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Are there any Canadians on here who'd like to pretend to be my boyfriend for about a month?

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What in the absolute gosh daggone frick am I doing?

I asked my crush out tonight over text and she said that she couldn't because she has plans. No attempt at rescheduling. I'm glad that I revealed my feelings finally, but now I feel kind of hollow. I imagine we'll drift apart now and stop sharing those fun conversations.

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I don't speak Indonesian.

At least I'm not a famous puppet.

like kermit

Are you a Canadian male who could pretend to be my boyfriend for a month?

Why did you have to put whatever the fuck this is into my folder at the Google Skynet stealth ops headquarters?


Okay... but please speak either English or French with me. I don't know asian.

it hurts to live without you in my life, but at least you can be happy.

Okay bump I rather have one who speaks English (or French)

Very cool. When I was young, I would practice ventriloquism while watching Jeff Dunham. As I grew up, I became more interested in prosthetic (such as the ones that were going to be used in the The Thing remake) and animatronics though.

Almost one year after the death of my brother... I found god


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[weird combination of "ohh" "well" "uhh" and "ahh"] that wasn't me Miss Piggy! I swear!

Still need a Canadian male to pretend to be my boyfriend for one month.

Man I don't wanna think about this

You tried and that's what mattered. I'm on the fence about confessing to my current crush.

I have an ex from a 3 year relationship who within a week went from "we've been talking about it for a while so let's plan a wedding for next year" to "we have clashing beliefs and goals in life, I've never been happy in this relationship despite what I and my family have said, and I'm breaking up with you" and it's been 5 months since then. We had ups and downs but always worked things out because we cared about each other more than ourselves and understand good relationships take work. Her family and friends that were close to both of us said to give her time but any communication (maybe 3 short conversations) has been me reaching out to her, though she answers pretty much immediately and it was like this all along so I can't tell what's going on with her. I'd get back together with the condition we do couple's counseling at her expense as I don't want to waste more money on her if she won't take it seriously. We were good friends before dating and in her words we got along great as a couple or I wouldn't even consider it.

On the other hand there's another girl who's pretty much a more positive and mature version of my ex, only my ex is a year older with a better body and we share more hobbies than this other girl and I do. We've met maybe 2-3 times in as many years but I reached out on fb and she doesn't remember me. Our mutual friends are always surprised that we aren't close. Part of me is saying try to get to know her though I don't know how at this point. Another part is saying at least wait until my birthday and if I hear nothing from my ex then make a move. Yet I've got the "that'll be too late" worry running through my mind and the "but if I do and my ex reaches out I'll want to drop the new one and get back with her, and if it doesn't work out again then I'll be without either one" argument is around too.

I need to break up with my gf but I live with her, she is extremely emotionally dependent on me, and I'm scared of ruining her life.


My nights are lonely with out you P.
I miss being in your arms..

The fact I've never had a gf is really hurting me inside. All my friends have girls, while I can't talk to one without spilling spaghetti like an autist. I just want one girl out there who shares the same interests that can inspire me to do better, and I'll do the same for her. I want to cuddle with her and make her happy. Fuck. Dammit. And its always the same shit about "You can't love someone else until you love yourself." or "Just be patient." I obviously don't go screaming out in public, ranting like I am here, I know I'm not entitled to a girlfriend, but goddamn. It hurts. I want to be hugged by a woman. I want to hug her back. Fuck.

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I really... really need to stop visiting this board and reading about people's... why am I doing this to myself...
Why can't their be a clear path out of this that even a counselor could tell me anything useful beyond dealing with the anxiety...

I fucking hate life. This is complete shit. I no longer understand how people can say life is generally positive.

Probably not yours but I miss talking to you till we fall drop dead asleep and watching cute animal videos together.

be me 25y

>Past year I broke up with my fiancee after 8 years of relationship
>Past year I was kidnapped by a former psychopathic boss
>Past year i was struggling with porn addiction
>This year I was sued by that very same psychopathic boss because "I owe him"
>This year I was sexually harassed by another former psychopathic boss
>This year I ran out of money 3 unemployed months straight
>This year I almost kill myself...

But, you know what?
I don't regret anything

>Due to my unemployemnt, I'm costarting a programming business and have my very first big clients and investors
>My current porn-free streak has reached 6 months
>I know that the first psychopathic boss was almost killed in a fist fight, karma is really a bitch
>With no money and roof, my parents accepted me and improved my relationship with them
>In the trenchs of my past job, I found a best friend

I hope that whatever you're facing, know that everything isn't permanent, but temporal. The suffering you can feel is there to teach you something important or to prepare you for greater things.

Damn my strategy totally didn't pan out. Maybe it was stupid, idk. I just need more discipline. If I could only get through this week I can pull my socks up.

How long does it take to write a resume for your average college student? I'm putting this off to the last minute, but I wanna still make sure I have enough time

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Don't procrastinate. Just finish it.

pls respond

For what purpose, eh?

It's a secret.

What kind of boyfriend is one which you can't trust a secret?

I don't want a boyfriend. I want someone to pretend to be my boyfriend for a month but they have to be Canadian.

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Humor me, initial?

Hung out with one of my best friends today. It's nice to catch up and talk about both fears and dumb shit in life. Genuinely a really good day.

Do you think I was okay after my ex left me like that? I was borderline suicidal for the first 3 months, plus I lost my job, moved back in with my parents, all my friends either sided with my ex or moved off themselves, and I started dealing with an ongoing family situation that's been requiring me to live in 2 towns and travel between them at erratic times so I can't even find work- all around the same time. I'm bleeding out my savings on my few bills and travel expenses and it's only a matter of time before I'm penniless with nothing to show for all of this. That girlfriend was a huge support for me and she left in the worst of it all.

I've learned we can't truly appreciate the happy times without going through bad ones. If life was always good that would be your normal and wouldn't be good anymore. Same if it was all bad. But the ups and downs of life give you things to look forward to, or things to fear. It all depends on your perspective. Life isn't and won't ever be fair so some people have to work harder than others to even be happy which costs nothing but a perspective change. If you're always worried about something then life will be filled with anxiety, but if you're mindfully looking for the positives, even if years pass between them, you'll find something to be happy about.

This other girl is a potential positive, but if it doesn't work out it'll be just another failure in my life. The positive in that would be I had the courage to try and that's good enough for me.

I'm writing music and part of this song is completely silent for half a measure and it makes me laugh every time.

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I'll pretend to be your bf but I'll also have to pretend to be Canadian. I'm sorry, eh.

I need one actually from Canada, preferably on the eastern side of the country. Sorry, pal.
-yeehaws and slaps my knees-

Sounds like a complicated situation for you. Maybe you should make sure your ex knows that you won't wait forever for her. Make sure she will stay in the past if you choose to pursue the new girl.

it's cold

Burrito up in a blanket for me user.
I'm cold too and it helps.

One day this stuff is gonna stop happening but idk when

Got laid, got a job, went to school, got fucked up over and over again, did every little thing that i thoght would get me through you, but here i am another dream involving you. This time its about showing you all the new songs that ive heard, id bet youve liked them. I know we werent really meant together, deap down i know that but you have been the only person that ive opened up to before, i know your not special, unique, but shit, for some reason i become less autistic around you, become a totally different person, 2 years since we last talked and still remember conversations like it happened yesterday.

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>i know your not special, unique
You totally know your way around girl, user

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stfu its my time to have an over emotional tragic romantic insecure loser movement and feel like my situation is a dime in a dozen, this board is catered for young unconfident niggers like we so just let me live my mythical fucking dreamlike moment you absolute babadoosh

I need to relax

Im gonna ask here as i dont want to start a thread for just a trivial bit of advice. Been invited to a party where i i dont know most of the people and those that i do i have bad history with, the guy who is inviting me is the only guy i really like there. Should i go? or just save myself the cancer.


Darn, my heart belongs to a P.B.
I hope you have a wonderful love in the future though, P.K.

Sleep sleep sleep I know I need sleep so why am I staying up?
I must go to bed at 11 or 12, at least.
No phones.
No dwaddling around under the covers.

Remember: what do I really want?
Write it down.

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I’m just so lonely.

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God is always there for you, not joking read up on the history of creation. You're with someone believe it

But in a good way, my friend. Light a candle, throw on some tunes, crawl up in bed or on the couch and zone out. Hope you feel better soon.

How do you know that breaking up with someone is a mistake? Just broke up with my gf, a 3 year relationship. I'm 24 she is 25. Catching a plane to go home in some hours. Part of me feels good. Part of me feels bad. I don't knkw what to think. I was supposed to go home on the 23 not today. I'm so lost, and angry.

I'm concerned for my cousin. He lives next door to me (he's 13) and he never goes outside. I hate to sound like a Boomer, but literally all he does is sit down and play Xbox ghost recon all day every day. What's worse is that he can't shut up in game and everyone in the neighborhood can hear his cringe tier in game speaking.

I tried to get him to go on bike rides with me, fishing, ice cream, etc. But he never goes outside. Not even for that. Everyday the neighborhood kids knock on his door and ask him if he wants to play with them outside and he used to open the door and say "ahhh, no" but now he doesn't answer it at all.

What's even worse is that his single mom (my aunt) doesn't even care. She never has tried to discipline him and never will.

Idk what I can do about it, but whenever I'm working in the yard and hear his stupid fucking in game chat shit, I cringe.

I gave you chance after chance and I waited around, hoping you would take it seriously. I wasn't even asking for much, just some humility on your end but you never learn. Prepare for war...look at the headlines, it has already begun.

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Say goodbye assholes, your reign is over.


I got flipped on my head pretty bad this year.
>live with parents
>lose decent job being a squeaky wheel about poor management
>try steering ex off of drugs, I end up getting physically and emotionally abused
>shatter my foot, can’t go and look for a job
>lose a lot of social skills and anything that helped build an ego
>car that I was financing returned, I can no longer pay rent
>parents bite down and accept
>brother is terminally ill with leukemia
>gets sent into remission for a month and a half
>goes from leukemia to brain cancer
>currently has less than a week left

I feel numb and low in the fact that I can’t do anything to support my family other than being physically there for them. I have no words, I shed no tears. I’ll be waiting, uncertain about the funeral reception. Uncertain about my very own future since I don’t know how to bounce back.

Donate your game device to a local club house and force him to go outside for that game-time. Plus it's a great way to get him among people. Get that clubroom to have a mentor that can show him how men should behave and maybe setup a survival camp for the kids there.

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The longer you stay together, the worse it will get. I’ve been in a similar situation as well.

And believe it or not, she’ll find another guy to latch on to relatively quickly

Where is the Montréal guy

I had a interesting dream recently. Hopefully writing it out will help me analyze it, but feel free to chime in too.
I dreamed I went to Japan (I have going to Japan trips often). Once I was there, I noticed a large buddhist temple that was carved into the mountainside, surrounded by pink flowers. There was so many flowers you couldn't see anything but the building itself. I decided to check it out, but once I was inside it was hard to move around because the place was FILLED with tourists. I was stuck on a ledge (not a lethal ledge, just a ledge) that I couldn't move from because there were too many people. I ended up having to climb down, but in the process of climbing I woke up suddenly.

I think two points of interest is the fact that it's a buddhist temple, and pink flowers. Generally when I think of Japan, I think of shinto shrines and sakura trees. The outside appeared Japanese, but the inside was not. It was merely a tourist trap. Because I fell into this trap, I was forced to diverge from my path.
If I were to interpret this dream as prophetic, then I suppose it would mean "Don't jump into the first thing you see or else you'll become lost. Explore and be patient". I meet a lot of people who's dream is to move to Japan, but they always want to consume the surface level culture. The modernness of Tokyo, the politeness of it's people, the media. I yearn for a deeper understanding and connection of the deeper culture of Japan. The Shintoism and spirituality, the air and the land, the language. Maybe this dream reflects that. Everybody wants to flock into the trap, but it's merely a small pit stop on my long journey.

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Just let them die on their own.

It's impossible to get through to these people

What do we do? What do I do?

What do you want me to do...?

I wish I could go back, just for a few seconds. I would at least give my old self a fighting chance. I will always feel empty. And if I don't, maybe I'm not myself anymore. If the next few days don't fix me, at least temporarily, I'll be stuck here forever.

I almost made a new friend until I started to ignore her. Then there was that beautiful girl that kissed me and I was so fucking sad I couldn't even look at her. And it's gotten so much worse since then. I will lose all my friends soon. Maybe it's for the best. I love to be alone.

sad stuff man

Are you a boy or a girl

Fuck off, that's what, you weirdo.

I'm female god damn

I can do it. Got a throwaway email?


lying attention whore, I finally see you the way you are

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I wanna work out really bad so i can get a good looking body so i would be less paranoid after my gf cheated on me 2 years ago but i have no motivation because i feel like shit. I just want a good body so i can feel superior and less scared that she will do it again