Surviving incel life

How does one survive loneliness and singledom?
I've been single for so many years it's stopped being funny. All the feelings of worthlessness and bitterness have started to set in. I can't even remember how happiness and acceptance feel like anymore.

I mean let's be honest, almost everyone breaks down eventually if they have to be single for a prolonged period. I hate it when people act like it's not true but it is. Have you ever been single for like 10 years? No, you haven't. When you get dumped you get this urge to find someone new ASAP to keep yourself standing.

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go find someone, they're out there. she might not be everything you want but if you're that miserable alone it's worth a shot isn't it?

Broaden your standards. It helped me. I open choices to more people, female or male.

>go find someone, they're out there

Am I the only one who literally feels like every female is taken already`I mean they are. Single women don't exist.

More like "Go and find someone who is okay with giving you a turn"
That being said, I do believe "gentlemen only" spaces ought to make their return, in order to help each other deal with that ind of loneliness without being labelled by others

There’s a LOT of social shit that needs to return. Nowadays everyone is terrified of socializing with people they haven’t vetted online first

>Single women don't exist.
bad attitude
you gotta fix that, however difficult that may be.

how healthy and robust is your social circle?

I've been pretty steadily lowering my standards- now I'm just getting rejected even closer to the bottom of the barrel

>Am I the only one who literally feels like every female is taken already
There is a grain of truth to that.
She's not yours to begin with, she's giving you a ride

I think what they're saying is blatantly that every girl they meet is already in a relationship.

That's completely true with one of my friend circles for sure.

Been single my whole life.

Crippled by rejection and anxiety. Labelled "creepy", and back in the day girls would literally cry is teachers made them sit on the same table as me.

WAS crippled with anxiety.

When I tried dating.
I don't try, I don't fear.
Dating is anxiety.

Without it, life is comfortable.
I'm a hard worker, I have family, I have dogs. There's a life without it.

Though, just like taxes and death, there is another constant in life, that friend that always tries to make you try dating. Luckily, vague indecisive answers and busy plans are always available to put it off for as long as possible without being rude.

Yeah, I think I see it. Like some form of polite rejection.
Plenty of fishes in the sea tho, and if you're like me, why do you even need fish in the first place?

I'm 22, virgin, dateless, kissless and a fucking loser and here I am. Alive and motivated, like the cockroach I am. Despair is my ground and hope shall sprout.
Get rid of vanity, have little expectations and live to develop your abilities.

>why do you even need fish in the first place?
because I've been close enough to know what I'm missing out on and nothing else feels fulfilling anymore

>because I've been close enough to know what I'm missing out on and nothing else feels fulfilling anymore
I assume it is meaning, correct?

fucking what?

I assume what you're lacking is a sense of self and feeling that you do have some role in society, and perhaps a bit of sexual stimulation. Am I correct?

No he wants a gf you fucking weirdo lmao

But why does he want a gf tho?

yeah, pretty much.
Also when things were going well for a bit I actually became way less socially autistic to the point that people were surprised by how responsive I was and my sudden ability to hold up a conversation.
That was nice while it lasted.

I believe the ability to take example on people like Newton or Tesla might be of interest to you, then.
I'm in a similar position, but with some red pill wisdom about the collapsing society we live in, and I think that getting a gf, getting married, and having kids do give you that "meaning" you crave, but do keep in mind that the bitch can take it all away and drown you in debt while turning your children against you for maximum effect, if you're not already in jail because you couldn't pay your child support.
Because of what I just described, divorce is the main cause of suicide in men nowadays so I can't tell you enough that what you're attempting is risky, and imo, too risky for what it brings

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