Hey Jow Forums

hey Jow Forums

im planning to live in a wooden cabin for 1-2 weeks, depending on what things i can find to do.

im planning to go on a diet, work out a lot, read books, meditate (try at least)

any of you have some advice on what things i could do? i want to make this a special experience.

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oh, forgot to mention, its in the woods.

You can widdle a little piece of wood into a penis holder

Go hiking. Good exercise and time for reflection, and you get to see a lot of nice scenery.

a joint in the woods feels so good

im in the netherlands, so sadly the nature is not very breathtaking, but i can at least explore as much as there is to explore, i guess

>a joint in the woods feels so good
All drugs are awesome in total isolation lol

i dont do drugs or smoke, i tried weed a few times but i couldnt get high because i coughed when i inhaled .

also im doing this for physical and mental health. also spiritual if there is such a thing.
i dont really wanna get high or drunk.

Sex with animals?

Picnic!! If you're in the woods for one day at least go on a very long hike, 5-9 hours at least. Bring a backpack with lunch and stop somewhere you think is nice. When you get back you'll feel great.

>he hasn't done 5 grams dried in total darkness
you haven't seen shit boi
y'all have psychedelic truffles over there, i definitely recommend for spiritual purposes

Will you be alone? If so walk around naked outside and enjoy the warm summer breeze against your hairy balls. Don't forget to keep us updated with pics!

Bitch I once did 300mg ket after coming down from 1mg LSD (THROUGHOUT THE DAY) in a dark room with only colored lights, fuck you I haven't seen shit I've grown my own weed and cooked my own DMT- I'm not mad actually lol but seriously you never know what strangers have seen bo

Fuck off druggies, i am anti drugs, and im not gonna do any fucking psychadelics. please dont turn my thread into a psychadelics thread.

of course i will be doing that. no pics tho.
also yeah ill be alone.

Sorry dude I was just trying to make a point to that guy. Anyway, seriously, what kind of animals do you like to have sex with?

>1mg LSD
ooof sure you did, zoomer

Throughout. The. Day. Millennial BTW, and dude OP said STFU about it. It's very doable and it's been done before, lethal is 10mg. Start with 25upg, then 50upg, 100upg, work your way up, by the time you get 'blinders' you can take 400upg and it won't shock you that hard.

>Says 'oof'
>Calls people zoomers
What a hypocritical trendy ignorant faggot.

do you mean ug (micrograms)? seriously, stop talking about shit you don't know lol. you're coming off real ignorant right now
also that dosage seems like an absolute waste of lsd
fucking amateurs...

>mommy he said a buzzword i don't like waaahhh
cry harder

Lol you're mad at me for messing up ug? Simply because I didn't want to type micrograms every time? Wowww kid you've got some real anger issues. Don't worry you'll have sex one day too.
Kind of different from the thing I did but sure thing.

Look man, I get it, someone said they did something that you (I guess) haven't done, and it makes you a little bit upset (envious?) I seriously don't know what your deal is, but you didn't have to detail dudes thread. I answered your question and asked you to stop, OP asked both of us to stop. Yet here we are. I'm not trying to hurt you famsalad, I told you in my first reply that I was just pointing out "trust me, you never really know what a stranger may have seen" For all I know you've seen piles upon piles of dead bodies IRL. Have you? That's something cool I've never seen. I'm sure you have something dude but regardless this isn't our thread and it's not the topic. Perhaps you'd feel more at home at /b/ or /trash/, no offense.