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51 year old married guy who has screwed up enough to know what not to do

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probably a wrong person to ask but can you be happy/die happy alone? do I really need a girlfriend?

Hey! You are back! How have you been?

I know many priests, nuns, and bachelors who lived very full, happy lives (or are doing so now!)

Very busy, thank you
Home with a cold today, the wife is out shopping, so here I am

How do I connect with women generally? Almost every time I interact with them, they either try to use me for sex, pretend to want to fuck me, to get me to do stuff for them, or just treat me like a lesser form of life. I was repeatedly sexually abused by females growing up, so I'm a little leery of women and sex

Should I get a chastity cage to help with no-fap? Ideally I'd never masturbate again but it's so tempting and I have a sex drive that I can't reduce.

then keep your distance and get therapy as you can. If you have issues they travel with you, not the women!

Obsessive behavior has to be hit head on, as best you can. Work on building up other positive habits first and then a new habit of not masturbating will be much easier

It's too hard. I can spend my time engaged doing shit and I'll still want to jack off. Maybe I should just cut my balls off

Millions of men at least as horny as you never masturbate; it can be done. If you think a prop will help, sure, try!

Hello oldanon. I recently got into a long distance relationship with a girl and she wants me to move in. I'm considering it but the thing is she travels for work. She is in a different city pretty much every other week. She goes out for drinks with her co-workers and is really spotty with replying to texts. Like she will look and then reply hours later. I play it cool but I really don't like it. Trust is hard for me because of past relationships and playing it cool is a big step for me but am I sailing into disaster or am I too controlling?

>If you have issues they travel with you
I get that, I'd just like to go out and have interactions with women that don't reinforce my experiences

Under what circumstances would you advise a man to get divorced?

Not for me to decide for you, but caution is a good idea. Suggest that you first have solid, regular contact for 1-3 months before such a big step

then keep it friendly and try changing the sorts of women you interact with as much as you can; different places, interests, etc

She is physically violent over time
She is unfaithful and will not stop
she is a threat to the health of your children

How does one develop patience for things?

Thanks old user.

damn hard,isn't it?
I took to reading longer books and doing things that were worth the wait, like baking a cake, and then waiting around for it to finish
I am very patient with some things but impatient with others!

good luck

back soon

I'll bite.
Would it be reasonable to assume a friend likes me when I'm near the only person she talks to and she asked me to move in with her?

Hell, yes!
getting soup, just a few

Lol, yeah it's super difficult. My problem now is that I live in a shithole, with cockroaches, rats, the whole nine yards. I am saving up to build a nice house but it's taking forever. Sometimes I just feel like ending it all, instead of going home after work just to jump I front of my train so I don't have to go back to my rats nest of a life.

there is an intermediate step between "sweet house" and "suck on a shotgun"
take a small break!

What was your body count before age 25?

Which version?
[I was a soldier, too]

Should i experiment with a trans chick?

Never associate with crazy

idgaf about your service to israel

You're one of those.

answer the question grandpa

Be more clear, punk

The guy trying to play it cool seems to mean
"how many different women did you have sex with before age 35?"
I will pretend he didn't use grade school slang.
I had had sex with 16 women before I met my wife, as I have stated in the past

I said 25 you blind boomer

So there's this guy who I don't like to talk to at work. he's not my friend and the only reason I even talk to him is because I have to work with him every now and again. He was asking me some odd personal questions one day which even if I was friendly with someone at work I wouldn't really like either. He asked "so user, what kind of car do you drive?" I try to dodge the question and told him about my first car instead of my current car. The damn guy persisted though until I told him the brand of the car and he spurted out "Toyota Camry right?" Keep in mind that I never even told them this and I don't even park near him.

It's creepy as fuck. I meant people like this before who try to act like the friendly in the last few personal questions and a lot of people will tell me how they're just being friendly but I don't believe it. my gut tells me he's not trying to be my friend.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

I meant 25.
Gen X, kid. Gen X

Trust your instincts.
I go to work to make money, not friends. Just stay silent and tell him the truth
'I don't like to talk about myself'

Thanks I will. He's just a kid in high school so I try to give him some slack but he doesn't know when to stop.

Later on he starts asking me about my dating life, how much I make, where I live, etc. Next time he asks me shit like that I'll just tell him to stop asking me personal questions. I really am only there to work after all.

...sounds like a Python sketch

You probably get this question a lot but I was wondering if you knew we're all the quality women are. A lot of times I'll date woman and they'll have tons of red flags I didn't see initially (selfish, into pop culture trash, doesn't think for herself and only follows trends, feminist, looks down on me for no reason, has had a litany of partners before me, etc). A lot of women nowadays seem to have big red flags and I know I probably won't be able to find anyone with no red flags but I still can't believe how much time and money I've wasted dating women who never took it seriously or just plain stop talking to me when I told them about my traditional views on family.

I'm just looking for a nice, awesome, quality women who isn't some NPC that does what everyone else does, and accept whatever the MSM tells her. Then again I also don't want a woman who won't make a good mother. I'm not Catholic but some people have told me to try churches. I'd also kill for a smart, white collar wife (since I'm white collar) but I have no idea where to find them either.

Go where they are.
Churches, book clubs, etc. Cooking classes for adults is good, I hear. One friend of mine went to bars where stockbrokers hung out and as an engineer that worked oil fields he was a ton more 'rugged' than the office people and he snagged a hot, rich wife that hates feminism.

How did you fuck your life so bad that you post on Jow Forums at age 51?

must be pretty bad, huh?

last call
Taking a nap soon [old man jokes welcome]

Thank you that sounds like a great idea. I should get more involved in stuff like that how do I say home a lot more than I should so finding woman isn't my strongsuit.

Just wanted to tell you before you left, you're a hell of a lot better in terms of advice than most people on this board

Thank you for the kind words.
Like I said - I've screwed up enough I sure as hell know what does NOT work

how do you express fear and anxiety in a relationship without driving them away?

What kind of fear?

Accept Jesus into your heart so that you may be saved

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Hi, hope you feel better soon.
I started my job 6 months ago. I work with this really old (55) year old woman named "Sue" and I felt like she really didn't like me that much. She thought I couldn't do my job, and made a fool out of me in front of a "customer" and they filed a complaint with headquarters about how she talked down to me and how that made them uncomfortable.
I snooped in her emails, and she sent our boss a really long email about all of these wild accusations about me being interested in needles and drugs, and that I didn't like being told what to do, and that I had a terrible attitude and was destroying everything.
Now that I know how she feels about me, I really hate her. I feel like she makes my work environment very unpleasant.
I don't know whether or not to just look for another job (I have been actually going to interviews), trying to reconcile with her, or just ignoring her and try to deal with it.
My boyfriend keeps telling me that I should tell my boss about her attitude and stuff, but I'm very non-confrontational. How do you deal with an old lady who has these delusions about who you are? What should I do? Why does she hate me so much?

Did you go to university? And if so would you say it was “the best time of your life”? Sorry if this has already been asked