Is being single as a male really that taboo?

Is being single as a male really that taboo?

The word incel is becoming popular. And, to the criteria of the definition of incel I fall into that category. Currently I wish to be single but it's origins of me being single doesn't stem from my personal hatred of women at all. Over the course of several years I've realized social circles think you're creepy/weird for choosing to be single. I think it's simply not fair girls can embrace and feel empowered for being single without any negative consequences behind it. It just feels like as a male there's a social stigma of being single and it really bothers me a lot. Do I really have to be in a relationship in order to feel accepted by society? I am really close of paying a girl to pose as my girlfriend because I'm that self-conscious about it.

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>the criteria of the definition of incel I fall into that category.
>Currently I wish to be single
Then you’re not an incel

Well no.

I think you’re just paying attention to the people who place an importance on the family unit, marriage, kids, family.

If you want a gf they’re easy to get. If you want to be single enjoy your life.

You win wither way.

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I'm confused. I thought incel meant being single and lonely. Another word for virgin. Or am I wrong?

>"anybody of any gender who was lonely, had never had sex or who hadn't had a relationship in a long time"

It depends on how you define "single". If you mean being a neckbeard who owns an anime bodypillow, yeah that's gonna come off as creepy. If you mean an incel who wants to have sex but can't because they suck at social integration, then obviously that's also a problem. Also what happens if everyone chooses to be single? The whole human race goes extinct in a single generation.

>Is being single as a male really that taboo?

It means involuntarily celibate. If you’re single by choice, then that’s voluntary.

>It depends on how you define "single". If you mean being a neckbeard who owns an anime bodypillow, yeah that's gonna come off as creepy. If you mean an incel who wants to have sex but can't because they suck at social integration

That shouldn't matter though and no man should feel that way.

What? What causes "involuntarily celibate"? I'm so confused. I mean failures in dating happens. But labeling them incels negatively is kinda fucked up. I just see the word get thrown around as an insult whoever is racist online. The entire word feels like its lost its meaning. I myself can say one of the reasons why I choose to be single is my failures in relationships and keeping them healthy and alive and that is one of my reasons of staying single. Am I still an incel? It's still by choice.

Nobody is involuntarily celibate. Incel means someone who identifies as an incel and believes in the teachings of incel communities. Being an incel has nothing to do with being a virgin or single.

>Nobody is involuntarily celibate.
I am.
The dating scene is impossible for average men. I recently got rejected by a 4/10 girl.

>The first online community to use the term "incel" was started in 1993 when a Canadian university student known only by her first name, Alana, created a website in order to discuss her sexual inactivity with others.[6][14][15][16] The website, titled "Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project",[6] was used by people of all genders to share their thoughts and experiences. In 1997, she started a mailing list on the topic that used the abbreviation INVCEL, later shortened to "incel", for "anybody of any gender who was lonely, had never had sex or who hadn't had a relationship in a long time".[17] During her college career and after, she realized she was queer and became more comfortable with her identity. She stopped participating in her online project around 2000[18] and gave the site to a stranger.[15] When speaking about the website in 2018, Alana said, "It definitely wasn't a bunch of guys blaming women for their problems. That's a pretty sad version of this phenomenon that's happening today. Things have changed in the last 20 years."

Ok this is so weird. So the word changed over time? I went with the original meaning as another word for virgin. so now it's a person who browses Jow Forums and hates women?

Normalfags have coopted the word. They misuse it now as a general replacement for “loser”. It used to be a word actual incels would use to label themselves and each other. They even have whole “incel” communities and forums where they talk about why it’s impossible for them to get sex.

Well, yes, welcome to the real world. people decontextualize words all the time and use them as some sort of "free for all" insult to throw around. Happened with NPC, happened with tranny, happened with fag, happened with autist. What you need to understand is that in their mind, thye're not really picturing an actual incel, but rather just someone they dislike, so they hurl the easiest word around. It's unfair, and stupid, but it's also how it works and nthing can be done about it.

>That shouldn't matter though and no man should feel that way.

>The dating scene is impossible for average men
That is statistically impossible.

Nope. Girls go for the top 20% guys only.

What the fuck? Even though I don't own an anime pillow a man should own one. Who's right to tel him not too? Fuck them. And to the person who has social problems trying to communicate with people in general, that person shouldn't be punished since he's not like other normies. People just have different things that makes them tick. And it doesn't make them an incel.

You could go to a hooker. You could get a hookup from tinder or a bar. You are choosing to be celibate. Do you believe in incel teachings or not? That's what determines whether or not you are an incel.

Pretty much. The toxic angry manchildren crowd adopted the word as their own.

>Nobody is involuntarily celibate
user are you implying rape is a valid avenue to get sex?

No. That's wrong. There's more men than women. And women in general are very very selective. They pick the man who can keep their own tribe safe and alive (having successful career, making money. Being general fit and strong). Seriously, make a fake dating app and choose to be a girl who looks average looking. You're going to get a shitton of DM's.

This is literally false. Why are you lying?

Good luck trying to get married and start a family and explaining to your kids why you need to own an anime body pillow.

But this is illegal and is frowned upon. This isn't socially acceptable either and this doesn't count. You should pick unsafe sex in unsafe ways. You do know the dangers to this right? I mean, not all the time but generally speaking doing things illegally without a legal defensive barrier surrounding it will only cause trouble and even get arrested.

>You could go to a hooker.
I will soon, but until then, I'm a proud incel because females haven't granted me the access to their vaginas.
Not lying and it will get worse.

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>There's more men than women
Well, yeah, there's 1,06 men per women surely that 6% extra men you have to compete with makes all the difference.
>And women in general are very very selective.
This has been demonstrated false. As has also been demonstrated false that men go for average women all the time. The opposite is, in fact, true. Women settle down all the time whereas men aim for the best-looking women more often than not.

I don't understand why would my kids need to know if I've owned an anime body pillow? I guess I can let my kids know about my sex life and how I banged their mom too I guess?

>dating sites
>social events

I don't know what incel fantasy land you live in but that's not how the world outside is.

Not him, but it's common knowledge that girls despise men who have paid for sex.

>girls go for top 20% guys only
This is what you said. It's a lie, and in addition you didn't define what "top 20%" means. Who is this top 20%? How do you objectively measure this?

Also your graph proves you wrong. It shows that both men and women are having less sex than before. Because they are choosing to.

>incel fantasy

How is that incel fantasy? I want to get companionship the most natural and organic way. Not looking up shady af girls on the Internet to get my dick sucked.

Not a lie.

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People who had a hard time finding love see it as a bad thing because of how they felt while single. They hate what they used to be and see it in you.

>posting out-of-context chart
Okay, now post the one about who gets more messages. Oh, no, you won't because it proves you wrong.

Girls obviously, what's your point? Even a deformed fat female would get more messages than an average male.

So you won't post it.

Whatever man fuck off incel.

>common knowledge
A term that actually means "I have no idea what I'm talking about so I will pull a retarded statement out of my ass without proofs"

Still waiting for you to define "top 20% of males" and proof that you are not lying. But instead you keep spamming unrelated meme graphs hoping people will get sidetracked and forget your lies.

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Perfect live example of an incel in this thread. This is what defines an incel, not his sexual status.
>repeats "blackpill" mantras such as muh 80/20 rule, girls only go for top males, guys are having less sex than ever but girls more than ever
>when asked for proofs posts same old meme graphs that are either made up or completely unrelated to subject
>complete lack of logical thinking, acts only on emotion, not logic
This is what being an incel does to you, kids. It's a religion. An evil one. An evil death cult. Do not join incels or this is what will happen to you.

In terms of attractiveness.

Shut the fuck up. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about bitch.

How do you measure that? How do you get an objective scale where you can accurately give a number, and then pick the "top 20%"?

Look at this cultist getting angry his beliefs are being tested with logic.

Fuck you. Just fuck you.

Girls simply reject other guys who are below 20% in terms of attractiveness to them. Why is this so hard for you to grasp? Did you ever go to school? You could see the 20/80 rule there also.

Answer the question. How do you measure this "top 20%"? How will you separate males into either belonging to that category or not?

What if a guy has no penis? Should he just grow a new one so he can fit your beliefs?

Actually, men (and women) die virgins all the time. Even more common are men (and women) who die childless and/or single

It feels like it to an extent, I always have to be careful to not appear desperate or lonely or affected at all by being single. I think it's only taboo when you let slip that it bothers you and then it must only get worse.

So yes in a sense it's quite taboo.

I'm 25 volcel and I fucking love it I have so much money/weed/free time. No pussy is worth losing what I have right now. I literally don't give a fuck about no women right now.

>didn't work
>didn't work
>didn't work
>didn't work
What else you got, normie?

You're an incel. I choose not to fuck and even I know I have a chance at any of those. Do you not have any money or something? Lol, tiny penis? user do you have a tiny weewee?

>didn't work
Liar. That would imply you actually tried any of those, which you didn't. Besides, hookers are legal in many places, if you live in a shithole where it's illegal go somewhere else.

>Waaaaahhh! Nobody wants to sleep with me!!
>I found pretty girl and she won't be nice to me
>I told her she won't have sex with me because she's too stuck up
>And now she won't have sex with me
Total fucking pussy magnet, I think every man on my block just got divorced.

Women showing their true colors. There's no way people, especially women will treat you like literal trash when they find out you're single. If women don't find value in you who else will?

>women will treat you like literal trash when they find out you are single
This is the dumbest lie I have seen today.

When women find out I'm single they usually want to sleep with me, wtf are you talking about?

I do live in abject poverty. I haven't checked the average in a while, but I'm pretty sure I'm 5.5" long. No idea about circumference
Well, the one time I opened a profile on all the major sites but deleted them all after two days because of anxiety/self-doubt/disgust. No matches, obviously.
I gave it a break for a few months and then tried again. This time I followed goodle's and Jow Forums's advice on making profiles, taking pictures, etc. They sat there for two weeks after I went through many women in my area. Even removed my filters. I had one (1) response, and I was ghosted after I messaged.
>go somewhere else
I've considered it but see above; I am broke. I make maybe $500/month (that's a good month). I simply cannot afford to go anywhere prostitution is legal, even las Vegas.

When you understand roasties are among the most vicious creatures on the planet, then you will understand how to improve your life. You stay out of their way if you're unattractive

Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.

What's a roastie and how can it be more vicious than an incel?

I thought it was? Normies have told me to go there and said it was legal

Any female with more than one sex partner. Ideally she'll have long meat flaps but that's not necessary.

you guys are so fuckin stupid. only ONE part in las vegas is considered legal. it's not the entire las vegas thats legal you can still get arrested. it's only legal in CERTAIN COUNTIES. look up their laws dipshit.

I haven't done my homework because it's not really a possibility at the moment. Maybe if I ever can afford to go I'll research where I can be degenerate

user are you having a stroke? Because I feel like I'm having a stroke reading that. What the fuck lol

So most girls? Why would having more than one sexual partner make a girl vicious? Or a virgin girl not vicious?

It's not legal in Las Vegas. It's legal in some counties of Nevada. Nowhere inside Las Vegas. Now stop calling others stupid when you can't even tell the difference between a city and a state.

You never had sex ed huh. Or seen more than one woman. Whops.

Yes. As to the psychology of it, I'm not a psychologist. I can describe the phenomenon though

What does sex ed have to do with females having more than one partner?

>What does sex ed have to do with females having more than one partner?
It's required so they can regenerate their uterine wall. Dumbass don't you know where periods come from

Yes, I too got a tampx stuck in my ass

>Yes, I too got a tampx stuck in my ass
They made me believe men's deodorant would make women sick if they used it.

Yes, and the vagina is like a muscle so the more sex a woman has, the tighter it becomes.

I guess it's better than if they said nothing. For a minute there when I was like 10 I thought girls everything was in their assholes.

Lmao. Oh well. Sex ed hasn't gotten me laid

I told my friend that women got pregnant by taking a pill when i was like 7. He believed me, for another 6 years this was his reality until we had sex ed and he was in utter shock and disbelief.

There is absolutely nothing that supports what you said. It seems like you said something completely retarded out of an anger burst.

Lol when I was 9 I told all my friends that sex was just getting naked and rubbing up against each other. They believed me and they believed I lost my virginity to a Japanese girl in Hawaii. I don't know where I came up with this shit.

Pretty composed right now and when I posted that senpai. Females with more than one sexual partners are roasties, and roasties are vicious sluts. Pretty straightforward.

Have fun being alone and bitter.

I have for 22, almost 23 years. Not even bitter at this point. It's just fun making normies and roasties toasty

Completely wrong. Who told you something this dumb and why did you believe him?

>roasties are vicious sluts.
IDK why but how come girls who have a lot of sex with different men are mentally insane.

t. man with experience

So you have no experience, just opinions that align very much to one that is in your situation. How... meta of you?

Their not. You must be seeking out crazy women.

There are plenty of mentally insane virgin girls.

Absorbing memes of other basement-dwelling virgins is not actual experience.

Completely right. Experience and observation. Just because life is easy for you doesn't mean it is for everyone else. Same principle applies to getting girls.
Not even sure what you're saying here. I have experience observing. My opinions are formed on experience.

>Experience and observation
You have no experience with girls. All your observations come from reading memes all day long on forums frequented by other basement-dwelling incels.

I actually asked a girl out once. That was a few years ago but she actually agreed. It was awful (my fault) but I'm actually glad it didn't go anywhere because a week later she chopped her hair off and just became a general nu-girl type and it grossed me out.
Anyhow, while I take stories of men getting shafted in divorce and the like seriously, I mean by observation mostly how they treat me (passively) and other men as far as I can see. My mom has more than one sex partner and I wouldn't feel like a liar for calling her a vicious slut. My step mom is even worse.

Don't tell us you don't know vicious virgin girls or nice and girls who aren't virgins.

I don't know nice girls aren't virgins and I don't know any virgin girl's at all, regardless of niceness or viciousness

...nice girls *that* aren't virgins...

Sounds like you don't know girls at all. When is the last time you spoke with a female that's not your mom or the store cashier?

Men in relationships, especially with families, get social good boy points for seeming reliable and trustworthy, yes.

No, you're obsessing too much over it. The bachelor and the incel are very different things.