Why the fuck am I not losing weight?

As far as I've understood, "starvation mode" is a myth. A car that doesn't get gas is going to run out of gas if you keep driving, and a person who is physically active *is* burning calories, and you can't preserve the calories you are consuming and gain weight at a net loss.

I've been stuck at 70 kg for a month now. Because of reasons, for most days I can't count exact calories so I've settled to one meal per day, drinking tea (no milk no sugar) for the rest of the day. I don't work out but I have a fairly active job (excluding my breaks, I am walking, picking up, carrying and dragging things 7 hours per day, which should add up 5 days/week even if the heaviest packages we have to pick up are only about 10 kg).

How inaccurate are those online calorie calculators? As far as they are concerned, I should be getting 2000 calories to maintain the weight I am now, and 1200-1500 to lose weight. If I have one 250 calorie sandwich for breakfast in the morning and another identical one in the evening, that should add up to 500, and while I'm bad at math, I'm trying to fathom how 3-4 cups of plain tea could ever possibly add up to 1500 calories without me noticing.

The only non-food non-drink calorie source I can think of is the sugarfree gum I chew to avoid feeling hungry, but even that is 165 calories for the entire 100g bag, and I use maybe 3-7 pieces thorough the day, absolutely not an entire bag in a day. If that IS the problem, what else can I do to avoid feeling hungry? My workplace breakroom doesn’t have a freezer so I can’t really chew on ice or something at work. If I knew where to get any, I’d just do cocaine, but alas, I don’t live in that kind of a place.

What for the love of god could I possibly be doing wrong?

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Don't eat just one meal, your body will consume muscles instead of burning fat. Just eat healthier and get just as many calories as you need to function. Also post weight and height. And stop chewing gum.

Why can't you count calories? It's very easy. Know how many calories each thing you put in your mouth is.

You have been stuck at exactly 70kg, measured accurately every day for 30 days in a row?

Eat less move more

Same poster I would add that measuring your weight alone is a poor indicaiton of your general health for a number of reasons.
1. It is possible to starve your body of the essential nutrients such as protein that it needs in order to function healthily, yet still be within a target body weight range.
2. Weight does not account for composition. It can tell you total weight but cannot tell you how much of the weight is due to fat / muscle / water / food.
3. Because it cannot account for composition, it is possible that you are simultaneously losing fat and gaining muscle, or some other varation by which you are eating fewer calories but staying at the same apparent weight.
That being said, you should strive to eat 3 meals a day, ideally 500 calories below what your daily caloric needs are (usually 2000 for normally active, non-exercising people, so around 1500, not 500), and further try to exercise on a regular basis (aerobic cardio exercises such as cycling are best for fat loss). Go to Jow Forums for more advice.

Starvation mode is certainly not a myth.
I became quite depressed while going through a divorce and just obsessively counted calories and exercised. I didn’t care if I died. I was either toing to lose weight or die and that’s exactly what I did. I ate between 300 and 600 calories a day. After a week of this I would drop 1-2 lbs a day. I lost 35lbs in a 30 day period.
With that said, it caused me gallstones, so not worth it.

Keep working with your calories, focus on adding in fresh fruits and vegetables and removing salty processed foods.

And add in some decent cardiovascular exercise 4-6 times a week. You've reached a plateau and cardio will fix that.

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170cm/70 kg

Live with family, can’t cook separate meals

I once dipped at 69,5 but whipped back up to 71 kg next week. Was 70,6 this morning.

>170cm/70 kg
That sounds fine tho, do you know your bodyfat %?

I’m still chubby around the edges. I’d rather be skinny.

Can't you ask your family to let you cook separate meals temporarily, tell them you want to diet?

Assuming you're a girl? Because that's normal weight for a guy.

Starvation mode is bs made up by fatties calories in calories out is true but people process calories differently and not all calories are equal
Give up sugar as well as refined carbs and artificial sweeteners bc the liver processes them into insulin (that makes you fat)
Snacking is bad. Try going 16 hours without food and give yourself an 8 h window to eat. Or better yet just one meal a day. When starting a new diet or when you screw up your current one I find doing a 24 hour fast is helpful.
And you should still work out on top of your job. If you have the time, get involved in a sport. I suggest boxing. Fighting for 2 minutes makes me sweat more than running for 20 min plus it’s fun and very therapeutic
Also make sure you don’t have a thyroid problem or something medically wrong too

No, they’re crabs in a bucket.


What a shitty family. Sorry. You can't move out yet?

Meanwhile I have trouble gaining weight, 170somethingcm 57.5kg male. I'll share some habits of mine which might contribute to my skellington status:

>shit at least twice a day, once in morning after waking up before breakfast, once after getting home/before dinner
>sleep in until 11-12 on weekends so you miss out on breakfast
>keep your mind occupied (as in concentrating on something, like work or gaming) so you don't feel hunger, also the brain consumes a fair amount of energy as well

Eat more, especially calorie dense food, like nuts, olive oil, dried fruits etc.

I moved back in for a few months due to practical arrangements, it makes more sense to live here than paying for two apartments at once.

Eh, well, then can you just grin and bear it until you move back out?

Find a bf to move in with.

I need to find a way to stealthily throw away the food they make.

My boyfriend lives in my permanent apartment, can’t afford two of those either.

Try keto. Haven't done it myself, but it's worked for a number of people I know who had otherwise been heavyset most of their lives.

If you aren't in a situation where you can choose what food you eat, though, you're usually screwed for dieting.