How to starve self?

I just want to be rid of my fat once and for all.
I don't seem to have what it takes to do it the right way.
Been exercising daily for years, but I counter it with terrible eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

I've read the /fast/ threads, and will do the water-fasting/snake-juice thing until it's all gone, even if it takes a month.

I'm settled on this, I'm gonna do it, just want any last advice before I begin so that I can do it safely, maybe even a little motivation to succeed.

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I would personally advice against it. It's effective, that's undeniable, but not really healthy. If you go for it, then as someone that followed a similar plan, here are some things that will most likely happen to you:

>Lack of energy due to lack of calories (obviously)
>Possible muscle loss (due to reduced intake of protein)
>Drowsiness, nausea and vertigo (more complicated to explain, but mostly due to lack of iron)
>Bad mood (lack of sugar in your blood will also make you lightheaded)

It's your choice pal, but remember, even if you lose all the weight you want in this month, you will probably gain it the next. Entering a diet means you will probably exit it, and having a good body is a lifetime work.

Count calories and make everything yourself.

Eat vegetarian for a while to get your blood pressure down then do a dry fast
Water fasts are for pussies

Anorexic here.

EZPZ. Take 1-2 psyllium husk capsules with two tall glasses of water in lieu of food. When you do eat, do OMAD and eat pickles/kimchi before eating. Eat the same foods (high protein low carb) food everyday. Take vitamins. Drink alot of water, tea, diet drinks.
Your hair might fall out from malnutrition but you will lose weight.

>I'm gonna do it

No. You'll do it for one day, two tops, and then you'll binge eat some massive feast of pizza, mcdonalds, chocolate, ice cream, or whatever it is that is your sinful food of choice.

I know man. I've been there. Just count calories, calculate your recommended daily intake, and find a number that works for you to lose weight while not going insane.

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Some safety info for you. Make sure you get electrolytes. People feel like shit while fasting and high restricting from lack of electrolytes.
Pic related as it's what I use but it can be any brand.

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Appreciate your detailed response.
I have only been able to change my behaviors in the past with some massive catalyst such as moving cities, this time I'm just trying to generate one myself.
I will hopefully be able to pull off another miracle and keep the weight off after exiting the diet.

Gud advice, thanks.

What is the purpose behind lowering blood pressure?

Cheers, didn't know about psyllium.
Hair loss?
Shit I have great hair, but I suppose sacrifices must be made.

Exactly the kind of anti-motivation that motivates me, thanks user.

Electrolytes aren't just salt?
I thought snake juice took care of that.

Enjoy losing your muscles and staying fat

I water fasted a bit last year. Longest one last about 4 days and they were spaced 1-2 days apart. Worked pretty well, but the first day or so you're just losing water weight. First time is also terrible. Once I got used to it I noticed I kind of just craved the taste of food more than actually eating. There's definitely going to be a noticeable effect on your energy levels, but as you get fat adapted it'll get a little better. I noticed that I would get suddenly tired in waves, but would also experience periods of high energy. I didn't exercise for the time I was doing this and lost what little gains I had, so be weary of that. /fast/ likes to proclaim that there's some massive boost in HGH when you fast so maybe I was just doing something wrong.

I'd make a bunch of bone broth and freeze it for later. It's nice to drink if you're feeling especially bad but are adamant on not eating solids, and I'm told it's a good way to come off of a long fast to avoid refeed issues.

Not sure if I'd do it again. I want to try some other meme diets like omad, keto, or carnivore next.

Also I took a multi vitamin during my last fast, which was the four day fast, and I think that was the best feeling fast I had. So possibly get a multi

The issue with starving yourself for more than 2 days at a time is that your body learns food is scarce and will store more fat once you start eating again. Best bet is to not totally starve yourself but instead to eat extremely small amounts. When I did it I ate 300 calories every 2 days for 4 weeks and dropped 30lbs, no weight gain on returning to eating a healthy amount, however when I was an anorexic cuck I ate nothing for 2 weeks straight. I dropped 40lbs yes, but as soon as I ate again I gained almost all of it back within 2 more weeks.

Buy smaller plates.

I lost 35 lbs in 30 days. Ate 300-600 cal a day.
Caused gallstones, wasn’t worth it.

My advice, increase cardio, remove salty processed foods.

>How to starve self?
Sweety, you pay a nutritionist to tell you how to do it.

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Fasting is not only dangerous but ineffective. The first pounds off are always the first to rush back.

Eat normal, generally balanced meals, but in smaller quantities. Weight lost at the rate of 1-2 pounds a week is most likely to stay off

You can fast, but also do keto. If you currently eat carbs and then suddenly stop eating altogether, your brain will start screaming.

Do keto for a couple weeks first. Eat only meats, fats and leafy vegetables. So for example, for dinner tonight, have some chicken thighs and steamed broccoli. For a snack, have a handful of cashews or almonds. If you got a sweet tooth, make "fat bombs" (look up the recipe, personally I use peanut butter, coconut oil and a pinch of cocoa)

The first few days, you'll feel like you're starving. That's how you know it's working. Glycogen in your muscles is being used up and your brain is missing those sweet simple sugars and carbs. Just keep eating fat/protein only.

Every day, aim to eat a little less, like 50cal less than the day before. Eventually, you can get away with doing one meal per day (I do dinner only) and even further, lessen the amount of food every day.

Once you're comfortable not eating for 24 hours, work up to a full 48 hours, but I would suggest not going past that. Eat a small amount of fat and a decent amount of protein, or whatever muscle is on your body will waste away. You can work out while doing this, but keto is amazing because the fat falls off even if you sit on your ass all day.

Intermittent fasting works. I usually dont eat until 1 pm and stop eating at 7 pm. I bike 5 days a week and go swimming. I dont eat meat (only fish/eggs/cheese), very little bread and pasta.

What caused the gallstones?

If you don't eat for a long time, your gallbladder still produces bile (used to break down fats from food) and the bile sits there.
Your liver starts breaking down fat cells for energy, and a byproduct of that is cholesterol.
Cholesterol and bile mix together and sit there and solidify. When you eat again, gallbladder tries to pump bile into intestines but guess what, now theres a big stone in the way.
Don't ask me how the cholesterol gets into the gallbladder, I guess I forgot to ask the doctor that.

t. someone who had gallstones earlier this year after fasting

Don't know how fat you are but unless you have at least 30-40% bodyfat, I'd not go more than a 5-7day fast. You can really screw up if you do it for too long without a proper planning. Sure, your body will survive this, but it's not healthy at all.
You should rather try time restricted / intermitent fasting.

>How to starve self?
Just eat once a day for a while. And not a huge as meal, a normal sized one. Take vitamins too.

You know you have terrible eating habits. So now you can either fix that or go on a retarded crash diet and gain the weight back as soon as you fall into your old habits again.
If you want to fix your eating habits you either eat stuff that you cooked yourself or stuff that's basic, such as fruits, nuts, cottage cheese, plain yoghurt, oats, full grain bread etc. Count your calories, that look up the calory content of everything you eat and calculate the total, then see how it adds up. Look up scooby's calory calculator. You can select weightloss as a goal and it will tell you how many cal you need to eat daily.
Form a new habit of eating well or be a yoyo