GF looks younger than she is

help, my gf is 5 foot and generally quite young looking, like really young (shes 18) but whenever we're out in public and kissing and all that shit people give us strange looks and it's uncomfortable for me knowing that people think im dating a child. it doesnt help that she likes to buy child (under 15) tickets whenever possible to save money and then is all over me afterwards
what do i do

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How old are you?

20. And 6'2


Get into lg/dd

Id kill for a 5'0 little hottie

Just enjoy it you puss. It's your life. Why care about what people MIGHT be thinking

Because people legit think I'm a pedo until she starts speaking and they realise she's not actually 8
And nah I'm good bro size diff is hot but I'd rather not be called daddy neither of us are into it

Just be white strikes again

>Because people legit think I'm a pedo until she starts speaking and they realise she's not actually 8

People you don't even fucking know. You're insecure. Stop. Embrace your life

nigga ive literally had police come up and ask "what is your relationship with this man, do ur parents know ur here" until she shows her ID
Obv I don't really care about randoms giving a few looks, they are prob jelly. But yea

Stealth bragging. Obviously there’s not much you can do and people around you probably aren’t concerned

Very subtly brag OP. My advice is to kill yourself.

Well good for you. Fuck her right after that happens every time and call her a little slut.
Post her noods i wanna see her snatch and belly

Break up with her and say, "Sorry I can't be with you anymore because you look too young and I'm worried about what other people think of me when I'm with you."

If she's buying kids tickets when you guys are out then she must get some sort of thrill of all the attention from people thinking she's underage. How does she dress? Is she trying to look more mature or does she wear a tshirt with her middle school name on it to sell she's younger when buying that round of mini golf?
You need to recognize that your gf is contributing to the reasons why you are getting stared at.

post uncensored pics nigger.

No noods 4 u nigga your not a patreon
She buys kid tickets because they are half the price
When it's a cheap ass ticket there's no point but when it's £40 for a child ticket as opposed to like £90 for mine, I'm not complaining about her saving money
Why tho

Tell her to dress more adult

U can’t get the benefits of the loli lifestyle without the responsibilities

Unironically fuck it. Just make sure she always carries ID in case you get into a sticky situation


this man is not based.

I'm 6'1 and my gf is 4'10, and although we get stares I've never had any problems with people or police giving me trouble. You might be able to mistake my gf for a kid from behind at most, but she dresses for her age (22).

My advice? Don't let it bother you. Hopefully let people you know about her age and make sure she's carrying her ID with her, but apart from that don't let it ruin your relationship, especially if you like her

The doctor has made his decision boys, this one is cringe and bluepilled

Stare back at them and ask if you can help them you are literally doing nothing wrong. theyre the ones instigating.

Pretend to grope her on the train and make strong eye contact with onlookers

Don't complain about her saving money. And also don't complain about getting strange looks when your young looking gf buys a kiddie ticket and starts jumping your bones in public. Do you grasp my point at all?


It's because you are making out in public. Get some manners. It's what teenagers, not adults do, and a sign of a weak relationship.