When is suicide justified?

When is suicide justified?

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Nothing needs to be justified.

When Tyrael says so.

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only when you're terminally ill
everything else has a solution


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I believe is it justified far, far more rarely than most people think, but your answer will vary depending on who you ask. Suicide isn't the answer because you're crying over the girl that broke your heart in high school. It isn't the option because you lost your job. It isn't justified because you're depressed, your mom passed away, or literally any of the hurdles life throws at you. Killing yourself is for cowards. Think you're a coward? Nobody is the coward until they make the decision to be one IN the moment--just like nobody is a hero until they make the decision to be one IN the moment.
I find that suicide is only truly justified in 1 moment: dying to save someone else's life. I would never kill myself because I have problems in my life. But dying to save my wife? family? best friend? Anyday. Most texts you read will have something along the lines of the "There is no greater love than to die for a friend." Until then, you've got everything to prove.
Life beats everybody. The guy you aspire to be, the ones you love, the ones you hate, and you. Why let life win any sooner? Protip: You can't answer this without making a excuse.

Kill yourself, normie piece of shit.

What if you've been unemployed for years and you're literally not even a part of society, you've literally lived in your mothers bedroom for years on end and you're nearly 30

Yes sometimes the stereotypes are actually real

What then? You're fucked, there's no redemption, that's it - surely it's nobler to accept your failures and take the correct course of action? Otherwise I'm leeching money from the state, from the taxpayer. Every single working person has to go to work and earn that money, and then I'm getting it for no reason whatsoever.

Why not???

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Illnesses that are terminal or very severe ill. And yes, I am including mental illnesses.

then just get a job and be a part of society, it's not rocket science

Whenever a person decides it is. It's their life and they should have the right and agency to self-terminate it if they choose to.
T. Guy who keeps a rope in his car for just such an occasion.

When you're tired of life and ready to quit.

My retirement plan is to put a bullet into my brain when I turn 60.

Nice, I keep a Glock 27 In my car for the same reason.

>ah yeah just get a job when you've been unemployed for multiple years
Just admit it that suicide is the better option for society.

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whatever makes you feel better senpai
illegal immigrants get jobs within a week without speaking a word of english, let that sink in

Never, except for

Bullshit excuses. A social care system must be able to tolerate neets to some degree.

Get out of your house, apply at mcdonalds, work your way up to your destiny and start living.

Yeah, you're confirming that suicide is the best option, well done you fucking idiot

>A social care system must be able to tolerate neets to some degree.
We don't live in such an idealised world.

Ehhh...people who're unemployed for several years - even decades - can get jobs. The problem is that you bitch as motherfucker are in a state called "cognitive triads" and see yourself, your surroundings and your future as shit. This makes you sad and suicidal (btw, y u still alive, faggot?) but at the same time allows you to dwell in your complex comfort zone so you don't need to improve (le "I wont find a job but irl i dont evdn want to since muh internet and I wont earn 5k/week"). Your day consists of dragging others down with your "blackpills" ("bucketcrab-mentality") and intoxicating the climate on the internet which is just a sad scream of your sorrow.

I say what I've said to another deadbeat user:

>"...Nobody on this anime wankster clusterfuck of an image board's gonna feel sorry for your shit life. Centuries ago people like you would have simply starved but since we have social care systems in the west bitch ass fuckers like you can cry all day for attention."

Kill yourself today or get your ass up, maggot. Being pro-suicide while being anti-suicide in denial was cool 12 years ago

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Everyone who does it intentionally justifies it somehow. Whether or not the logic behind those justifications holds up to any sort of scrutiny is another issue entirely. Same can be said about the logic behind not killing yourself, to be clear

When you're a vegetable
When you have some form of uncurable cancer or similar life-threatening illness/disease..

>types this as he is an actual "normie" trying to fit in on an anonymous forum of other "normies"
Oh, what a human will do to fit in. I see you're not in control of yourself-and maybe never will be.

When you are bitten by a zombie and theres no cure
Or when your name is jeffrey epstein and you didnt know you wanted to suicide.

fucking based. if these fags wants to kill themselves then why haven't they fucking done it already

I plan on doing it, I have an easy decent paying job. I think I will do it after I lose my job and cannot pay my bills anymore. Do the same thing.

This pic is so old Jesus Christ, this girl must be in her thirties at least by now

this is a blue board, NO PORN



With the exception of this user, who should definitely get on with killing himself.

You don’t need to justify wanting to die.
We all die eventually, checking out early is pretty much the same thing. Sure you may hurt others feelings, but you obviously wouldn’t be feeling blue if those selfish fucks cared.
Why should you stay to save their feelings? It’s horseshit.

Although if you’re still a child, see more of the world, it isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either.

when you want it to happen, if you have full knowledge of its consequences
honestly, people should be able to decide if they want to kill themselves as long as they are conscious of what they are doing.

Im not gonna lie hear, im a failed suicide survey of three attempts. I doubt you believe me but I can honestly tell you from my own experiences that ending it all is not the answer... I have ptsd been through some really fucked up shit in my life. Been tortured by my own father, beaten and raped, had none one in my family believe me or in my school. I spent 16 years having this happen and then turned to drugs and being a prositute to make a living. Just so I could get high enough to forget my own fucking name... I'm a 39 year old drop out with no education, and a male. I tried 3 times to end my life and each time I learned a lesson from the failed attempt.. Life is hard! life will beat you down, choke you out. And no one will save you other then your self... When you have to ask total strangers if suicide is justified its time to start asking your self what can I do to make this living hell less of a nightmare and some thing I can live with.. I highly recommend speaking to some one who is a trained councilor or therapist..you might just find out your not as broken or fucked up as you think you are.. and with a small amount of guidance can be Brough on track to a better life.. I hope you head my words and understand this is coming from a jack ass who tried and failed 3 times to end the suffering by ending it... Life is honestly kind of worth living for if you can look past all the fucked up shit and see the light on the other side... like family and friends and just nature it self.. trust me when I say I wish some one told me this shit years ago before I fucking destroyed my wrists, my neck and spent 40 days in the hospital because I overdosed on pills and Booz.. please heed my words and go speak to some one, it dose not hurt and who knows what can come out of it... Hope you do this and not do anything stupid...

So the funny thing about every single choice you've ever made in your life is you will never be able to know whether any choice is the right or wrong choice; time goes in 1 direction only. The thing with suicide though is if you die from it, you don't get any more choices. Maybe that matters to you maybe it doesn't.

It's not

People often justify suicide when there's no way out of their "situation"; that situation can be a grave mental or physical illness like C-PTSD or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There are also fundamental expectations in life of being able to have certain things, like the opportunity to reproduce and make a living, or to live in a society that allows you the ability to have a concept of self respect and dignity.

A lot of people's angst about their situation is due to not getting into a "cadence" of improvement of their situation. You get drawn into bad situations when you are stagnant and not agile enough to face what life throws your way and someone puts you in a situation where you are not getting ahead. Why they shut down is always a research project.

My personal perspective is, there are a lot of ways you can kill yourself. One way is with a slit across the wrist, a rope, or a gun. Another way is by taking drugs. or working a god awful job until you grow old and die. You can also, by the way, if someone put you in that situation, exact justice on your own terms, although I reserve that for being genuinely trapped. When you're willing to commit suicide, the recognition that "my current situation is not worth my life" is as important as "I'm willing to do anything to get out".

If you're in that situation, then work on getting into a cadence of improving your life. Learn to switch approaches when something is not working and understand it takes a long while to make it.

Otherwise, it's a case-by-case. I wouldn't give up without one hell of a fight myself.

You own 100% of your own body. It's yours until you die.

sauce pls

Nic 1 Normie

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