I don't find my gf attractive whatsoever...

I don't find my gf attractive whatsoever, I always focused on personality over looks and now i'm stuck with someone I can't even kiss without feeling sick. I'm too pussy to tell her how i feel, what do?

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It's fine, you have to get someone you like both by looks and by personality. Just work out yourself and get an equally hardworking person. It's not your fault

Just break up with her. Would you wanna be in a relationship with someone who felt that way about you?

OP by any chance do you fap to porn frequently?

Not OP, but I had the same issue. My girlfriend is cute but when I jack off a lot the little things I don't like about her appearance are magnified.

Dammit OP I wanted to post this picture to my post in another thread but it said it was a duplicate. Just here to say good tastes man.

Gotta break it off man. Don’t tell her it’s because she’s a train wreck, just say you’ve become emotionally drained from the relationship and fell out of love.

And in the future be a fucking ideologue when it comes to relationships

If you're a man you need to pursue women for looks and decide to be in a relationship if you like their personality. You don't pursue them based on personality.

Honestly, if attractiveness means that much to you, then you aren't compatible. You can't change her without being a manipulative sonnofabitch. People change, what they want in life change. Why do you stick with her anyway?

People don't like to admit it for fear of seeming shallow, but attraction is an integral part of a relationship. Attraction is the different between a friendship and a relationship. You are currently attempting to date someone that should otherwise only be a friend. In doing so you've created a relationship built on a lie (that you are attracted to her).
Break it off, for your sake and hers.
As another user said, don't say that it's because you don't find her attractive. Say that your heart simply isn't in it anymore.

What about when both of you inevitably become old and ugly?

And by “both of you” I just mean general man and woman in a relationship

I don't think that has much meaning here. If you want to be happy you have to follow the beat of your own drum. It's just not right to live in unhappiness for the sake of another persons happiness.

Just have to let her down easy is all you can do man.

I cut porn out when I started going out with her

By then your sex drive is waning anyway, and you have to practice a different kind of love that was built up over years and years. You essentially become codependent. The raw sexual attraction wanes but this is the person you've decided to stay with forever.

It's way different than when you're young and very sexually active and shit. I don't want to end up with someone who's ugly by 40, this applies for like 60+. If she takes care of herself into old age she can look good while getting older. Or at least good enough.

Oh look, another retarded "nofapper" who thinks every problem in life boils down to rubbing your penis every once in a while. Fuck off.

>Do guys do this with girls they think are ugly?
Ya basically. I've only preferred porn over girls when I wasn't fully attracted to them. If I'm attracted to a girl I'm almost always going to prefer sex over porn.

Have you asked why he watches porn when you're doing it, then? And ask him to be completely honest.

Tell her how you feel.

The answer is right in front of you. Why are you doing this to yourself? She's better off knowing instead of spending a second longer with someone not attracted to her.

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Okay just thought I'd ask.
And then there's this retarded piece of shit. I didn't say once in a while though, did I?
I bet you fap to traps everyday and tell yourself you don't have a problem.

I just saw this after posting
How old are you Op are you my bf? Because this is how I think my bf is thinking rn

I don't think my gf uses Jow Forums, but im 20 and she's 19 (turning 20 in a couple of months)

Close but fortunately not bf