The worst thing you can be as a man is boring...

The worst thing you can be as a man is boring. Women are looking for exciting people and boring and reliable isn't exciting.

The reasons incels don't get any isn't because they're evil (though most are usually cunts), but because they're boring. How good or bad of a person you are has exactly zero effect on how easy it is for you to find partners

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actually the worst thing you can be as a man is trans.

fpbp as usual

In other news, water is wet.

Boring is often synonymous with ugly.

With good looking guys, women can just look at their face and be entertained.

Only ugly people believe this. They need a crutch to tether them there false reality. So they come up with an excuse like

"A Channing Tatum cutout is a good as a confident, well groomed, engaging man."

Fuck outa here nigga

This is what boring jerks actually believe.

So what makes a guy exciting? Because most people in general do not have particularly exciting lives IMO.

It's more about the persona you present.

They are boring because they are harmless, having no moral backbone. They lack the capacity to do neither good nor evil. A man who cannot do good is useless.

Wow this LOL. use interesting words out of your mouth. Make them laugh. Make them interested. What shit makes you interested in someone?

No one is actually boring. If that's the case they're just awkward and can't relax around women which makes them boring. They need to be comfortable being themselves and that's impossible if you think women are weird creatures that need exciting partners or else they're bored.

Dude some people are actually boring as fuck.

Not that guy but I haven't ever really been interested in anyone in particular since high school, and I'm not interested in casual sex even if it's a turn-on to think about. I'm just trying to meet people, get friends and a gf for its own sake. To try something new.

In that case this thread really doesn't apply to you.

Well the get friends part has been super easy. Get a gf part hasn't been. I've only seen positive feedback from women that weren't single and I ain't stepping on those land mines.

Plenty of people are boring and most women have a "entertain me" attitude about dating.

>be boring incel
>no girl ever wants you
>want to kill yourself because so sad and lonely
>decide to take out as many people with you as possible before you go
>get worshipped by school shooter fandom in the afterlife because at least you’re not boring anymore


Most girls are boring as fuck but they still get fucked. E-girls are complete trash yet thousands of guys pay to look at them.

Only the few lucky ones. 99% of e-girls don't make jack shit.

Word I'm the same honestly it's because you aren't really interested in THEM cause they bore you. You'd be all excited to seem them etc and that energy is contagious. But if your not your not and that means you've not met one that's interesting to you yet.

this thread is about guys you fucking retard. women can be boring and it won't change a thing.

That has nothing to do with the thread though. Yeah girls can be boring and still have sex because women are the gatekeepers of sex. Principle of least interest


Step one: be attractive
Step two: travel
Step three: work out
Step four: consume popular media
Voila; you are no longer "boring"

>women are weird creatures that need exciting partners or else they're bored.
It's not just women, most people want to be entertained. There are definitely lots of boring people, and guess what, most of them do not have hot gfs that are excited about them.

The definition of boring is being a normie like this. Yawn. Oh? You watch long running tv dramas and have been on lots of vacations? Absolutely riveting.

This shit doesn’t fucking matter. Just be able to carry a conversation and be attractive in their eyes. If she’s interested she will make it easy.