How to live life?

>Autistic, mixed-raced virgin male, 23 years old
>Only life I have my eyes set on is sitting at home, doing nothing but exercising and drawing pretty pictures while I live off of SSI money
>Low forehead due to prenatal testosterone, so don't care about anything in real life, no desire for children, no desire to own beautiful objects, etc
>Fine with dying a virgin because I can't help but see that life is an ultimately evil thing

Do you think I will be discontent down the road? I am essentially going to waste my entire life doing nothing, alone. It is totally giving up on ever being happy.

I feel very little attraction to women because of my autism and mixed-blood, so that isn't a feasible path for me to go down. But, I also feel no desire for anything in life, so there is no frustration.

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what mix

No worries


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There's no reason to feel insecure because you are mixed. Lots of girls like exotic guys. Just hit the gym and shower at least once a day.

In real life, everybody wants their own kind.
I mean, when Elliot Rodger says "You girls have never been attracted to me!"

It's the truth.
Nobody feels genuinely attracted to mixed-raced people except for other mixed-raced people that are the same mix. The same thing that happened to Rodger is happening to me.

I have two options.

A.) Become wealthy enough to become attractive to women that don't want me (the feeling is mutual to a certain extent), and then hound them for hours
B.) Wait to die

I'm just picking B
It's the only choice for me. I don't have any power to make money.

^ true. mixed race is cute asf to me

Must be a gay man

No Übermenschenblut. No Chance.

> Nobody feels genuinely attracted to mixed-raced people except for other mixed-raced people that are the same mix.

That's simply not true friend. There are plenty of mixed-race men who are handsome. Besides, being attractive isn't everything. Some girls legitimately want someone who is smart or kind. Not all women are shallow.

They are handsome to men and men alone.
The natural way of male-female is shattered, permanently.

The women can appreciate a picture, but not real life.

It sounds like you have low self-esteem. I honestly believe that if you exercise on a regular basis and start socializing with girls on a regular basis (like at a Bible study or a club of some kind) you will feel much better. I understand that you feel inferior but I promise that it can get better.

I don't feel inferior.
It really is this way.

My white father only had sex with my mixed-raced mother because he's schizophrenic.

What kinds of hobbies do you have? Also how old are you?

Video games

23 years old

Find a local group that does one of your hobbies and join it. Odds are there will be girls there. Wait a reasonable amount of time and see if they'd like to go to the movies some time. If they say no then it's no big deal. Rinse and repeat until you get a gf.

The important thing is to try. Elliot's problem was that he sat around all day complaining about how he couldn't get a gf instead of actually trying to get a gf.

But the answer is already no.
Why would they go with someone that's not their race and autistic when they can get someone that is their race and sociable?

Outside of my superficial appearance of "attractive", there is nothing for women.

I'm not a woman but I don't think many women actually care about the ethnicity of their boyfriends. Personally I don't care about the ethnicity of my girlfriends.

But they do care.
Men care as well, but they'll take whatever is female.

If there's ever an option for their own kind (and there are a lot of options for a female), they'll take it over me.
You are just an outlier on that gradient.

>autistic and mixed-race, this guy knows what it's like
>everybody wants their own kind
>this guy is speaking gospel, gotta find that elliot rodger
>et tu, mutus?

Thanks for putting me in the watch-list, see you in guantanamo.

> Nobody feels genuinely attracted to mixed-raced people except for other mixed-raced people that are the same mix
Lol nice cope. The biggest chad I know is mixed (half white half arab). Stop using your race as an excuse and hit the gym/get better social skills

okay, than why make this thread? why not just kill yourself then you fucking mongrel? did you seriously expect anyone to have pity for a mutt like you? the only thing you can hate now is your parents and their influencers. you belong to no one, you have no people to speak of, you are a being that is not supposed to exist. you're better off killing yourself before you kill someone else in a rage of fury when you realize your own incompetence