I’m 5’6 and I think I like tall girls. is there any hope for me...

i’m 5’6 and I think I like tall girls. is there any hope for me? is there some kind of stigma i get from being a short guy trying to get with a tall girl? how do I overcome this?

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That's the worst shaped ass I've ever seen.

Look for girls that have a manlet fetish

You date her the same way you date a short girl. Stop giving a fuck about something irrelevant.

t. 5'6" with 5'10" gf

ayo you ever let her barf a lil in your mouth like a mama bird?

you’re probably right but im not experienced with relationship and only ever dated once. last week i asked out a girl and was rejected and got stood up on my last date 2 weeks ago. started getting the balls to ask girls out now but still only ever gotten rejected so far so idk if there’s something im doing wrong or something wrong with me i guess. and i want to be able to attract the girls im into and want to figure out if there’s an issue or reason here

when he gets snowballed, he will be like a little baby bird

Keep at it. Get dates from tinder or wherever.

Don't know about stigma but girls in general like men that are taller and tall girls are also like this which causes issues since there aren't enough tall men for the tall girls.

Is there any hope for me? do I have a fair chance? I think more dates will be good and asking out girls I find attractive. im in university as well in a few weeks I go back. Junior this year and I’ve still never been in a relationship

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What do you mean "fair chance"? It's obviously going to be more difficult for you dating taller girls than a taller man, but who cares. Just be confident, go for what you want like a man does, and eventually you'll get what you want.

I've dated taller girls in the past who were nuts over me. It's definitely within the realm of possibility. Don't worry about the "odds" and all that bullshit. Also, as for getting rejected, it's gonna happen. Happens to all of us. Just keep at it.

Any advice for asking girls out then? I will probably try to turn my brain off and walk up to random girls if they seem like they aren’t super busy and are my type when I’m back at university. I go to the gym everyday so I’m mainly just gonna approach girls at gym and disregard the reasons I shouldn’t approach them

I'm not the best person to ask for this because I rarely do cold approaches. My strategy has been this:

>> If there's any attractive single girls in my social circle, I try to start talking to them more then invite them on dates if they seem keen

>> If there's not, tinder, bumble, and bars. At bars, if a girl stares at me, I stare back and smile until she looks away. When she looks back I'll wave her over or go talk to her. Often I'll literally just sit at the bar with friends and wait until a girl around the bar meets eyes with me and go from there.

I haven't gotten a girl any other way so far besides apps and the methods described above.

Mah nigga.

t. 5'10" with 6'1" gf

I like tall girls too and I’m 5’11”, they tend to be more shy compared to short girls

Not him but getting dates from Tinder is pretty hard. My lifetime total is zero.

False. You believe in incel memes, not reality.

Getting dates from Tinder is easy, if you have never got a date from Tinder you're doing it wrong. You probably had a shitty selfie or two and a boring writeup.

Yeah my photos suck but it'll be a while before I can amass decent ones, maybe never.

Why is that? It really is not difficult to get decent photos of yourself.

I just never think to take any or ask anyone else to except when at home editing a profile. My usual haunts aren't very nice backgrounds either, and I think I'm incredibly unphotogenic.

Recently I've been to the wedding of a friend. He's like 5'6" and the wife was taller than me, so she should have been 5'11", maybe even 6'.
He's not a chad.
Also there is a guy I sometimes notice, because we hang out in similar places, who is quite short, like 5'4" and I've seen him with two girls, both taller than him (one really hot).

So yeah, it doesn't matter. Only pattern I've noticed is that both my friend and that guy dress really well. That's all.

They are confident in themselves. Dressing well is just part of the package.

5'5" with a taller qt gf checking in.
Society has normalized the tall Male shorter Female pairing, but it isn't impossible to beat. As long as they like you for who you are, they'll see past it. Of course, you'll probably fail at picking up rando girls unless you got money or a chiseled bod.

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Become muscular thick. I dated a guy shorter than me but he had sexy muscles and carried himself with a lot of confidence

step it up, 5'4" with a 5'11". we look ridiculous on the street lmao

my legitimate advice is girls use height as an excuse if you don't have much else going for you. have a good job and dgaf and women really couldn't care less if you were a midget.