done sex just by standing around and by having people talk to me. Can you answer my question?

I mean I am a complete social autist inside but I can talk the talk and walk the walk, feel like a normal human etc. But I can find no connection this way. I feel alone in being this autistic. Is there no respite?

>I hope you called her out on her bullshit
I did, but I wouldn't word it like "calling her out on her bullshit" because even when I say she blew up, I know her enough to be able to tell she was definitely pulling punches (when she usually goes straight for the throat with people), so I gave her the same courtesy of being polite about it.

>Perhaps you should find a codependent girl to compliment your own codependency?
That's what I was thinking of already. I do know one, but it's painful when we try talking to eachother because we have so little in common apart from personality. Doesn't seem worth trying to force something to come of it.

>(she usually goes straight for the throat with people)
I'll like to hear some of these stories

>They want to believe no good man will settle with me, or that I can’t possibly stay faithful or even manage to have a healthy relationship
The same personality traits that cause high body counts will inevitably harm your future attempts at long-term relationships. It's not the high body count as such, it's the underlying reasons why the body count is high in the first place.

right. so you basically just force yourself to be around the person you like so you have reason to talk. sometimes you just /click/ and you realize you can talk to that person for hours, that's when you get their number and find more excuses to be with them, like drinking beer or playing games or just about anything you can do together
in general the closer you are to people physically the friendlier you are. it's called the mere exposure effect
that being said i'm a guy and i don't have many friends so take it with a pinch of salt
in this day and age meeting someone like you is easy. if you're a history nerd go to the local bookstore, or if you're a NEET go to a discord server for NEETs, etc
the world is simply too large for there not to be another like you

well any interaction she has with one ex usually involves her letting everyone she's with with know that he has a micro-penis, and allegedly right after they broke up she started circulating his dick pics (also her response to being sent dick pics in general)