Size matters?

This is a bit nsfw, so you're warned.

Basically, my gf says she thinks my dick is too small and doesn't satisfy her.
She's way smaller than me, so every time i do it with her, i come in like 20 seconds.
With my ex, i could do it for hours, but my current gf is really petit and i just feel everything and come in a second.

Her ex apparently had a huge donger, and she's annoyed that she doesn't feel me, or she isn't having as much fun.
The only time she's enjoying is when i'm behind her and try to go reallly deep, but even when i do that for a while, she thinks it was for like 5 seconds or something.

Just for clarification, my dong isn't small, it's average, like 16cm. But she keeps mocking me
What can i do? Do i find a new gf?

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I swear it's always the tiny girls that have inflated standards for size

>she's mocking me
>do i find a new gf?
Whatever you do, you definitely don't stay with her. How is it going to help you at all to stay around a clapped-out size queen? Worse still, one who treats you like that.

also this is the board where someone posted a dick pic asking if they needed to see a doctor, you don't need to say it's NSFW

Oral sex.
Or break up with her since sexual incompatibility is rarely a minor grievance.

>This is a bit nsfw, so you're warned.
Where the fuck do you think we are?
Anyways, she's damaged goods. RMA for a full refund. My girlfriend's ex has a 9 inch dick but she still has plenty of fun with mine which is slightly smaller than yours.

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That reply made me laugh. Thanks!

Yeah, guess i'll have to break up.
Yep, you're right.
I thought there'd be a way of talking or w/e
But i guess i could just do with a girl that wants my member for what it is

No, she's a cunt. Tell her that her pussy smells funny and dump her

She wants me to be her sugar daddy, and pay shit for her, currently i can barely scrape by.
She likes my appearance and it's obvious that she loves how i look.
So do i just keep her and have her pleasure me and pay her and get in a real relationship or is that just morally shitty thing to do?

1. Moral high-ground
2. Gives her a chance to be the one to end it and feel superior

I had 16 cm when I was 14 and puberty didn't hit me

puberty didn't hit you yet when you were 14?


and he has 10 cm

glad to see i'm not the only one with that problem

Yes, dump her. She's a garbage whore cunt that demands too much and looks like she doesn't appreciate you


>Yeah, guess i'll have to break up.
It sucks and I feel for you. But anyone who treats their partner that badly is no good for them. If you went back to her after that you'd basically be the male equivalent of those women who are beaten by their husbands or boyfriends and then still come back for more.

Did she say it during a fight? Is it possible she said it to get to you and has a fiery temper?

For real. All the really petite girls I've been with have been all about BIG dick. What a mind fuck.

Lol fuck if this isn't bait kill yourself for not immediately dropping her. How fucking dare you have such a lack of balls and be such a cuck even considering being a financial slave to some used slut who has no problems demeaning and disrespecting you?

My god man. Have some self respect.

>16cm small
Weak bait.

>Lol fuck if this isn't bait kill yourself
Probably the best answer in here.

Sounds like a pain in the ass. I would have dropped her after fucking her once. Look for someone better. Sugarbabes are luxury items, not partners.

Why are you with someone who’s mocking your body?

Length isn't that important past 5 inches. How about girth, if your cock is too thin, she may not feel it