'Nerdy girls' don't exist, if you're one of those retards who keeps chasing after them because they cosplay...

'Nerdy girls' don't exist, if you're one of those retards who keeps chasing after them because they cosplay, go to comic cons, sometimes visits comic book and game shops, you are legally retarded.

Nerdy or quirky girls who share the same hobby as you do don't actually give a shit about your dumb hobby, they are only doing it for attention or money, usually both. Why do you think female writers and producers are jumping on bandwagons for comic book movies? Because they do not give a fuck about the source material they're based on, they're only in it for the money.

You can keep telling that ugly scene chick wearing a Nirvana shirt and neon hair how much lore you know about the Avengers or what's your favorite Magic the gathering cards and why, SHE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK, she's only putting up with your shit so she can get out and find a chad who'll beat the shit of you if you try talking to her again.

Stop deluding yourselves into thinking these types of girls actually exist because they don't. Almost all of them are doing it for attention and monetary reasons, now grow the fuck up and find a real woman.

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shut up incel. just because you had a hard time dating doesn't mean other people do. learn to connect with the world and stop hating yourself.


Live by your own rules

Yes, but what are you seeking advice on?

Is this you getting rejected for being a stalker, Op?

This is my free advice to everyone who thinks they'll find a qt who likes and shares the same hobby as them. Those idiots set their standards too high and the reality of finding one who's actually like this is infinitely ridiculous.

no I found this on a thread on /tv/ >

fuck link doesn't work

>free advice to everyone who thinks they'll find a qt who likes and shares the same hobby as them

Well, it's shitty advice then. You're specifically honing in on "nerdy" hobbies for some reason, and that's really bizarre, because women with any hobbies at all are going to have ones that are considered "nerdy".

And also, hobbies and interests are a strange aspect to focus on, when what I think you mean specifically is that "Finding an ATTRACTIVE woman that has this specific aesthetic is impossible for you to gain". And I say that only because the idea of saying that the entirety of the female sex being incapable of genuinely pursuing specific hobbies is a lot to unpack. We'd have to discuss the nature of what a hobby, craft or interest actually is, and by the very definition it seems that it would be untrue that girls aren't in to "comic books" or whatever geeky nomenclature you can come up with.

So, your post either comes from a place of ignorance rigid spite, and in either case, someone has wronged you, be it a woman or those responsible for your upbringing, and for that I pity you.

What miserable trek of a life must have brought you here.

and your evidence of this conclusion is a shitty chat log of a shitty person who dug into the personal info of someone who works a retail customer service job who's getting paid to sell you crap YOU like?

not Jow Forums

OK champ, now go suck your momma's tits and get a diaper change

Didn't read OPs post but what should the guy in the pic have done differently? Besides wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, asking someone else for her Facebook, because it a creepy desperate fuck, and continuing to message her when she wasn't interested.

Even just after the first few messages there it looked like she didn't want to talk to him at all.

"Hey, I asked your friend about you after seeing you at Hot Topic. You seem like a cool person and I would love to get to know you better. Care to go for a coffee date at [time] at [place]?"

My wife loves comics and playing MtG. Maybe you just can’t land a girl who likes nerdy hobbies because you’re a repugnant mongoloid?

On a more important note, you think that fag killed himself? I was cringing hard at his description of himself and it only got worse. Never seen someone so thoroughly BTFO

>"kitty got claws!! raor xD"
They're both cringey as fuck. They're perfect for each other.

They exist but they’re fat lol

Nice girls, though

Instead of sissy threads, trick yourselves into liking fatties

Stay mad, incel

Why are these girls always fat? I've always wondered this, and have never seen an exception to this rule.

Wew, lad. Hate to burst your bubble but you're projecting pretty hard right now.

I once dated a chick who was nerdier than I was. She was Brazilian, watched anime and forced me to go to comic-con with her (i didn't even want to go). She played video games constantly and had a $3000 PC rig she built herself. She was also a software engineer.

I also dated a chick who was addicted to RuneScape and played MtG religiously (she actually introduced me to the game). Her friends used to make fun of her for being a nerd, so her hobbies weren't just a choice, it's what she actually enjoyed.

My current GF reads manga and plays WoW. None of her friends know about this, and I only know it because I found a copy of "Kamisama Kisu" in her drawer when I was looking for a condom. We've been together for so long and she found out that I was also a nerd so she was finally comfortable sharing.

The fact that the girl I'm with has actually hid her nerdy hobbies her whole life proves that she isn't in it for attention or monetary reasons, and you're retarded.

Oof, someone is bitter. Gotta tell my girlfriends that we can’t possibly like gaming or any type of culture because someone on the internet said so. Guess it’s back to knitting and bad reality shows

Dude, that kinda goes both ways. It’s not the 80’s/90’s anymore. We’re in the digital age. You could argue subcultures in general no longer exist. Add the current generations love for irony & everyone’s into “nerdy” shit bro. Hell, you’re on the outside looking in if you’re NOT into that shit these days. The days of being harrased/shunned for being a “nerd” are long gone my man.

I don't know if pic related was real, but it was satisfying to read.

I can attest to this as I don’t like anime, and that makes me the weird one. Everyone got their own little nerd thing going, i like video games and growing fruit.

Of course you can. Just don't be a gamer girl. These are male fantasies and not actual girls. And the ones who call themselves as gamer girls are into it for self validation/monetary benefits, leeching on male nerd fantasies. Just don't be this and you should be fine.

>My current GF reads manga and plays WoW
Where did you find her

People who unironically watch capeshit in 2019 should consider suicide, please, it's indescribable what kind of insufferable manchild still watches avengers. It's basically OP's pic but with Marvel references..
Once your child reaches a certain age make sure you force him to give his comic books to younger kids so he can't build a collection and become attached to capeshit.

He should have asked her out in person, and 90% got. rejected but this is just painful stalking. If he had shown balls, she'd have been sweeter to him or maybe even his avances.

everyone I know that's obsessed with that shit are normies

Sure, I’ve seen the titty gaming streams. I don’t care, i just like gaming.
But if guys didn’t want gamer girls showing nice titties and coplay, why would they support them with views and money? Rest of us who don’t care can still play all the vidya we want in peace. I don’t really see the issue

absolutely true. normies eat it up like it's our modern mythology or something

What is the fun of dating someone who has identical interests anyways... It makes no sense to me.

I swear to god who even does this exactly? Who are the people who watch girl streams and donate..
I don't
no reasonable Jow Forumsack would
no one of my friends would even come close to considering doing something like that even the rich ones
i have absolutely no idea what demographic is giving away all this money to these girls

Be my guest! Gamer girls help creating negative stereotypes that are damaging to girls who are actual into videogames. And it's pretty low for both sides and therefore shouldn't be tolerated. Though there is a heavy bias in favor for the male side of the phenomenon.

Why do you care? People have always been drawn to simple entertainment.

>help creating negative stereotypes that are damaging
I think girls don't need gamer girls to do that on their own.

>Jow Forumsack
There you found your donator. Chances are you know someone who isn't willing to talk about it. Given it is a subform of camgirls.For some reason they are widespread though nobody is donating them.

They're high-budget films with A-list actors and great special effects. Several of them have also had excellent directors, like Thor: Ragnarok. What's so bad about liking cheesy blockbuster entertainment?

And others have always commented on how the beastly masses are attracted to absolutely worthless things. Are you saying I shouldn't care for other people?

If you are talking about society in general true. But if you talk about girls in gaming no. Could say the same thing about most majority male subcultures. It limits the role acceptable for girls and makes it hard for them to prove that they are actually in it for the games and not for benefits.

If a guy thinks an actual gaming girl is the same as a streaming camgirl, he's outed himself as dull-minded and therefore uninteresting. Really, this is hardly a disadvantage for us when there are so many non-creeps around.

Stopped replying after "Do I know you?" at the earliest, "remember me?" at the latest. It's funny that he thinks she should have blocked him to sufficiently express her disinterest.

as far as I know most Jow Forumsacks hate twitch girls and wouldn't spend a dime on anything even remotely progressive

I'm not saying it's not some form of entertainment. But at some point it basically becomes watching a simulation of the current state of special effects and as that doesn't progress every year, wouldn't you get bored after three or four of the same old?

Society in general.
And no, these girls make the choice to do this work. They are not forced. If they create a stereotype somehow, then you'll have to put up with that since apparently that area of work (being an e-whore) is lucrative for your gender. That's facts which are backing that stereotype.
Why is it negative that they're making money?
I could hardly blame these women for filling a hole in the market..
i blame the men for paying for this shit

>If a guy thinks an actual gaming girl is the same as a streaming camgirl, he's outed himself as dull-minded and therefore uninteresting. Really, this is hardly a disadvantage for us when there are so many non-creeps around.
It's just the way social dynamics work. Especially if they have a large segment of teenagers and autists. I didn't want to imply these are bright individuals to begin with.

>as far as I know most Jow Forumsacks hate twitch girls and wouldn't spend a dime on anything even remotely progressive
Just like there are no closet homosexuals in the church. Wake up!

>Why is it negative that they're making money?
Because it is degrading for everyone involved. And besides the creeps who know what they are in for they are praying on insecure and desperate men too. And that is just a low thing to do.

I’m honestly a bit tired of the oversight of my gender and my body. There is stereotypes about everything, i think it’s better to educate people rather than trying to control what people should or shouldn’t do. It’s nice to see strong female characters in games etc, but as an adult i also want hot characters dressed like sluts doing unrealistic shit. There is room for both.

I know, I'm rope-jumping with social perceptions on a nearly daily basis. Although twitch streamers are a harsh mirror of their viewers and supporters, make it seem that your average male gamer is a desperate thirsty neckbeard. That prejudice would have probably stuck by now if I wasn't dwelling in minor game forums with a bit more discerning users than the average social media poster.

And let's not forget about YouTube. I deigned to click on some big YouTuber gamer after failing to find a smaller Let's Player from a few years back thanks to YouTube's algorithm change; the dude was droning on about the gameplay mechanics without a single care for characters, story or environment. Zero immersion. Not even funny jokes. Honestly, gaming is hardly an indicator of being an actual nerd.

I only pay for OSRS and weed.
Your claim. You're not involved. You don't get to decide any level of degradedness. I could feel sexually humiliated by your usage of proper grammar and there's not a single thing you could do about it. You can find that degrading for yourself, or not. That choice is yours. But how anyone else should or does feel, is none of your business.
Insecure and desperate men do make for good and funny Facebook messages though, wonder how you could get more of these. Honestly they should stand up for themselves and if they don't do it, they deserve to be digitally pussywhipped.

Weird because I went out with someone who shared my hobby and was more into it than me. Try harder virgin

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Sometimes it's nice to turn your brain off for a few hours to watch men in tights punch monsters.

If educating people would work there would be no environmental pollution, crime, bad music etc. Heck, you are posting on 4channel.

And I wasn't talking about how gender is represented in games. That is another topic (there I'd agree with you).

I get there you are coming from. Niche forums are often a lot more fun and relaxed and they save gaming being on the brink of destruction through stereotypes. Though that is sort of a side effect, they are just more on topic and less about social status and drama.

This sort of youtube-channels is another form of clickbait. But it has the same roots as it isn't about gaming per se but more about using gaming as a means for social motives. It is the nowadays equivalent of "10 best of..."-lists in magazines.

Gaming has become normie and 'Nerds' have basically died out or retreated to card games and pc games which is still nerd territory
normies don't care for computers or trading card games
yet they gobble up ygotas as something great..

how could I find forums which I'd might like?

That’s not really a good point. Yes, if everyone did nothing bad, nothing bad would happen.
Education is still a better option than trying to ban/shame something. Haven’t we seen enough of that already? Rock/metal was evil. Dungeon & Dragons was satanic. Tv/video games makes criminals out of children. Porn set unrealistic standards.

What a based chick, I'd worship her.

>not spamming and sfreenshotting threads on Jow Forums about this girl and then sending them to her telling her you wish to worship her.

>Your claim. You're not involved.
But I get involved involuntarily otherwise I couldn't care less. These things tend to spread if they go unchecked so you are confronted with them eventually. Outside of gaming I was part of a community and this sort of girl showed up. Guess what - they tried to make the group all about them and there were more than enough drooling men to do their biding. As soon as money, power or sex is involved you will get involved at some point - wether you want or not.

Feelings can be adequate i.e. corresponding to reality or out of touch. There is no such thing as total subjectivity. The outrage of SJW or Jow Forumsacks might be genuine on an emotional level but it's hardly adequate.

And praying on the weak is like entry troll level.

Maybe I didn't make my point clear enough. I wasn't advocating shaming instead of educating. I was trying to point out that there are limits to education people giving we are living in an non-ideal world so you are forced to combat problems at a certain point too. Shaming is just one tactic and education is of course preferable at any time.

If you make friends with the right people they will recommend them at some time. They tend to pop up during a flame war. Boomers used to browse the at the links on major fansites or use google.

That’s why it’s nice to see the diversity. And also laws and rules to help combat ignorance and bad indeed. Like age rating etc. It’s not perfect, and always a work in progress. But better than outright deny everyone something because some individuals (like OP) can’t handle it.

I am with you on that. Just trying to say there is a point there the better argument comes to it's limit

Hm. This was a nice conversation, how rare for this place. Good bye random internet stranger.

Not necessarily.

A lot of the women who are very vocal about how they love nerdy shit are fat, but that's because it's the only way they can get attention.

There are plenty of otherwise "normal", reasonably fit and attractive women who like things about "nerd culture" but who don't feel the need to broadcast it because they're not interested in the (mostly negative) guy attention they would be getting for it.

I'd happily agree to this. Goodbye user!

Did you mean to post this on Jow Forums or did you get moved from there?
This is some next level cope.

I think maybe your own shitty experiences don't paint everyone else's... but that's on you?

Nope that's not involved, that's witnessing. You can always turn your back and walk away.
And I agree that an e-whore will make it all about herself because more attention is more money and status, but that's the nature of the game. Everybody preys on the weak, everybody does it all the time, you have to understand that. It earns you money and sometimes status. As much as you hate it, they're successful. By morally questionable means sure, but we're not the thought police. Might be harsh but 'Fuck the weak' is an entirely reasonable ideology that works even now.

>Might be harsh but 'Fuck the weak' is an entirely reasonable ideology that works even now.
I don't think so. Just because something gives you results or has and always will be a fact of life doesn't make it right. The end doesn't justify the means in every case.

And this is the case here. Eventually I will be affected by it because these things won't stop at my door because I don't want to partake in it. There is always more money to be made or power to be gained. So why would they leave me out of it?

Besides you will get affected by people who are into it even if you don't partake. From my experience these people won't stop once they have infested your community. Either you pay them tribute in some form or you will become an enemy at some time.

There are both male and female posers my friend.

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holy gamer incel rage lmao

Whoever keeps bumping this bait thread can you please stop, thanks

OP's picture is some pathetic sack of shit, any girl in the entire world would be put off by that creepiness

Yes nerd girls do exist but don't be a fucking weirdo, it's very simple



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The end always justifies the means. Always. the ones that didn't believe that were vanquished and never heard of again.

they leave you out of it because you've chosen not to gain that money by also becoming one of them. It's your loss. Or their gain. You're not being left out, you choose that this practice is immoral for you and you have to live with the consequences.

So in the end, become their enemy, it's what they want you to be. Because they hate you, for being morally above them.

It doesn't because their relation needs to be adequate. Otherwise it will backfire in some way. Maybe you will stumple over it eventually or it will eat you from the inside. It's just unsound.

I doubt these people will leave you out of it or you have an entirely free choice to oppose them. I was part of a machiavellian thing some years ago. If these people don't come for you they either are lacking the means or they don't perceive you as a threat yet. When it comes to money, sex or power people tend to become really paranoid.

Lol what a retard
Camwhore streamer =/= real girl who may like x or y thing thats considered """"nerdy""""
Learn the differencr faggot

rule of thumb: if they feel the need to remind you that they're a "nerdy girl", they're fake

Or it’s a heads up about their personality and how your future dates will be like. A lot or late night pc gaming and watching anime