So how was your first kiss user?

So how was your first kiss user?

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bad. Very bad. I had no idea what I was doing.
Did you know you're allowed to breathe when kissing?
Real strange.
I do better now. Be slow.

i just got a peck on the lips from a drunk girl at a halloween party
completely terrified of my first actual kiss and i'm fucking 28 ffs
how do i kiss?

saliva. saliva. more saliva dripping everywhere.
luckily it was with a friend who we both knew won't be together with, and we taught each other how to kiss before we actually started dating people. looking back at it, it's very weird to say this. idk how we even got into that situation, but i'm glad we did.

Forced, weird, completely unromantic. His breath stank.

OP here, what was horrifying about the kiss? And if you had any tips on how to kiss better what would it be?

here. just practice. is right. you are allowed to breathe, and it's better to take your time.

Brush your damn teeth twice a day. Use mouthwash before the date.
Kiss with your lips, not your face (don't push your face into theirs).
Use chapstick if you have dry lips. I don't recommend lipstick or lip gloss, they tend to be too thick and ruin the sensation, and can just be outright messy.
Learn to breath through your nose, the other person probably won't want you breathing into their mouth (not yet, anyways).
Don't forget about the rest of your body, or theirs. This is mostly a thing of experience, and changes from person to person, but using your hands and body effectively will greatly heighten arousal while making out.

it sucked really bad. was my father

why would your dad kiss you?

he was a pedo, it was when i was 7. told me it was to make sure i was brushing my teeth right, then proceeded to sexually abuse me for 4 years

Felt great, but was also really awkward.

it was funny, we both didnt know how to do it, so we tried it then failed so we both watched a video on how to do it then we ended up making out for like 3 hours lmao

that sucks dude :(


am a girl, but thank y'all regardless. i am doing much better these days!

Awkward, but thrilling.
Was with an older chick with a lot more experience than me, I turned out to be a great kisser later because she gave me room to make mistakes and learn without being judgmental.

Not bad. We were both 16 and I just dropped her off at her house. Pretty stereotypical

Good to hear. Your dad sounds like a piece of shit

Good to hear. I will kiss the shit out of my children though, especially the girls.

i know some people kiss their kids but definitely... not the way he did. you go for it, smooches from your parents arent inherently bad. its just when tongue and genitals are involved that it gets bad

yeah no sorry I keep thinking just pecks on my mouth like my mom used to do, nothing tongue...
am happy you're out of it, hope your dad stays away from you as well.

It was on a a ledge overlooking the ocean.

I liked it. I was thinking how pleasurable it was.

However she was a smoker musician girl so I ended up throwing up when I got back to my dorm cause of the cigarette taste.


She was kind of a slut. I had low standards, was desperate, and driven by lust. I didn't love her. She dated many guys before me. I was a sophmore 15 at the time, she was 17 (got held back and moved a lot). We met up in a piano/practice room after school. It was a small room.

I showed off how I could play a little bit of all star (she didn't know what it was). Then I stood awkwardly there and asked her if she wanted to kiss.

We made out. I think I did "ok" whatever that means. I asked her if I could drink her spit and she said yes and pushed some in my mouth while we were making out.

The girl I'm with now is infinitely better than my ex. She's cute, and isn't a "roastie". I should've definetly waited and turned down my ex instead of dating her. I wasted my first kiss on her.

I was drunk at a party with my friends and a group of girls came to bum us a cigarette. I told them that i could give them one but i had to roll it (ryo master race) so we stayed chatting a bit while i was rolling it. I started to flirt with one of them and eventually a friend of her told us we should kiss. We did and then we sit togheter. After a while the same friend of her told us we should make out.
I dont remember what I did but I'm sure it was bad.
Then we went to "dance" (more like humping like rabbits but it was nice) and never saw her again
This was all when I was 16 and 17, I got addicted to women and now im a mess like every man

First kiss was a peck. It felt nothing like I expected and more like putting my finger between my lips. First make out was with the same girl and was both of our first time so it was awkward. We tried again off and on for a few months but she was weird about her mouth in general and didn't care for making out much. I didn't think much of it myself so we decided to stop. The idea is hot to me so I'm not sure if I wasn't a fan because I knew she wasn't or if it's one of those "better in theory than reality" things. If my next gf is more into it I might change my mind but in general kissing is not some magical experience like it's hyped up to be.

I was 21. It was after I had dinner and drinks with some friends for my birthday.

There was this girl I had a crush on who went with us and I walked her to get a cab while my friends were getting their car. We kissed goodbye before she got into the cab. It was quick, and I was really nervous, so I just followed her lead. Sometimes I wish it never happened.

Nice and wet, I think she noticed my obvious inexperience but NBD. She was a mess though and it never went anywhere.

if any kiss counts
>on the cheek
>high school, 11th grade
>high school slut, but a cheerleader
>went to prom with her (even tho i was a 4/10 and she was an 8)

If lips
>severely depressed over women
>never had a gf
>get a 300+ pound one from desperation
>SHE kisses me
I regret it to this day.

Forced, stressful, humiliating.

Hehehe, didn't think I was going to feel miserable tonight.

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It was in my bedroom, I was 24. Told her I liked her as more than a friend, she said she did too, we made out for hours after that. Rating: 10/10

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Wanna write about it?

Sure. The way I felt was because of my own thoughts and intentions though,
not really because of the girl.

First girl ever to talk to me regularly. By playing some silly game through texting I get to kiss her. Anticipated the whole thing stressing over it all day and during the kiss. Engulfed her whole mouth with my lips and gave her some kind of weird wet peck, then ran away for my bus home immediately.

I actually wasn't attracted to her, I just used her because I wanted to prove something to myself by doing it or some stupid shit like that, I don't really remember. I felt pathetic for like a week afterwards, it was a big thing for me. I was 17. Yeah I think pathetic is the correct word, not humiliating.

Thanks for your interest user, you made me feel better.


17. In a parking lot. Crashed my front teeth against hers, realised how retarded I was and backed away after 3 seconds. Proceeded to leave her.

Never going through that again fampais. Currently 27.

Really bad, she kept using too much tounge and she had a booze stank to her mouth. Was 19 or 20 then.

It was great, but she was fat, so I don't know if that counts.

Just don't charge in, man. Aim for cutesy lip pecking and then lip sucking and then get tongue in there. If you're 27 you'll be dating girls that know how to kiss so it's easier

Man shit would probably be pretty fucking different if this situation ended for me like it did for you

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She tasted of ketchup. We were in a bus shack. It felt good.

If it was great then it does count

I was 16 hanging out down by the lake with my older sisters friend as I did pretty much every time she came over and my sister went to bed. It was the first time in a few years that we had done so though, as they had some sort of weird falling out after they graduated high school. We were drinking some moonshine I had made in my parents basement and smoking hookah, talking about shit that seemed important.
As you can probably guess I felt a certain amount of tension after many similar nights since the age of twelve, staying up to the the early morning with a sort of awkward and hesitant touching and "cuddling". This night seemed a ways better, instead of splitting two labatts that my dad wouldn't notice missing we had an ample supply of homemade booze and apricot tobacco. Unsurprisingly we got onto the subject of attraction, trying to dance away from the core of what we were both trying to say. Preferences about body type, hair color and voice were discussed at length. I guess she found a way out first because it was her that asked me if I wanted to "shotgun".
My heart started trying to pound itself out of my chest as I took a long drag of sweet smoke. I got a permanent burn of the image of her green eyes meeting mine, strand of red hair caught on the corners of her pursed lips. She closed her eyes after I started to pass the smoke into her mouth. This went back and forth a few times, more and more obvious that this had nothing to do with passing smoke. Tongue was introduced so slowly that neither of us could really say we were the first to french the other. Soon enough we fell off the picnic table back onto the grass, lips locked, hands exploring. The stars burning a trillion miles above, mere candles to the flame in my chest. Unable to shake the odd wobbles of "learning to walk" I simply asked "Do you wanna?"

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Her grin and giggle were much more eloquent than the clumsy "yeah" or the heat coming from her thighs. I guess it would be wrong to try and match the urgency of a sixteen year old boy to just about anything, because in our frantic squabble for each others belts it was I who found the prize first. I couldn't believe how warm it was moreover I couldn't even believe I was here, "the big show" so to speak. She made a noise somewhere between a gasp and a moan and pulled my face into hers. Her hands were more gentle and patient in their quest than mine. Nonetheless they quickly reached their goal as well. We slid together easier than well oiled gears. I know my sounds were just as odd as hers but I can't remember them, just her moans and quickening breath. Rolling about in a strange horizontal dance dew wetting the pants around our ankles and the shirts rolled over our shoulders. The snap of a bra clasp and her hands hiking up my shirt seem like abstract thoughts rather than defined memories looking back now. But I do remember so clearly the rhythmic pumping and her increasingly frequent gasps and the way she started to gasp and quiver.
What I remember most though is her suddenly going rigid and pressing against my shoulders. My hyacinth dream turned nightmare as she withdrew.
My heart raced differently as she pulled away and said "Oh god I can't believe I did this". While the memory revisited causes a reflexive pain of rejection in the moment it elicited panic. She started to repeat "I can't believe I actually did this" I was in a state of fear.

I walked her up to the house . She went upstairs.
I kind of find myself not wanting to write about it anymore.

Who the hell remembers their first kiss? I have absolutely no idea when and with whom it was.

Thats fucked up man, hope you killed him

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I'm 27. I don't date, it's of no interest to me anymore. I had all the will driven out of me by rejection and now I'm finally calm.

this thread gave me motivation to get up and brush my teeth. any other suggestions?

I was 18, and it was waiting in line with a girl I met that night to go into a club.

I got her attention, went in for a kiss and at first it was a peck on the lips. The next was properly making out, and it felt amazing - I was euphoric. I didn't really know what I was doing and if it was right, and whether I used too little or too much tongue. Either way, it felt amazing.

That girl turned out to be my first girlfriend, and I fucked her three weeks later and lost my virginity.

Oh god, banged my teeth into hers. It hurt

Started upside down because we were on a couch in a weird position. Ended with my hand in her pussy. Pretty fucking hot.

I don't even remember it. There were two times in school I kissed girls when they didn't want it, but I don't even remember the first time I kissed a girl who wanted to me to kiss them. It was in 2009 but I honestly don't recall the moment.

It was unexpected, was with my gf at the time in line at JC Penny’s turned around and she just went in for it. I was confused at first because I thought a ugly sand nigger like me would never get a kiss. Fast forward a year and half later she dumps me over text and finds out she cheated on me two weeks before breaking up and she dumped the dude she left me for for her best friends fiancé who I considered a great friend

>girl friend of a girl friend of mine
>fall in love the day I see her
>talk some, get her number, we are both really awkward because we are so infatuated with each other
>text and meet for a few months but I'm scared shitless to make a move because of reasons
>she gets more distant
>her best friend, another girl, talks to me and tells me I have to make a move or I'll lose her
>madly in love at that point, can't afford to lose her
>meet her, take her to a place where we have a view over the whole city
>talka little
>now or never
>kiss her
>she's in total shock, didn't expect me to kiss her
>proceed to awkwardly kiss
>I'm happy, she's happy
>hug and kiss for 20minutes
She later became my gf for 4 years, ended up cheating, hurt like bitch. But that kiss was just mezmerising. I don't regret it desu


Want to share stories of when they didn't want it?

Haha imagine not having kissed another human being


it feels so weird because it's some slobbering on skin that's slobbering on you, and you can't control or feel the skin you're slobbering on
yeah now I'm desperate for kisses

So bad and awkward I started crying. Which made things even more awkward and I cried even harder.

>be me at 13-14 or something
>at a concert with a friend
>concert is over, time to leave
>some girl we met there suddenly kisses my friend
>fucking unfair I want to kiss her too.exe
>look at my baffeled friend
>she gets my drift
>everything after this point happens way too quickly
>too much speed
>sudden inability to properly percieve distances
>It's a fucking disaster
>not as much a kiss as slamming two faces together teeth first.
It hurt. My lip started bleeding pretty badly. Hers too.
The other girl stared at us in horror... I guess that makes sense

Wanna elaborate?

Story time

bruh moment

ask girl if we can kiss , she happily says "of course" but during our meet up she was hesitant
so we just sat there, i'm smiling awkwardly like a retard.
she leaned towards me a few times but backs out, she clearly did not want to do it.
i got a peck on my mouth and that was it.
after the "kiss" she said that she felt like a whore because she had a bf. i got home and she messaged me that next week we must meet up so we can continue.
got friendzoned btw because she felt bad for her bf even though he cheated on her multiple times lol.

I was in 5th grade when a 4th grader kissed me on the cheek. I was playing freeze tag so it was pseudo rape but whatever. Never kissed on the mouth though so yeah

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There isn't much to it desu. I have severe anxiety coupled with perfectionist complex so when first time kissing went not as well as I'd have wished, I panicked and lost it. My bf looked mortified and unsure what to do, which made things even more awkward, so I spiraled downhill fast. Everything ended with me sulking in a ball in one corner of the couch while my bf tried to lighten up the situation by joking about it.

>Pseudo rape
No user. Stop throwing around serious crimes like that when describing a fucking pec on the cheek


I’m just joking asshole

Nice save

I was super drunk and was talking to this girl for like 10 mins, she was equally drunk and when I went to stand up she came onto me and I froze and I'm not sure if I was even properly kissing back but she was coming onto me for a while tongue and everything so I must have been doing something right. I still cringe about it to this day.

I was 18 (Really late bloomer I know) and that was a good few years ago now, thankfully have gone this long with only 2 other awkward kisses.

Life advice for kissless user's in this thread don't put too much importance on your first kiss as for 9/10 people it's going to be awkward as hell, but hey can't get good at it if you don't start. Also I'd recommend having it with someone you've been dating rather than some random drunk chick. I honestly like to think of the first kiss I had with my first girlfriend as my first as it was genuinely special

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I only had one kiss but she moaned like hell in public transport so here's that. I tell you what I did.

>Brush your teeth and tongue before your appointment, take moutwash, clip your fingernails, smell well, have a clean mouth
>go with your head towards her head slowly with your mouth closed. Tilt it to the right from your pov
>if you're an inch away close your eyes, open your mouth slightly and press it gently on her lips
>close and open your mouth like you'd make that fish sound, make it less frequent in the beginning and vary later on. The 1st "kiss" should be like 4-7 sec long
>Show her you're in control but also give her some control
>hold her tight to your body with your hands. Run with your hands trough her face, back, hair and especially neck like you'd try to touch a bubble without popping it. Dont do it too soft but also not too hard. Also hold her tights. Don't go below the belly button if it's the 1st time. Pet her face.
>If she's in mood and you're an utter noob let her initiate a tongue kiss (dont ask for it). Act like her tongue is a lollipop but dont get too hard in. Dont forget your handplay. Dont touch her tits, ass, hips and vag retard.

Breh i need a gf

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Thanks senpai. Ill remember this when my time comes to kiss someone.

(Shit im desperate but also I don't want it to come so easily, so idk what to do)


Tf why f.a.m autocorrects to senpai. Im newfag by the way

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It was real (in my mind).

I blew it a month ago. She broke up with me two days later.

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Im in the same state. Stop thinking, ask a girl out you like and if you fail ask another one. I never did this but I will.

We're all gonna make it. No matter if you're 28 or if im 22.

Also dont rush crap. I wasn't into her, she was heavily into me, i could have pounded her for sure that night. In the end I fucked both of our hearts

I'm and . My kiss wasnt bad but when it comes to the whole setting I feel you man. I felt bad for 3 weeks.

My first kiss ended up with using tongues and then I ended up dating the guy because I thought that's how relationships works, I was only 18 back then....

Wet - Potter.

Pretty great actually. We slowly got horizontal on a couch while watching a movie and continued cuddling in the dark afterwards. I noticed she moved her head a bit closer to me and I moved in slightly but then chickened out like an autist. I then noticed she had kind of puckered her lips and closed her eyes so I went it. I went "wow" audibly and she looked at me like she had done something wrong, so I kissed her again and we made out for a while. Still makes me smile.

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Doesn't live up to it's hype, in my honest opinion. I felt way more doki doki when I just embraced my crush in a long hug.

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I had tried a few drugs for the first time and I didn't think or even know that infatuation were stronger than anything I could ever try.

After that Kiss I had tried MORE drugs and none of them compare to a good kiss from someone you love.

The kiss felt like I had done about 15g of mdma every time I thought of her. I could feel the warmth and happiness flow from my head down my neck like water.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first kiss. I never told her how it made me feel because it'l make me seem like I'm obsessed or stalking.

3 YEARS LATER I still think about that kiss and how it made me feel. I can still taste the artifical strawberry on her lips.

Still pending

Not the best. It was a hot day and we where both a bit dehydrated I think and we had dry lips. It was also awkward as she was wearing a baseball cap which would have gotten in the way so I had to take it off her.

I was 6 or 7 years old, I'm not even sure if it counts, I don't remember it very well. What I remember is that it was forced and neither of us actually wanted it.


She was my crush, thought i would NEVER have a chance with her, at the time we were friends and had recently been fighting, invited her out to the movies cause i wanted to see star wars and nobody wanted to go with me. Had a great time every shitty joke i said landed and we were having a great fucking time. At some point we began to move in closer to each, to the point that i could her her heartbeat, without much thought went in and gave her a peck on the lips, she at first stayed in place, didnt look at me or say something, decided to give her another peck, same thing, stood there like a statue, i asked her if she was uncomftorable and asked her if she wanted me to stop but she said no so i went in again, only this time she followed my body language and we began to kiss. While it was short it seemed like an eternity, but i a good way, i could taste her lips which had a strawberry hint to them, probable due to her lip balm, we did a littlle bit of tongue action but not too much, there were alot of emotions i felt at that moment but if the best way i would describe it would be peace, everything was right everything was at peace, there was no war, no hunger nothing bad with the world everything was as it was supposed to be. So many times i had dreamed of a situation like this but had not actually farried out the kiss but now, now that it had happened it felt pure bliss. When we finished we just stayed there embracing each other, not speaking a word to one another, my eyes were on the screen but my mind was elsewhere, i just coudnt comprehend what had happened. 7 years later and i havent had a sexual encounter with another woman that compares with that moment, some days, the lonelier ones, that moment will pop in my dreams and when i wake up i can almost taste the sweet sweet strawberry laden lips of that fateful day.

Sorry for the emotional poetic wannabe ranting, a nigga really goin thru alot rn

Pretty gay actually.

I can feel it. Do you have a Chance to get in contact with her? My 1st kiss was utter shit for me.

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Really awkward. It felt uncomfortable being that close to a person and I really had zero idea what I was suppose to do with my lips. I kept trying to use my tongue and getting nothing accomplished. Obviously practice made me a lot better but the beginning was awful.

I feel a little blessed to have a good first kiss memory.
my boyfriend came to my room, dropped his stuff down and we gave each other a big hug and kissed.
as for one of those long French kisses, that was a little after our first normal kiss. we weren't very great at it which was okay, I still enjoyed it because it was with him.

Nonexistant lmao