Is there such a thing as too straight?

I am a male, and for the longest time I've been absolutely disgusted by any penis other than my own. I would expect this to be normal, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. On the contrary, most men seem to be perfectly fine with, say, consuming pornography that contains penises. And many seem comfortable making faux-gay jokes among groups of friends.

I can't help but feel like the odd one out. I've never met another person who's so straight that they can't consume most porn aimed at straight people, or make jokes about being gay. I often wish I was more tolerant, because it would allow me to better relate to my gay/bi friends. Is something wrong with me mentally? Am I just The Anti-Faggot? I didn't get molested or anything along those lines.

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It’s a little much. Grow up, straight men don’t care about nudity. Insecure ones do, so there is something you’re hiding.

It is weird. Porn data shows that men find the presence of a penis (and also the size and shape) very relevant in the porn they consume. There's no reason to find it disgusting even if it's not arousing. You might have some sort of mental hang up with dicks.
That being said, it has no impact in your daily life, so who cares if you hate dicks? It's not something to worry about.

I don't have anything to hide or be insecure about. The sight or thought of other penises just makes me nauseous.

insecure af

I mean, it does impact my life since about half of my friends are gay/bi. They'll often discuss topics related to dicks, and I can't contribute or relate at all. Even my other straight friends can contribute in these situations. It makes me feel like an anomaly, and they don't get it either.

Not as insecure as your mother's gaping snatch.

>On the contrary, most men seem to be perfectly fine with, say, consuming pornography that contains penises

What, so you only fap to lesbian porn? Or do you dramatically swing your head away from the screen any time a the guy's penis enters the frame?

I would say that is very odd, yes. It makes it seem like you're actually closeted gay and ashamed of it, so you're making laborious attempts to prove how "NOT GAY" you are.

>What, so you only fap to lesbian porn?
There's plenty of pornography that only contains one person, or only females. Still, it limits my options quite heavily.
>It makes it seem like you're actually closeted gay and ashamed of it
That's definitely not the case, I'd be the least closeted gay since many of my friends are so openly gay. Hell, I'd be happy to be gay or bi, would probably make dating a lot easier.

How do you feel about your own dick? Do you feel weird when you look at it?

Nope, no qualms with my own penis. It's just another appendage to me.

We live in a sick society that demonizes straight men and glorifies every sexual deviancy imaginable. I would go a step futher and say you shouldn't even watch porn at all since it has a tendency to warp your sexuality, and goes against cultural family values. Don't listen to these homosexual apologists, homosexuality is not normal or good.

weak ass banter, just like your sexuality

Not as weak as your ass was due to getting reamed by the entire football team every week.

>about half of my friends are gay/bi
either you attract a lot of faggots or you have very few friends

>i can't see a penis enter a vagina
>half my friends are gay
>i'm totally not gay guys

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mmanara @

This is a gay man trying to put a little bug in your mind. Ignore him op... if you're disgusted by penises there's nothing wrong with that. If you don't like gay jokes there's nothing wrong with that. You just have strong opinions toward your orientation and that's a good thing.

Well, I'm going by close friends, not distant ones. I have about 8 close friends. Now that I think of it none of them are flat-out gay, though some prefer men to women. Two are openly bi, two are discreetly bi, two are straight, and I don't know the sexuality of the other two but I assume straight.

>about half of my friends are gay/bi
Also, yeah, this is a little fucking unusual. Get some more straight friends, you can't relate to gays they shouldn't even be on your radar. You are the polar opposite of them.

I'm fine with seeing a penis enter a vagina as long as it's mine. You're the degenerate who gets off on seeing women fucked by other men.

Eh, I don't think I can juggle more than 8 in an inner circle of friends. And I'm not gonna excommunicate some of them just for their sexual preferences. Especially considering I've known them for over a decade.

How can you associate with people you have no relatability to for 10+ fucking years. How can you pretend to be so indifferent to sexual preference with the topic of the thread you just made? Literal SJW-thought. Sexual orientation is clearly an important thing to you even if you type on your keyboard that it isn't, so you need to start associating with more like-minded people. They're probably confused with why you hang out with them yourself.

This whole thing is retarded. You're trying to relate to literal dick nymphos despite having such an aversion to them yourself. You are either unironically gay as fucking fuck or need to learn how to cut ties to make better ones.

You all seem surprised by my number of friends who like the dick, but the thing is, it doesn't matter. Sure I can't relate to them much, but I can't relate to the straight friends either, because none of them share my disgust towards penises. They consume normal pornography and crack gay jokes just as much as the bisexual friends. I'm an anomaly regardless of what their sexual preferences are.

Anyways, heading to bed, but any additional thoughts while I'm gone are appreciated.

>seeing a stranger's penis is degenerate
go back to 1513 pls

A hit dog barks. It's not hyper straight to be absolutely disgusted that penises other than yours exist. Half of the planet has one. I don't have any interest in them whatsoever but I'm not so puritanical as to get disgusted that they dare exist. But in my opinion you probably have latent homosexual feelings. The same way a guy driving a massive truck has penis envy.

Let me put it another way. I don't have a problem with penises because they don't threaten me in any way. They are going to exist regardless. You lash out and say they disgust you even in a video on a screen. They're nowhere near you or trying to get your turd cutter. So you feel some threat from them, whether that's you want them or are insecure. That is not a purely straight guy's thoughts. It's the panic of someone afraid.

They weren't always bisexual, or at least weren't always open about it. Some of them are still halfway in the closet. We're childhood friends, not gonna just ghost them just because they're different from me.

You're going to come out as gay in the next 5 years yourself.

I've even made attempts to analyze why I hate penises and perhaps undo it, but to no avail. If there's some magical mental block in my brain that's not letting me know I'm secretly gay, please tell me how to remove it, I'd be a much happier person without this stupid aversion to dicks.

They've all been saying that for the last 7 years. I wish it was true.

>wish it was true.
Have sex with a man to find out, then jump off a cliff. This whole thread is ridiculous.

Have you always had this reaction? How old were you when you first watched porn? Did it disgust you then?

Don't give in to the programming. You are being programmed. Something like a quarter of all gay people aren't actually gay. They do it because of peer pressure and media pressure (like you experience now). This is especially bad for young people who are lost.

By the way fags consume more products and pay more taxes. The government has no incentive to counteract this propaganda, and problems will only come in the long term. As a famous homosexual once said - in the long term we are all dead.

How you feel about these things is nobody's business. Ask yourself which side is trying to force you to change your mind. Those are almost always the bad guys in life.

Probably started around the time I hit puberty. I never watched porn, I just looked at pictures of naked girls because it was still disgusting to me back then.

You have a close circle of 8 friends and know that 2 are discretely bi, but don't know the sexual preference of 2 of them? This is a headscratcher here. Also you claim to be disgusted to the point of nausea at the sight of another man's penis but want to get over this so you can be a part of your friends penis conversations? Wtf. Things aren't adding up OP.

>don't know the sexual preference of 2 of them?
They've never said or done anything to lead me to believe they're not straight, I just don't like to assume.
>want to get over this so you can be a part of your friends penis conversations?
Is there something wrong with wanting to relate to your friends more?

Fuck. You are gay OP. You wish it were true? It is. Your just afraid to take that first dick. You have 4 to 6 gay and bi friends. Just invite them over and start the blowing and fucking.

I'm not afraid of dicks, just disgusted by them. I suppose "wish it were true" is bad phrasing, I just mean it's preferable to my current situation where I can't relate to anybody.