I've never had any sexual attraction to other people. Is there something wrong with me? Im 22

I've never had any sexual attraction to other people. Is there something wrong with me? Im 22.

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Assexual. Glad you aren't normal.

>Glad you aren't normal
But i want to be, everyone thinks I'm gay or something because i don't bring home any girls

have you ever been in a relationship? or had a girl like you? do you ever talk to girls?

I was in an identical situation one year ago, until I randomly went to a bar with a friend and got to third base with a girl who's name I didn't even know. It felt so disgusting during the moment and made me realize I wasn't missing much. If it's meant to be it's meant to be, but mindless hedonistic sex fulfills nothing.

No/not sure/yes

Not to be fiscally or emotionally depended on another being? How to get such power?

Means that you are just meant to do things and die.

Nothing weird. Sex is pretty depressing desu, it's sad it's so engrained in our culture as the 'end all be all' of a relationship and romance.
I've had sex about 5 times trying to 'prove' i'm interested in it, but each time it just ends up with a lame 15 minute handy that I can barely keep up, and everytime leaving after they're done.

Don't feel like you have to do something you don't want to. It's a waste of time.

But isn't finding a mate a biological imperative? Then something just be wrong since i don't feel that at all.

I wish I wasn’t addicted to women.

You should probably try to get intimate with someone in my opinion

Quit porn and raise your test

i don't fap and go to the gym 5 days a week.

To add to this I'm my dad's firstborn, my older brother isn't his kid, I lost another brother to an accident and my youngest brother is mentally impaired and will probably never live on his own. I can already feel the pressure from him because I've never expressed any sort of interest in girls or dating.

Im sorta on the same boat. My mom had three kids all from my dad. I'm 21 virgin, pretty sure sister a virgin plus she a huge lesbian so no kids going to come from her. My brother actually has autism so no kids coming from him. I'm going to go back to college and Force my self to be talkative. I going to try to get in a relationship. Try not to get attached to her since she will be my first. Do anyone have tips to socialize?


Not at all OP. You're probably just asexual. I'm aromantic myself.

Have people ever given you shit for it?

Being asexual isn't normal, retard. It's a sign of hormonal imbalance.

If it makes you feel better you can become a Buddha like 200% easier now

Its not as if it happened from nowhere though, ive always felt like this

stop giving a fuck what other people think
don't live your life based on the exepectations of those around you

People ask where my gf is and I say i don't have one. They ask if Im still on the hunt. If i say yes then they try to play matchmaker. If I say no they ask if I'm gay. If i say no they get awkward and think I'm strange.

I also cannot relate with buddies on that level, when they start talking about celebrities they would fuck or the cute girl they saw on the bus, etc. It feels like missing out on classic male bonding.

And I'm almost 100% certain that my parents believe me to be gay. They will discuss all kinds of things; if the topic steers towards homosexuality and I am nearby my father will (seemingly jokingly) ask if I am gay. But i doubt that he's joking


There's only 1 thing you have to do. Find out if you are actually asexual or just haven't been in the right situation to be interested in a certain person.

Do you like porn? Do you mastrubate? Can you imagine being intimate with a person if they are exactly your type?

If you actually are asexual then just ignore what other people say. I don't know what being asexual is like but I don't think I'd want to have sex with people that I'm not even into just because other people think I should have sex.

I feel you OP. I'm 27 and never had a boyfriend or dated much. My friends didn't care, but mom was always a bitch about it. She would constantly ask me if there where any cute guys or "jokingly" ask if I was gay. Tried setting me up once, but didn't go anywhere cause we have different tastes. I'm pretty sure I'm demi at this point.

To be honest, I get why family would pressure you, and not trying to sound cringe, but your friends sound like conformist normies if they get weirded out that you dont date or have a girl friend. Hell your 22, its smarter to focus on getting a career going so you don't have financial problems later on.
>some how breeding, doing things and then dying is any better or different

Do you not feel romantic attraction either? Being asexual has a lot of perks same with being aromantic. Just stay away from shitty people who judge you for it. Maybe go meet other ace/aro people.

>Do you not feel romantic attraction either?
No. Never. Not sure what's wrong with me.

>Do you like porn?
Its okay I guess? I'll watch occasionally but its not like i get fantasies of fucking/getting fucked by people i see in porn
>Do you mastrubate?
Yeah, everything works and it feels good, and the human body still has urges.
>Can you imagine being intimate with a person if they are exactly your type?
Not sure what my "type" is but imagining someone rubbing up against me elicits feelings of disgust. Imagining kissing someone is nauseating.

I was only attracted to cartoon characters until I found my SO. But I’m a girl, and maybe that’s more of a girl thing to only feel sexual attraction after falling in love.