Just wash your hands after taking a shit bro

>just wash your hands after taking a shit bro
>ask her to go plant trees with you dude
>just gotta increase your confidence my man

How am I ever going to get a gf with this shitty advice?

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sure, blame it on the advice, poop-hands

>planting trees
What are you, dating hippies? Just get her some pot if you wanna fuck.

>get good advice
>dont even follow the advice
>blame the advice and call it bad

Pitch yourself.
What do you have to offer? What are you physical traits and personality like? What are your hobbies? What makes you interesting?

>ask her to go plant trees with you dude
If you are the user from the other thread, describe your standards. What kind of girl would you be into at the minimum? Also, are you more upset about not having a gf, or not having sex? If you had to pick one.

Why do you want a gf? Do you even know what that is?

Have you at least tried washing your hands?

youll never get a gf if you miss the point of that "shitty advice."

what they're really trying to tell you is to act like a normal fucking human being for once

It's shit advice.

>What do you have to offer?
Absolutely nothing. I'm average looking and generally a boring person.

I want a gf because Jow Forums keeps telling me to have sex so I need a gf.

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You don't know what it means to have a gf. So just get sex. Go to a hooker. Or find a hookup on tinder.

>It's shit advice
It literally isn't, bucko. Hygiene and confidence are two of the easiest things to improve, and they play a significant role in your appearance. Add onto that your wardrobe and haircut, and you can go from a 4 to a 7 or 8, and if you're in good physical shape on top of that then ooooh boy.

>Generally a boring person
Personality is important in finding a gf. DONT BE FUCKING BORING. It's not rocket science.

>just dont be boring bro

Three very good bits of advice. Have you tried following any of them?

Yeah lemme just increase my confidence real quick.

I always see advice on how to get a girlfriend the same as advice on how to make money.
Applying for high-income jobs, investing in stocks and bonds, and saving money in everyday life are all legitimate pieces of advice, but few people actually follow them or are successful following them.

It's the same thing as "be confident" or "get out and talk to more people" to me.

People who ask those questions don't actually ask what they actually want. Their real question is "... without me making any effort".

Get fucked shit-hand

>confidence = easiest things to improve
yeah nah
OP is still a faggot tho, if you don't have shit to offer, stay out of society

I'm trying.

I unironically got my last gf purely by being myself.

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either bait or you're retarded.

Nobody wants to date a depressed loser with poor hygiene and poop on their hands!

>just dont be boring
how not to be boring

"Just don't be boring" is legitimately bad advice, though.

Hygiene and confidence are a given, though. Confidence comes with experience and exposure to whatever situations that are causing you anxiety. It's basic CBT.

Like 3 years ago I literally shook when a girl came onto me and I blew it. Now I've been with 10 women. It's as simple as slowly but surely exposing yourself to more and more interactions.

I did this by making a bunch of friends, working out, traveling to another country (and sleeping with some prostitutes desu), and then forcing myself to make a move when I came across girls who actually seemed keen.

You know what to do, you're just scared and don't want to. Neither did I, but I realized I was going to be a loser forever if I didn't start taking action. I booked the flight. I asked the girl out. I kissed the girl. I got her into bed. I asked girls questions and tried to get to know them on a personal level. I read about social skills, a lot. I put these things into practice.

You have to start taking concrete steps towards your goal, even when it feels like you're not getting anywhere and you'll be alone forever. Do it.

Do and say things because you find them entertaining, not because you're trying to impress other people or figure out how to make them like you.

If other people like it, great. If not, oh well.

>It's shit advice.
To be fair though, how the fuck would you know?