Why bother finding a bf if g*d didn't bother making me attractive

why bother finding a bf if g*d didn't bother making me attractive

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Just don't be fat... you have a vagina and most likely some squishy bits on your chest.

Lose weight and you’ll get the men.

i don't want to spend the rest of my days doing my nails or some shit and bettering myself in all kinds of tiny ways because I'm not naturally pretty

Post pic and prove us wrong

>squishy bits
i do have boobs but they're saggy
i have a general decent look but all the details guys hate, like dilated pores on my face

I'm not fat though, I'm normal/muscular

I bet they are fantastic squishy bits.
Guys dont give a single fuck about details like pores...

Guys care in this order.
Is she fat?
Hows her ass, waist, tits?
Is her face pretty?
Is she charming or otherwise interesting?

Focus on getting a slim toned body and you will have more attention than you know what to do with.

i am normal and muscular and I'd say even a bit manly. like, I'm not fat, I'm sort of thick while i would love to have thin long limbs like chanel models and there is no way my body wants to change into that and i don't want to suffer hunger all life long to be thinner, even mentioning this gets me annoyed and discouraged i don't see what i could do

If you aren't attractive go for unattractive men. Plenty of unattractive girls out their with boyfriends.

You don't look like a model? 95% of the population doesn't either. Stop the self-limiting believies and go for it.

so i just have to be with someone i don't want

chanel models look like they'd break during the first three thrusts

That's not true. You shouldn't be restricting yourself towards things within your league but you shouldn't delude yourself into thinking you're something you're not, whether better or worse looking than you currently look.

You can lament about it, and get a partner using a slew of dating apps or you can lament about it, recluse yourself away and hope some random guy sweeps you off your feet.

you can't deny they're what most men go for, and also the kind of women who always have attention and a partner

This. Most people tend to date people who are similar attractive.The reason for this is that people tend to look for things you have in common in a relationship. If both partners aren't attractive they share similar experiences and there is less room for jealousy or inferiority complexes.

However this is just a trend. There is more to a person than just their looks. E.g. If you are their type people won't care that much about your league

Most men doesn' equal to all men. And it's basically the same for chad. But every somewhat grown person will look behind this. People aren't all that superfical. You are making up excuses.

Your only as attractive as your personality

Maybe god gave you something to work on, like that attitude

ham planet confirmed

Literally impossible for a woman to be alone.

There are men on the internet who pay big cash to see fat girls eating pie.

Even if you were the size of Los Angeles, there'd still be some nuts out there willing to fuck you while looking you in the eye.

Shit, I even got to fuck fat girls once in a while because I needed to get off.

Ugly guys get laid all the time, otherwise we wouldn't have ugly people

make yourself attractive, you lazy faggot

Haha fuck you bitch now you know how you feel except I’m not fat or ugly just not financially successful


Then why can't I find a Canadian male to pretend to be my boyfriend for ONE month???
Only 30 days. Just for fun.

montreal yo hit me up

Okay perfect. You will do excellently.

Literally just spread your legs and you'll get a bf. There are enough desperate men that they'll settle for anyone.

whats ur postal code