Gf of almost 3 years told me she cheated on me recently when she got too drunk at a party...

Gf of almost 3 years told me she cheated on me recently when she got too drunk at a party. I was pretty convinced that I was the love of her life until then (she'd always go on long tangents about how much I meant to her)
Am I being a fucking heartbroken idiot if I consider forgiving her? I don't want to lose her but I can't tell if that's just my inability to cope.

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Break up is the only real option

You can't be with someone, in a healthy way, that has cheated.

Only sluts and betas will disagree

>Am I being a fucking heartbroken idiot if I consider forgiving her?
The words you’re looking for are “beta cuck”

Have some respect for yourself and break up with this skank.

user let me be the one to shatter your mind but your girlfriend is using being drunk as an excuse to cheat on you. She was probably right of mind but needed something to salvage her reputation and relationship.

Move on.

You know what happens when you let the dog get away with eating off the table? You fill in the analogy, but long story short you can't get her spayed so game over bro.

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You lose. Re-roll or walk away.

wow OP, listen
your Post literllay Made me Jump Out of my "bored" state
i Wish i could have contact with you, maybe discord or e-mail or Something?

the Same thing happend to me,
i came Here and asked for adv, i got a Lot
but i didnt listen

i forgave her, DONT DO THAT
Break Up as soon as you can
make sure she knows you're leaving her because of her actions
and then No contact.

dont talk it out, nothing, and Please do anything so I know what happend to you

for some reason i Care a Lot about you, probably because i Made the exact mistake you will make

Ok mate real advice time. Life can go on, you do need to talk to her about it. If you feel like an important layer of trust was broken it needs to be addressed. "I am not ok with this" should be said out loud. You can still be together if you work it ok, and talk. Don't worry about cuck if your happiness is on the line if you break up. It isn't easy shit is complicated. I had a odd break with my girlfriend to just think about if I was ready for commitment. She did a bit with another guy that wined when she said she didn't want anything more, and that she lead him on. She just messes me and what we had. I kicked his ass for being a motherfucker and playing with the girl I loved even tho he knew that a friend shouldn't do that. We talked it over and now we have an open relationship. I need to fuck other types of people, but I love her. This all come from talking. Get to it bud, I beleive in ya.

She probably does care about you, but not enough that this caring or your feelings mean more to her than her desire to hook up with other people.

You can forgive her. People don't always intend to be shitty to each other, and do genuinely feel bad about it. Staying with her though, is like not a good idea. She probably isn't capable of commitment and fidelity, and needs to be single. So let her go.

Mourn the relationship, spend the time it takes to get over her, find someone you like who likes you, and who wants the same sort of relationship you want.

why are certain words capitalized? Is this a glow post?

Is this a glow thread?

what's a glow Post?
my Phone is retared, i wanted to post this as fast as i can

OP dont listen to him, im sure he means well, but you will cling to anyone who tells you to stay with her

they're onto us. abandon thread!

How can you manage being in an open relationship? Like, I can't even grasp around the logistics of it. How do you even find people to fuck you willy nilly?

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that girl does not respect you nor does she care for your feelings. you decide if that is something worth living with.

my opinion? drop it like it's hot and keep it pushing. there are enough people out there that deserve your love, time, effort and company, king

stay friends with her if you want but staying with her is a terrible idea, even regardless of the fact that it would make you a cuck, if youve been together for 3 years and she cheats on you that means shes done with you, theres literally no point in keeping that relationship going unless youre just pathetically codependent

so yeah it would be nice of you to forgive her as a human being and as a friend but definitely also break up with her and move on

op, im this.
Here, read what i posted few months ago

I'll buy a plane ticket just to come spit in your face if you stay with her and I find out where you live. Break up right now or no one will ever respect you again.

Sorry man. This is your red flag. Get the hell out

She doesn't care about you. She is just manipulating you into staying with her. When you love someone you don't cheat on them, and no you can't blame it on being drunk. If you stay with her that is your future, being fucked over again and again. Don't waste your time on thots.

OP here. I'm going to break up with her. I don't think it would even be the same if we were together. I couldn't ever kiss her again without thinking of this moment.

Thanks all. Hopefully time comes quick to heal.

Read your thread and it helped man. I appreciate the concern a bunch.

>still forgives bitch and tries to make it work.

I meant it helped in avoidance of previous anons mistakes

Sorry, friend. It's time to leave. The 'long tangents' is a giveaway; the sound of someone trying to convince themselves that they're doing the right thing by being with you. Turn away gently or roughly as you please, but there's another one waiting for you around the corner.

She told you to get your sanction for further cheating before it got too complicated and you were the one to find out.

PS: She's gagged on his cock sober a million times

>letting her go to a party alone
You did this to yourself OP. Sharia Law is the only way to control women

Cheat how? Like full on sex? Yes, run. What a massive cunt. Like a kiss? Very shitty of her, she must repent but try to forgive her with time.

Protip: if someone cheats, they don't love you and never did or will.

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dumbass libtard beta advice.

OP, you know you can't ask Jow Forums this kind of question right? it triggers like 70% of the users. Everyone is to emotionally attached to the answer to be objective.

You do you. You need to honestly come to the conclusion of whether or not you can forgive her for this. Then if it is a yes, you have to contemplate if you can trust her again. And finally, contemplate how it will effect you if she does it again.

Once you have honest answers to all 3 of these questions, you will know what to do.

good luck.

How involved is she in your life?
Can you see her doing it again?
If you are seeing someone on the side you should come clean as well. If not then break up and see what happens. If you guys are cool later on in life try again, but it seems like someone who is careless enough to cheat on you drunk is not relationship material.

It’s gonna hurt like hell user but stay strong and DO NOT contact her. No matter how drunk, lonely, horny, sad, or nostalgic you’re feeling. Don’t contact her

As a veteran drunkard, i can tell you one thing about alcohol. It doesn't make you "do weird thing X". It only makes you fearless to do what ever the fuck you want to do. If you punch a cop and go to wanted to punch a cop all along. The alcohol just made you stop caring about the consequence of jail time. So your GF wanted to fuck that guy. Maybe she really does love you, and will always love you, but will also cheat on you when someone hot comes along. Maybe it will always be a one time fling, and she will never leave you for the guy. But why would you allow her to make a cuck out of you?

These type of posts should always come with a mention of your age. Unless you are a fat ugly 35yo whose "marriage clock is ticking", you should dump her over this. In any case, just remember: alcohol does not make you do things, it just makes you unafraid.

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I also did this OP it ruined me. I saw someone cut total contact with someone bc of this and it drive the girl litterly mad. Take her soul. Pack up all your shit. Leave a not never let her see your face or hear your voice again.

Also OP you now won't be able to trust her drunk and adults get drunk apart from each other in adult life. Do you want to worry every time she goes outm

Sorry, that’s a lost cause.

im Happy i could help someone not make the Same Bullshit mistake

wanna know what happend after the thread/after i forgave her
it was good, we had fun, for a week..
i coudnt Stop thinking about what happend, and she completely forgot about it.
one month later i broke Up with her
here comes the best Part, If i had broken Up with her the days after the cheating she would have fully realized that the Breakup has a Direct correlation to her behavior, but because i didnt, she saw the cheating as "eh small mistake" even though i was fucking deverstated

after the Breakup she Just behaved like a big whore, we where on a Party and she sat on some guys dick (2weeks after Breakup)
and she isnt even a slut, so that means she did it on purpose.

anyways OP, Like i Said, 6 weeks of pain. But it will get better.. a lot better

the only thing keeping me going is ne telling myself that i could learn from that.
but yeah, Like OP i Loved her a lot.


Imagine taking without knowing what you're taking about

>I saw someone cut total contact with someone bc of this and it drive the girl litterly mad
really Wish i did the same

OP listen.
watch this.

I had a gf that got drunk too and I dumped her cause I was tired of her shit. Give her one more life and if it happens again cut it. You can’t reward a dog for acting bad.

I will brake it off if I were you. Alcohol and drugs aren't excuses, cheating is a habit not an accident.


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