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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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besides the periods what's it like to be physically female? like what's it like to have a female body?

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Girls, if a guy asked you to hang out or get lunch sometime, would you immediately assume he's into you? Would you think he's creepy, especially if you just met? I'm always paranoid that I might be too forward with a girl and it keeps me from making any sort of move, even a "beta" one like trying to be friends with a girl and maybe ask her out later. I pretty much just don't talk to girls these days. Can someone give me some advice or words of encouragement? How can I let a girl I've met know I like her as a person and want to get to know her better without being creepy or making it explicitly romantic?

Girl I know goes through guys fast. I'd like to be one of them (and hopefully stick around a little longer). How do I see if she has one right now without going full snoop or blatantly exposing my intentions? She does not believe in social media.

As expected of breasts.

If she goes through guys fast, she obviously has the wrong attitude towards relationships to begin with, and I would stay clear unless you know her well enough to know otherwise, in which case you would also know if she has a dick-of-the-week yet.

Do grils wake up horny?
Do femanons have their own version of morning wood?

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We talk a lot about life and the world but not so much about how much dick she sucks. I know it's a bad idea but I want to hold her.

Is there a standard operation procedure for dealing with a teen girl who has a crush on you? I think I'm in that situation and I don't know if there's anything I should be doing.

Are you a teen boy? If not there's absolutely nothing you should be doing about it. Ignore it.

Yeah, I don't want to fuck her, I just don't know if there's any way I'm supposed to be acting.

women, what are some secrets that you will never let your SO know about?

How do you know if a girl is to pretty for you?

If her weight is below 3 digits (in kg)

If she's at the AoC: Give her the dick
If not, avoid her.

I'm pretty sure she's not, and I don't want to give her the dick anyway.

We talking beauty expectations, being objectified in general, or other functions ya'll don't have like milk production or being socialized to embrace our emotions?

it's irrelevant when a 4 can think she's a 7

I allways assume anyway unless the friendship is already established through conversation.

How the fuck do you get over the anxiety of making a move on a girl?
When a was a young kid I was super shy and barely ever talked to my little crushes, when I did it was usually in a purely friendly manner and I'd never end up saying anything that could be even be interpreted in any other way.
When I got a little older figured I'd meet someone and we'd hit it off and it'd be natural, so I didn't really try.
But now I've realised that it doesn't just work like that and I actually have to put the effort in, but putting the effort is such a foreign and intimidating concept to me that I just can't bring myself to do it.
I also have a lot of anxiety and really low self esteem. I'm trying to work in other ways to improve myself eg gym, therapy, working, social life, etc but this is easily the hardest thing to tackle and I'm scared I'll never figure it out. I've literally gotten a girl's number (only because her friend was literally begging me to ask for it in the background) once on a night out and never messaged her because I was so anxious and nauseous. I've also walked away from situations where I was most likely about to have sex because I got anxious and nauseous.
I know the main answer is "just do it" but I don't really know what "it" is. I don't know how to text, how to approach, how to seal the deal, any of it. Not in a romantic context, not in a purely sexual context, not in any context - I literally have no clue and I think that + my anxiety is what makes this so difficult but I don't know how to beat it.

For women: What was being a teenager like for you?

Either gender
It's not weird or obsessive to masturbate to a crush, right? I'm bisexual and I've dated both a guy and a girl who turns out in conversation had done it thinking about me before we dated. Both of them turned out to be weird stalker types. Now there's this guy I'm dating now and somehow it came out in conversation that he did it..

Thing is, I've never done it. I don't really get it, but I don't want to get burned again.

Please don't bother me with your stupid user assumptions, just answer my question.

How do I know if a girl has a boyfriend? I'm always afraid to ask out girls because what if she already has a boyfriend? She might get mad at me, or worse, her boyfriend might get mad at me.

The best it's gone for me was to just avoid thinking about it. The more I try to plan the more anxious I get, so when I embraced the "fuck it" attitude I actually came off confident for the only time in my life.

Granted that was also with a girl way out of my league so I figured I was getting rejected anyway.

No, it doesn't always happen but it's not weird when it does.

No, not really that weird. Probably a coincidence. Now, telling them if you're not dating them, or really early in the relationship, IS weird. If they're telling you after you've been dating for awhile already like "LOL, we've been dating for a few months/years, but I remember way back when I first met you I jerked it to the thought of you", that isn't really weird since you've (presumably) already had sex with them a countless number of times.

homosexuality is disgusting


Okay then.

How offputting is dating an insecure girl? I've been seeing my guy for about 6 months now, and I feel like as I've gotten more comfortable with him, my insecurities have gotten more apparent. It's not extremely excessive, but it is incredibly obvious that I'm timid and insecure about my appearance. I feel like it's even gotten worse over time, and I'm worried it's becoming to be annoying/a turn off. What has been your guys' experiences with an insecure girl? Does it make you lose your interest?

So there's this girl at work that I kinda like, but I've literally never said a word to her. Now, I've been invited to another co-worker's for dinner next Monday. Do you think it would be odd at all to ask if I can invite femanon? or even to ask my coworker to invite her and be like "by the way user will be there *wink*"?

I feel like this is the perfect first "date" opportunity because it takes a lot of the pressure off us to have to get to know each other.

literally irrelevant unless you are bitchy about it

If I knew how to initiate a conversation I'd probably be much better at giving less of a fuck.
I'm kind of in the same situation, I'm considering popping up to a v attractive girl on social media who I met fucking ages ago and haven't seen since, but she's probably out of my league so it's kinda intimidating.

If you've already been dating for a while like you have, it's not a big deal.
It's before or as you start dating that it comes off as you putting on an act for attention. Like one I know that drops an "insecure" comment every once in a while whenever she wants to be bathed in complements from her orbiters.

Which part is irrelevant?

I don't know, I think it would be kind of cute if a girl is kind of nervous and insecure. I used to know a girl who was very socially awkward and I would always think it's adorable. I never dated her or anything, but I sure did like her a lot.

She told me that one time that she went into Burger King and looked at the menu, didn't really see anything that she wanted, but didn't want people to see her walk in and out, so she pretended she got a phone call and walked back out to her car. When she told me that I could've picked her up and spun her around I loved it so much.

>I'm kind of in the same situation, I'm considering popping up to a v attractive girl on social media who I met fucking ages ago and haven't seen since, but she's probably out of my league so it's kinda intimidating.
Not over social media out of the blue if you haven't talked recently. You're just an inbox random at that point.

If you have an actual reason like her saying she'll be in x town for a bit if anyone wants to hang out, that's good enough.

I probably won't see her in person. We randomly met on a night out, spoke a bit then she gave me her snap and I was too pussy to message her.
Followed her on ig a couple weeks ago and she followed back but that probably doesn't mean a thing.
We go to the same uni and live in the same hometown but I've never seen her about other than the one time.

I think its actually the opposite. I was confident at first, and now Im getting more and more self conscious about myself at all times. I also gained around 5 pounds and it's driving me insane thinking he notices.

Hmm well that does sound like some shit Id pull. I thought guys found confidence to be more attractive though?

>I was confident at first, and now Im getting more and more self conscious about myself at all times
I'm saying it shouldn't be a problem if you were confident at first. It's believable insecurity that's not annoying.

I don't know, I guess confidence is good, and I can see insecurity being annoying if it's too much, but if the girl's a little shyer then you know she's not going out to fuck other guys, and I think I kind of like the idea of having to convince the girl that she's attractive. Tell me this isn't the hottest scene in the world.

>I thought guys found confidence to be more attractive though?
lack of confidence can be considered cute, but there's also a line between it being believable or not, so it's something a guy who's serious about relationships learns to be wary of.
Too many girls out there with fake personalities using it as an act to attract guys.

anyone: is it wrong to have mood changes according to whatever happened at some moment? I'm a 30 yo guy if that matters. I don't think I ever learned proper manners, and I don't socialize much.

It depends. I used to be effected by things a lot easier when I was a teen but now things don’t bother me as much. I think you can learn to control mood swings or at least your reaction to things

I mean, strong mood changes. changes that affect other people sometimes.

Get to know her and ask her about herself, eventually just ask if she’s dating somebody. But don’t like bombard her with questions. You have to space them out

I’m 21m and I’m utterly insecure about post acne on my temples

Hellish desu. I had friends and was successful in school but it's when depression first set in for me, driven by low self esteem. I was usually made fun of/ignored by guys and compared unfavorably to my hotter friends. I wasn't fat by any definition, but felt like I was. It severely affected my confidence and while it's in slightly better shape now that I'm an adult, many of the thought patterns and issues I grew up with haven't gone away.

Aight I see then. Well he knows its not fake and not attention seeking. Im not good at faking, and am just an all around genuine person. Ill try to not overthink it, and work on myself in the meanwhile.

missquoted there senpai, my bad.

I was going thru a lot because my parents were abusive and I was bored in school- so I never did my homework but aced all the tests, and failed some classes. I knew I wasn’t going to college because my parents wouldn’t help me or care, and I didn’t know how to do it myself. I planned to move out ASAP and kill myself, since I was like 12 I planned that. The things that held me together was online friends, and a few friends that I made in high school. I was really emotionally volitile tho due to abusive parents so I didn’t know how to be nice to my friends, and I had a shitty edgy humor and went on Jow Forums a lot, because I hated myself and didn’t know how to handle my trauma and emotions. I moved out at 17 and took a lot of acid that year, then tried unsuccessfully to jump off a bridge. Now I’m in my mid 20s and my emotions are a lot more level. I still have a hard time taking care of myself but I wish I could go back in time and confort myself, as well as tell myself I’m an idiot but like guide myself thru situations. I hope that makes sense. In addition, when I was underaged there were a lot of old men who would hit on me or make inappropriate moves to me, which made me fear men.
I had ocd and social anxiety through childhood which have significantly lessened, and I’m much more confident and in control now

That's good. Losing five pounds isn't very hard if you really want to.

On a more positive note I avoided staying home as much as possible so I’d always hang with my friends and do fun stuff like skateboard around parks and tell ghost stories. My friend would always get somebody to buy smokes for her and we’d drive around smoking underage and blasting music, then go to the mall because that’s the only place to go in town. Just running around like kids really. That’s what I miss about being a teen because now everybody acts more mature, no more running thru the neighborhood with your friends

Nah I know. My real concern is he noticed the 5 pounds. My face is chubbier and I have a bit of a tummy going on. It makes me think oh my god he must think I'm hideous and fat now.

Oh well, it's not that big a deal. Maybe you can start working out together or something.

I'm doing some fucked up shit at work and I don't know what to do about myself.
I like flirting with women, and there are like 4 or 5 at work (i.e., most of them...) with which I keep flirting with. honestly, I'd fuck each one of them if I could, but I know it is the most retarded thing I could do, because of the drama that could come with it. also, I lack experience. as in, I've never had a gf. I'm looking for women younger than me because of that, and I feel like these women will notice my inexperience immediately.
there is only one of them that, while older than me, I'd fuck the shit out of if I could, and I'm pretty sure she wants me, too. she's from another company, and only comes twice a week. she's really pretty and hot.
what would you guys do? would you keep trying? should I avoid them all, or most, or only some? should I try one at a time?

some things that affect me are: politics, songs, dumb people, women...

I read on r9k earlier that if you run a 5k every day you will become a chad because it will teach you discipline. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Guys, do you run? Does it make you feel more masculine and motivated? Girls, would it impress you if a guy could run a 5k easily? Apparently it's feasible to run a 5k in 30 minutes, even if you're below average. 30 minutes a day doesn't sound so bad if it'll make me a chad. Thoughts? Is it worth it?

If you run 5k miles yes, if you run 5k meters nope.

I see some guys who run and look like femme noodles. It's better to spend those 30minutes lifting if you want to look masculine and attract women. Check Jow Forums

It doesn't even matter since guys will literally fuck everything. If he's way out of your league (as it is in most cases because girls only date up and never down nor someone on their level), then he may dump you for a better hole, of course.
I did it for a month every day, plus other exercises and I wouldn't say it changed much, I did get abs though. But it's mostly about your face that decides whether you're a Chad or not.

i need help describing what this is.

it's like a door blocks the way. on the other side if my gf. sometimes it opens (she's available for conv, sex, etc), sometimes it doesn't. often, it's like the universe is stingy and cruel and won't open it. i want the door to be open all the time (i want her more available). why can't i be around people who i want.

i'd get bored with them. nobody is infinitely entertaining. i need to develop my own story. i can't control whether the door is open or not, but i can make sure i'm available when it is. i want to be wanted and needed by people i like, and i want people i don't like to avoid me. but maybe if they made themselves too available, i'd hate them

is this insecurity? neediness? what is it and what do i do about it? i'm the way with other friends too. i send them tons of messages or try to strike up a conversation, but it seems like everyone is busy most of the time. it feels like i'm the one who sends out messages, initiates all my conversations. why don't people initiate conversations with me? am i not interesting enough?

Ever busted someone you were sexting with sexting someone else? How was it handled and did you move past it or stop talking to the person.

My secret beauty maintenance. He doesn’t need to know I wax my mustache or pluck nipple hairs.

We’re all insecure about something.

>5k miles

Try being 21m and still having active acne all over your face. I'd kill to have only the scars.

> 5k miles
> lol just run from New York to LA and back every day, you'll be a chad in no time

Probably not regularly like guys, but if I wake up naturally and comfy after sleeping in, yeah. If I have to wake up to an alarm then I can’t imagine feeling good.

I've had times where I wake up so horny I don't want to leave the bed until I masturbate. It really just depends on the day.

Nothing. He’s the only person who knows all of my darkest secrets.

Lots of depression in mid to late high school. It was fun being a weeb in middle school to early high though.

Sometimes I just want to go out and fuck strangers, men and women. Though I'd never cheat, so I just kinda suck it up and stay sexually frustrated.

how does that shit work? you tell someone you find them hot and ask for pics, then send some when asked? does it have to be a person known to you? does it lead to sex? does it work with random people on social media?

Shitty. I went through suicide attempts, anorexia, depression, and dissociated most of my way through high school. A lot of different reasons why.
I don't think it's a gender exclusive thing, being a teenager sucks for everyone, except maybe rich people.

Ever wake up super horny but also super comfy, and you fall back to sleep with your hand down your pants, only to have a semi-lucid wet-dream that feels even better than real life and you aren’t sure if you came in the dream or actually came? Those are good mornings.

Just ask her. I never understood why people would get offended by being asked out. If she gets mad at you for asking her, that's a her problem, not a you problem.

No amount of money in the world makes being a depressed high-schooler not suck. I’d assume it makes you feel even more guilty.

Ladies, please. You've helped me immensely before. Please help with a message I want to send.

I'm away from the girl you helped me get. She said she would send me a pic while I'm away but when I oressed for one she said she doesnt take great pics. This is what I want to say:

>If you're me a favor. Next time you go to the bathroom...pull up your shirt. Flip your bra down and take a pic of those nipples i like to suck on

Is this something you'd want to get from someone you're fucking? Can I say it in a better way? Please help me.

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Until you wake up and realize you're late for work. @_@

Thank you for responding, I needed this. You're helping my gender dysphoria a lot.

women, what's the fastest you have gone from meeting (that is, without having talked before) a handsome, tall guy in some random place to going to bed with him?

also, for anyone: any suggestions on how to fuck random girls I find, say, in the subway or something? I get many looks, and I feel like some women get this "talk to me please" attitude when I'm close to them.

I've been lonely and retarded for too long, I've denied myself for too long, now I want to live life...


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7 years and counting

you what?
I asked for the fastest, not the slowest :P

Please help me craft a message to get lewds from someone shy like this. Please women.

After going on 3 dates with him in a week. I waited 8 months to sleep with my only other ex.

Why can't females be more efficient with the toilet paper?

My answer is the same for both

Because pee gets everywhere sometimes, and then there’s also periods.

I want to kill whoever allowed the first white man to exist because my hair has been turning brown in the sun and this never happens with any other race I will fucking murder whoever invented white people with a time machine this is not a threat, this is a promise. I'll fucking go back in time and murder the first person to contain the brunette gene I'm sick of this shit.

I think you're in the wrong thread user, you're looking for GIOYC

I'm not talking to you, punk.

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my parents divorced. my siblings and i stayed with my mother and my father moved away. this happened a long time ago though. anyways, he left his handgun and everyday the idea of shooting myself is becoming more and more appealing, i just don't see myself having a good life. all my friends from school stopped talking to me weeks after graduation and i'm beginning to feel like a burden to my family. i feel like i'm just wasting their time and money, that they would be legitimately better off without me. they never really had very high expectations of me, yet i still keep letting them down. i'm touch starved, but i don't deserve a gf. these past couple of days have been extra shitty and i came very close to doing it but i pussied out. help.

Either gender.
What was the worst date you've been on?
What was the worst date you've been on that was successful?
Who was the ugliest person that you continued to like?
(Please help me stop rationalizing reasons to not ask someonee out when the only reason it "bothers me" is because I'm uncertain how actually attracted to this person I am physically even though I am attracted to this person. Please help me stop feeling weird about being attracted to people who aren't 10/10. Please help me stop feeling weird about being attracted to people who are 10/10... Please god help me)

4-5 hours at a party. We are still together years after.
>I've been lonely and retarded
Never gonna make it desu

How can i be nice to people if I don't like anybody?

My worst date was a girl who lied about her weight and had a horrible personality. We went on a sushi date and during the meal, she said something racist and I went “alright, I’m out” and just left.
My worst date that was successful was a model, she had no personality and was utterly boring. She just talked about herself, but i stuck it out and we had sex in my car.
I never liked a person i deemed ugly, I don’t think it’s healthy being with people you find unattractive. But you should definitely be real about what you bring to the table, stop glorify 10s.

Is kissing supposed to feel good?

How the fuck do I meet girls?

How do i become a normalfag?

I want to stop thinking. I want to be able to talk to girls.

Also, I'm trying to figure out keys to an appealing personality so any feedback is appreciated.

Ideal personality:
• Be confident and nice
• Be enthusiastic
• Never stress
• Don't say anything offensive/critical
• Be supportive of people and give compliments
• Show an interest in people
• Hold strong beliefs and express interesting anecdotes
• Make other people feel like they benefit from conversation
• Never talk politics