What coding languages are actually useful

I'm currently in the mist of learning java what coding langauges are actually useful I don't want to make websites I just want to do Edward snowden stuff

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Java, C#, Go, Python, Swift

Haskell is the only good programming language.

Tech recruiter here. Java, Python, React, SQL, HTML, CSS, maybe .Net. Ignore everything else. It's all either too niche or limited other than those

>tech recruiter
>calls SQL, HTML and CSS programming languages
Lmao ignore this retard

Indeed sounds like a recruiter.

Lmao learn FORTRAN. It's what Snowden used when he haxxed the NSA.


Doesn't matter
What's important is how quickly you can learn a new language when needed

Whatever the jobs you're looking for want you to have. You need to be able to get proficiency in a new programming language in a few weeks, and ideally as you keep doing it in less than a day. Not expert level, but most good practices are universal and useful idioms are largely transferable.

Also Edward Snowden mostly handled classified Powerpoints.

Fortran is actually pretty decent, all jokes aside. Just not really popular in the industry anymore.

The more languages you learn, the faster it becomes to learn new ones.

the ones with the most support. it doesn't matter if arcane language A is the best language in the world for your particular problem if there is only 4 people actively writing in that language and there are no libraries.

if you never programmed before try python. it has a huge user base and a metric fuck ton of libraries. do anything to minimize bullshit and maximize efficiency.
it's also very general purpose, don't worry about the speed, you won't be needing that and when you do you can easily learn another language.

None. Coding is dead and lost all fun to it.

Java, any of the C languages although I think in order of how much it's wanted I guess C++, C#, C (although C is still good to teach you some important concepts because it's low level), Python.

Fuck you I love C++. You new age tech boomers are so fucking scared of having to remember to collect your garbage.

Like I said, coding is dead. C++ was the best but those times are gone.

whatever you do, just don't start with python. it teaches really bad practices

They're not programming languages per se but OP is looking to explore skillsets, tried to keep it basic for him. Those are useful.

I also left out C# and C++, which are options. But if I was going to learn one it'd be Java or Python

It can matter. If you know 2+ languages you can learn any other quickly, but recruiters want to see deep knowledge of some languages in specific roles. I need hardcore Python dev's right now for example, and nothing else will do

Why does Python teach bad practices? Not a programmer, just curious, so layman's terms please

Learn one object oriented language - java is fine and one functional language - I am not sure whats popular right now scala maybe.

Hacking has very little to do with programming. It's mostly sys and network admin stuff.

Learn to program and take portfolio management classes. Computational finance is probably the most marketable programing skill, and you might be surprised that most professional investing firms don’t operate solely on qualitative and crude mathematical methods.

learning to program is more important than a specific language.

in a lot of universities they start to teach you with useless languages you will never use or just straight up made up languages

yeah, because finding bugs in code that can be exploited has nothing to do with programming.

>learning to program is more important than a specific language
This this this

That's why most hiring managers I've worked with don't accept coding bootcamp candidates. A computer science degree teaches depth and breadth, shaping your mind to adapt and think in certain ways. Coding bootcamps are shallow. They let you do 1 thing and 1 thing only.