Am I a bad person?

26F. I’m a high school teacher in Japan and I’m in a secret relationship with a student in my class. I’m genuinely in love with him, he’s helpful, he’s attentive, he’s supportive, and he’s got really nice mop of hair and a really cute pair of glasses too. I’ve been very busy with my life; I was being extorted by the parents of a student I tutored who died in a car crash and I felt like I owed it to them so I had to work a second job. My boyfriend somehow managed to find out about my job and he managed to get them to have a change of heart. After that he confessed that he loved me. I tried to turn him down because of the ethical implications but I realised that I had fallen for him as well. As aforementioned, he’s 17 and a student and yes, we’re sexually active as well. He makes so happy and he’s given me the resolve to be a better teacher, he’s improved my life in every way but I still can’t shake this feeling that I’m taking advantage of him in a way. What do I do?

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I'm 100% sure this is the plot for some manga.

Hentai bait.

Just be careful and don't get caught. Don't take unnecessary risks at school with him. Avoid going places other students might see you two together. After he graduates and turns 18, it'll be easier.

I don't think you're a bad person or taking advantage of him. I'd be super happy to be in his shoes at that age.

It's Persona 5. Kawakami's arc.

>can’t shake this feeling that I’m taking advantage of him in a way.
Just keep giving him massages so he can go to mementos more often.

Out of curiosity, do you have blonde hair and like to go running?

Yes, and I hate adults.

Ok well just remember to do all your homework for September 1st

It's morally wrong. And probably goes against the way the school expects the teachers to act. OUT OF ALL people in the world you choose to take advantage of a student. You have been trusted to educate young adults but you decided that it's right for you to abuse the power you get from your position to concoct a romance fairy tale with a student. You should be ashamed of yourself. Rethink what it means to be a teacher and the responsibilities that come with that role, otherwise don't do it since you are so selfish.

you don’t understand. the dick game is ridiculous

good thread, OP

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I'm sure there is plenty of good dick out there. This person is too retarded to realize it.

sounds you’re just jealous desu

For some reason he’s had a lot of experience with older women. He’s told me that his past girlfriends include a doctor, a journalist, and of all things a fortune teller

I'm not jealous, I find it disgusting honestly. If that was my child I'd make sure the bitch is rotting in jail.

Funny you say that, he actually had a criminal record and spent time in jail after being falsely convicted of assault. He tried to stop some bastard politician from raping a woman and he used his connections to ruin his life. Thankfully the politician saw the error of his ways and got his record expunged

Yikes. At best, you're a fetish. At worst, he was abused at a young age and this is how he's reacted.

so? if a guy I'm seeing used to rob banks, does that suddenly make it right for me to be doing shitty things too?

There's been reports he has other side girls. Are you really okay with that?

Honestly, you are a fool OP. You are thinking with your emotions and not using logic. You have the rose-colored glasses on. You make all of these excuses which seem to make sense to you, however, the reality is this relationship is not going to go anywhere. You either lose your job, or the guy you are seeing finds someone else leaving you feeling pathetic. Act like a high-class woman and move on.

If that’s true I’ll get them all together and we’ll beat the shit out of him

Holy shit. I know this behavior. None of that is true, I promise you. This young man suffers from BPD/ depression and probably psychosis. You're literally taking advantage of an unmedicated mentally ill student with dreams of grandeur

It’s true, honestly. The politician’s name is Masayoshi Shido, he built a platform of fighting for the people but it turned out he was a monster

That proves nothing

Oh god damnit

How about on Valentine's day?