How do i make myself not trans

how do i make myself not trans

i don't wanna be a tranny freak

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Being trans is not something you are, it's something you do.

Put effort into impressing the opposite sex, and have sex with them.

I'm not incel/don't want to be a girl bc of dating

I just wanna stop wishing I *could* transition, I would never ever be passable.

Kinda wish I could live alone as a girl on a deserted island somewhere without anyone around

i hope it gets better for u

i changed my twitter pronouns and now I don't want to change them back.. :(

As in go from being trans back to being a regular human? Don't think that's a thing. They can graft you a new pair of fake deformed genitalia, but it will still be fake and deformed.

Get off twitter, that's a start

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i havent had surgery or taken hormones

I'm certain i meet the clinical definition of dysphoria or GID but haven't actually transitioned... I don't want to break my family's hearts, and had wanted to start a family of my own. I also know that I would be unattractive if I transitioned... presenting as a boy I'm pretty physically attractive and i would lose that. But I've been questioning for over 10 years and was kind of in denial about it... but I'm having a hard time being a boy, every single day I think about how mich I wish I could have been born a girl, when I saw myself with the genderswap filter in snapchat it made me cry when i saw how i looked like my mom and grandma...

hey, THERE IS NO FUCKING REASON YOU WON’T PASS, it just takes a bit of time and training, after that, you’ll pass

You are a male, what is there to be confused about?

I'm 6 ft. and broad shouldered and I'm already 32 so I'm kinda screwed

hey, THERE IS NO FUCKING REASON YOU WON’T PASS, it just takes a bit of time and training, after that, you’ll pass

i see, and it’s valid for you to worry,
but i think being yourself is more important than passing, being comfortable in your own skin, being your true self, even if you don’t pass in the beginning, you’ll feel a great relief,
ALSO even some cis women have broad shoulders, by learning how to dress you can have a perfect passing allure, as i told you it takes time and training

If you were born with XY chomosomes and you have the reproductive system on the left, you are MAN. If you were born with XX chromosomes and you have the reproductive system on teh right, you are a WOMAN. You cannot change sex or gender.

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Well, you'll just have to accept the fact that the technology simply isn't there yet. You may think you feel bad now, but if you went through with the operation you'd be in a much worse state. You still wouldn't look or feel like a woman, and you'd also have to deal with the medical complications of it such as dilation and infections.

keep your pseudo-science to yourself and don’t misinform people,
to anyone here wanting to understand gender go see a fucking doctor, an expert, and ask them

>basic biology is "psuedo-science"

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FUCK NO, the level of dysphoria drops enormously after transitioning, almost all post-transition trans people confirm that

Bullshit. I've seen wave after wave of people saying it didn't fix anything, it just added more problems, I wish I knew how bad it would be, I wish I could go back in time, I wouldn't do this again if I was paid a million dollars. Fuck off with your brainwashing of the mentally ill.

50% of people who transition attempt suicide

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science evolves dude, once it was «basic astronomy» to consider earth the center of the universe with the sun revolving around it, to say that after scientist discovered that the earth orbits the sun is INDEED pseudo-sciene

I've never wanted to be and I'm always struggling to pretend to be a normal male and also wish I could more freely express femininity; I have always found excuses to do things like wear my hair long and wear colorful outfits and accessories - you can always pass as hippie, always pass as raver, etc. - and even though I keep how I feel a secret it's almost like I feel like there's this scared little girl inside who has only just woken up to who she is and i can't bring myself to kill her... I don't know if that makes any sense at all.. idk I'm "not trans" because I haven't actually transitioned but I'm also *definitely not cis.* like i said sometimes I wish I could just be alone forever so I could talk and dress and act however I want.

Earlier this week I felt like my whole world finally started to fall apart and it wasn't until I finally told myself "it's ok if you're a girl, *even if nobody knows but you* that I was at least able to get my mind off it again. I started using female pronouns online while reminding myself that I have to keep up appearances as a male in order to continue living a somewhat normal life.

It's well established by twin studies and post-mortem studies of the brain that at least early onset gender dysphoria is probably a neurological intersex condition, no different than being born with ambiguous genitalia. Recent studies also suggest that late-onset dysphoria is associated with brain structures dissimilar to both cismales and cisfemales, all of this suggesting that innate gender identity is the reult of a complex network in the brain and may emerge divergently from chromotype due to multiple factors such as reduced androgen sensitivity in the nervous system.

But you don't want to know any of that because "MUH BASIC BIOLOGY."

First thinf I did when I started to accept I'm actually dysphoric was try to understand why by learning about the *actual* biology.

>science was wrong once so that means it's wrong always

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Sorry but biology (a field of science) disagrees with your social theory. There are only 2 sexes, only 2 genders. You are either male or female, from the moment of conception.

well, BECAUSE OF TRANSPHOBIA, not because of transitioning, and trans people in general (transitioning or not) are attempting suicide in high rates, because of fucking transphobia

Yeah, I've read the detrans horror stories, I have no intention of seeking surgical treatment anytime soon

As if I'm going to take advice on gender and sex from someone who is confused about what gender they are

gender and sex are not the same thing, gender is social, sex is biological, and i can argue that even the notion of biological sex is a social construct

Then just make changes to your behavior until you're as comfortable as possible, y'dork. Stop worrying so much about what other people think about you and focus on what makes you feel like yourself.

>gender and sex are not the same thing, gender is social, sex is biological, and i can argue that even the notion of biological sex is a social construct
Retarded feminist propaganda. It's no wonder people are confused.

see my post above, you couldn't possibly be more wrong: biology is messy, genotype and phenotype are not the same thing, EOGD is associated with a literal mismatch between brain neurology and other parts of the body.

Seriously just fucking google "ambiguous genitalia."

Yeah I'm sure it's totally not because the surgery turns them into monsters that can't be accurately described as either gender

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look, just google "ambiguous genitalia" and "XY genotype female" if you honestly believe it's as simple as "a Y chromosome makes you male." Sex chromosomes carry genes for a whole soup of different proteins that regulate sexual development, it's easy for things to go "wrong."

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you’re a girl wether you transition or not, wether you pass or not, wether you take hrt or not, wether you do surgery or not, and you don’t have to do anything that causes you harm or threatens your safety, and you don’t have to transition in order to be a girl, i just hope it gets better and you have the space to express your true self

You don't even know what a girl is. Stop abusing people with mental illnesses, you worthless faggot.

no, it means you have to keep up with the updates of science to be the least wrong, you need to buy windows 10 and not windows 95

it’s only you that’s confused coz you’re cis and you can’t relate to a trans person :p

There are literally women walking around who carry a Y chromosome and have absolutely no idea about it and never will unless they get a karyotype because Y gene expression was downregulated so their body developed as "female."
But go on about "muh basic biology"

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>you're not allowed to have opinions about a mental illness unless you have that mental illness :pppppp

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>thinking that rare mutations disprove the entire field of biology

i’m a fucking girl you frustrated bitch, you’re the one that’s not a girl assuming YOU know what being a girl is and misinforming people,
and i won’t pay attention to a bad faith cunt like you, so go bark like a dog biiiie

You were born a man and will always be a man. Mutilating yourself hasn't changed that. If you had surgery that forced you to walk on all fours, it wouldn't make you a dog, either.

*thinking that an ~0.1% "mutation" rate is "rare" on a planet with 7 x 10^9 humans*

the whole argument here is that a lot of transpeople fall into that "mutation" category.

the girl asked for an advice here, she wanted to know how to «stop being trans», so you either give her an advice or go away, NO ONE ASKED FOR AN EXPLANATION FROM DOCTOR EXPERT ON GENDER :V

You seem to be mistaken, there are no girls in this thread. Did you mean to post somewhere else?

i’m a cis woman, go fuck yourself

I'd ask you to prove it but I'd rather not see an infected gaping hole that some doctor drilled into the spot where your dick used to be.

btw you know why this is even *more* wrong?


A mutation is an *alteration* in a gene.

Maybe *you* need to learn some basic biology.

people don’t aswer this cunt, he’s just a bitch with a bad faith

Says the degenerate trying to abuse the mentally ill so that they're as miserable as he is.

now this is gettimg silly, are you one of those types who thinks all celebrities are secretly trans?

Thanks. I'm just scared about the future.

You're seriously siding with this insanity? On second thought, go get the transition. Go become a statistic.

More like 0.001%, and they don't even experience puberty. Gender is determined by sex chromosomes and functional reproductive organs. Rare birth defects do not disprove gender. Sorry!

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You blame a lot of your problems on your gender and imagine that your quirks will be more appreciated when the opposite gender does it

You have a low self-esteem and likely are on the autism spectrum. You have trouble understanding social perception, have poor theory-of-mind skills, and by extension have always had trouble understanding the role of gender in society. You also have higher and more rigid standard of what it means to be a "boy" than the rest of society does. You want to change, just not your behavior. You just want an external appearance and identity that you feel matches your 'unmasculine' personality. Grasping for external signifiers of identity isn't a real change, it's a defense *against* change, an excuse to retain some fundamental part of yourself that you feel is incompatible with a gender

See a shrink about being ASD. Also practice describing yourself without using the word "am"

ok fine let's use your numbers.
>7e9 humans

You do the math.

The nervous system is one of the most complex features of the body, it would be tremensously improbable for intersex conditions of neurology not to exist.

What does it mean to "live alone as a girl"? Just enjoying the feeling of dresses?

Everyone around you has an external appearance that doesn't 100% match what's inside. Society demands that we compromise on parts of our external appearance to match social expectations, because that generally make others feel more comfortable. You may not realize it but most people have tailored their external image to match what they think others will like. Pop culture can be hypocritical, in that we are told to "just be ourselves" while still having to wear a uniform to work every day.

I had a sense of body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria until reading this book and others like it. You should give it a shot

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eh, this doesn't fit because I don't really have any problem *understanding* how to behave socially nowadays, although i struggled growing up, and I had great self esteem recently until this latest episode of questioning my gender. However as a child I felt like I had a much easier time understanding how to act like a girl conpared to how to act like a boy, if that makes any sense. I didn't tell anyone this explicitly, but I have memories like in kindergarten or 1st grade being asked by a teacher on valentine's day how a boy should show he likes a girl or something like that, and protesting that I wanted to answer from a girls' point of view instead. I don't remember exactly what question I was asked, but I definitely remember not wanting to think of myself as a boy and adamantly wanting to answer from a girls' perspective.

I also just find girls' clothes so much cooler and wish I could express myself as vibrantly. As I mentioned above I look for any excuse that I can to dress colorfully, wear jewelry and accessories, things like that via subcultural fashion that has allowed me to do this while still "presenting as male."

I do feel that I have a somewhat unmasculine personality, though I don't view that as completelt negative, but it does make me feel *inauthentic.* I also do relate better to women. Virtually every close friend I've ever had was female.

I'm 32 now, and each time I've entered a phase of my life where I have near-total freedom of identity I've immediately begun to think about how much I wish I could have been born a girl. I always just tried to shut it down because I didn't want to add difficulty to my life but this time I finally gave in and allowed myself to think "well, maybe you're *not* really cis though?" which pretty rapidly became "this has been going on for essentiallyp your entire life, you are *almost certainly not* cis."

I mean if I was completelt alone I could dress as one but also just things like no longer suppressing my feminine body language which I currently do all the time.

Nobody is asking you to do that. Stop being such a whiny faggot, either act like you want or shut your goddamn mouth already. We can't sprinkle magic dust into your life that fixes your inhibitions, you have to fix them yourself.

I guess one way I could explore this further in a "safe" way without having to come out or alienate myself would be to get into doing drag. I've let someone dress me up before; I feel like I'll know pretty conclusively what's up with me if I feel less inauthentic in persona than out of it.

You say you understand how to behave socially, and for the most part that's true. You understand the basic expectations of public life and get get by without attracting attention. But memorizing social rules is one thing, understanding why said rules even exist requires getting into the minds of everyone else

But with poor theory-of-mind skills, you have trouble seeing other perspective without literally becoming those people. In 1st grade, instead of explaining what boys and girls do, you needed to take on the role of a girl in order to explain what they do.

>I also just find girls' clothes so much cooler and wish I could express myself as vibrantly.

But what makes clothes "cool"? In isolation they aren't anything. They can look awesome or terrible, depending on the person wearing them. Many girls wear them because they personally like them, others do it to fulfill sexist social expectations. Either way, fashionable people weigh the value of their outfits in how they make *everyone else* feel. The difference between unpopular and popular people is that the later sacrifice part of their identities to become the type of person everyone else likes. Some people can do this effortlessly, others have a more rigid sense of identity. People on the autism spectrum especially can fall into one idealized self and refuse to deviate from a single type of haircut or outfit, to them it's literally painful to be anything else.

Keep in mind there's no such thing as "inauthentic" males. Masculinity is a social construct biological males constructed to make themselves feel better about being impulsive, socially insensitive, and testosterone-laden. People who consider personalities to be inherently feminine or masculine are sexist and have rigid ideas of gender.

Consider that nearly everyone around you changes and suppresses their body language when they're in public. Personally I'm sitting at the computer with one leg up with my chin on my knee, picking my nose. It's the most comfortable for me. None of those things I would ever do in public in order to avoid getting attention or making others feel uncomfortable. But everybody has different body language in private

But you only avoid "feminine" body language because you have a more rigid concept of gender. Most adults aren't going to notice or categorize your movements as feminine or masculine. Maybe they'll assume you're gay, but you really want to avoid being identified as a gay male for whatever reason

In any case, you made this thread because you don't want to be a girl and want other people to help you

>I wish I could have been born a girl
Stop living in fantasy land. You're not a girl, and if you think you are that makse you delusional.

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I'm actually pretty popular and socially successful though? Like I'm not an unsuccessful man trying to escape from his designated role in society - I outwardly succeed while feeling it's all a put-on. And I feel like if anything I'm more perceptive of people around me than the average male.

The whole rigid behavior patterns thing is also definitely not me.

As for "what makes clothes cool" - what i'm getting at there is I like the artistry of womens' clothes which is often so much more limited in menswear, with men's clothes mostly falling into variations on a handful of basic templates. I'm really interested in fashion and design and irrespective of my own gender issues I want to get into designing women's clothes.

i think one advice i have for you is to build a safe trans friendly space, surround yourself with friends/partner(s) that accept you entirely as you are, this could be atteined by moving to a more open state/city/village, joining local lgbt associations/NGO... then come out to these safe trans friendly friends (and tell them to use the proper pronouns), now, you have a support network, you can transition without fearing for your security or the abandonment of others

>Like I'm not an unsuccessful man trying to escape from his designated role in society - I outwardly succeed while feeling it's all a put-on.

Most successful people feel this way, congrats. It's called "imposter's syndrome". You're conscious of the fact that many of the things you do in public aren't genuine expressions or impulses, which is how most people go about their public lives.

Keep in mind being sensitive to how other people perceive you is not the same as actually holding other people's perspectives. For instance, you're self-conscious about your body language being seen as too feminine, even though most people won't notice. You've also assumed that the public image that most people put forward are genuine expressions of their inner-self

You can't design fashion until you figure out why men's clothes follow a handful of basic templates. The fact that you don't want to transition shows you understand some of the reasons why trans people make others uncomfortable.

Wait a second what the god damn fuck is happening here? How do you NOT be a tranny????? Just don't?????? What the fuck????? How do you NOT be a sasoqatch? You just fucking don't? What the fuck am I missing here

>build a safe trans friendly space

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THIS. Fucking really OP stop being a faggot it's that simple. Stop going on tumblr. I feel bad for you letting yourself get brainwashed into mentally castrating yourself. There's more to being a man than harpooning women with your 3ft cock.

The OP has already explained they don't want to transition and why. Doing it would bring pain and discomfort to the people they care about.

But it's 100% healthy to value relationships over an idealized self-image. Seeking out a desired identity at the expense of everything else is just narcissism. Everyone has fantasies that they don't carry out in order to preserve their relationships

Yes, they've explained it about 20 times across multiple threads. They need to shut the fuck up already, they've been given all of the advice in the world. It's like they're expecting a divine message from god telling them what to do with their degenerate thoughts.

>OP was dropped on the head and molested as an infant
Got it chief.

if you are not loved for who you are then you are not loved at all.
conditional love isn’t love, it’s control.
being yourself at the expense of loosing toxic relationships isn’t narcissistic, it’s self loving, HOWEVER, asking someone to reject themselves and fake being something they’re not or else you cut them IS NARCISSISTIC and manipulative, and you, by sacrificing yourself and remaining in a toxic relationship like this one, you are being codependent, which is inauthentic and very harmful to yourself.

Fuck off, degenerate. No normal person shows "who they truly are" to most of the world. If that was the case unemployment rates would be through the roof, because they're sure as fuck not hiring people in fursuits or bondage gear.

well, it says a lot about the world we’re living in, if we can’t be our true selves.
just because it’s the norm, it doesn’t mean it has to persist, if we used the same argument we’d still live in segregation.
it’s important that non conforming people challenge the system, change the norm, injust rules must be broken

>if you don't encourage someone's mental illness you don't love that person

psychiatry doesn’t classify trans identity as a mental illness (nor dysphoria too ) , who the fuck are you to say it’s a mental illness?

Actually it was classified as a mental illness under gender identity DISORDER until it was changed because of radical feminists

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"Dysphoria is something you just have and you're defacto trans blah blah" = bullshit you've heard too often.

There are two main reasons for m2f trans to exist psychologically. One is you enjoy the thought of yourself as femme, as vagina'd. That sounds like a possibility if you'd prefer livibg alone. Transitioning might help, might not as your goal is mostly self reflexive and you're unlikely to ever live alone.

The other is you want to be attractive to straight guys. In such case you probably think of yourself as both gay and bothered by that. Honestly I think transitioning may not help here. Just becoming a trappy crossdresser might help moreso. If you're not getting cock, you're not lowering your standards enough.

Or you're just autistic, and think your sensitivity is due to a femaleness in you. This is the most blatantly untrans thing you might be.

Tons of trans aren't passable. Effort goes a long way, but honesty does too. Not everyone is going to get to the point of passing.

In general people don't care as long as serious effort is made. Want to be called 'she' off the bat? Wear long hair, shave well, dress the part but not slutty.

Inbetweens, low effort trans who correct people on pronouns, the type that only exist after 2014 are the kind of people that make everyone so hate filled on trans anymore. The human mind hates uncertainty. Act the gender role hard enough, and even if you don't pass most people will recognize that effort and treat you with respect.

Jow ForumsGenderCritical
Jow Forumsdetrans
Jow Forumsitsafetish
Jow ForumsNeovaginaDisasters

Note: Don't suddenly become a feminist. They offer critical view of gender politics from 2nd wave, especially gender identity, other than conservative viewpoints.

Have a journal, change your wardrobe to simple clothing both genders can wear. Simple hair styles both genders can wear. If you are truly gender nonconforming it will show regardless. You do not have to identity as the opposite gender.

Have a well trained psychologist.
Visit LGBT centers and groups.

If you are going to take HRT, low dose estrogen, no more than 3mg, micronized, bio identical, no anti androgens. Take full dose for a month, then take half, 1.5, sublingual. If you feel tired take 1-2 days off. Get a hormone panel, target range for testosterone should be less than 250 but no more than 170ng/dl.

Extra bump.

ew fucking TERFS

Therapy. Tell your therapist your peepee makes you uncomfortable, vent your emotions, and hopefully feel better.

>science evolves cause I wanna put on a dress and get fucked by dudes
Lol, kill yourself faggot.

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A girl is born with a vagina. Full stop.

I hope the rest of you fags end yourself so made up shit like "transphobia" will go away for good.

Biology isn't that clear-cut, user. Even ignoring the social aspects of gender and the huge variety in nonhuman animals, bodies are messy and there's plenty of instances where someone's sex is made complicated.

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I would also like to add that many of the complications listed here are invisible, so you can't tell just by looking at genitalia or secondary sex characteristics. However, the hormonal and genetic components are still completely present under the surface.

Just like how people with disabilities, neuropathies, etc. can be assumed to have none because they "look fine", you can't assume someone's internal condition based on external appearance. Yeah you might be correct some or even most of the time, but you're completely disregarding any and all invisible conditions. And people with no medical experience or knowledge can be completely blind to things that are obvious to a professional.

Get your chromosomes tested
Maybe you are intersex, that might give you a good excuse to transition

There is a youtuber I saw who thought she was a trans woman but was actually bio woman, she just developed a penis because of hormones in the womb.

If you feel like your body and penis is already feminised (without any medication) them considere getting your chromosomes kareotyped

Why did you bump a 15 hour old thread

Because I’m evil

You should go to traditional therapy and try to figure out the root of why you feel the way you do. Don't let any pozzed doctor or anyone else for that matter try to convince you to transition, that's only going to make things worse.

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whether you choose to be trans or not, I hope you figure yourself out.

I don't have any real advice, but whichever identity you choose, you can definitely find happiness if you learn to love yourself.

Sorry nigga, it's either a phase that will pass within a year, or you're stuck like this for the rest of your life.