What type of gf do you reccomend based on your experience?

What type of gf do you reccomend based on your experience?

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Someone who enjoys your companionship at face value.

Someone who makes you happy.

Someone with a vagina

No one here actually has any experience, OP. What kinds of answers do you expect?

The kind you love.

Pic related.

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Neither. Those kind of woman are not worth keeping around for more than 2 months. If you want more than sex (and the sex really sucks with them, they all just lay on their backs) go for a girl who actually seems to care about things. Find a woman that actually likes you, not just the things you buy her or do to her.

Have sex, incel.

someone like in that pic, maybe with a lil bit bigger tits

Can communicate, has a handle on their mental and physical health. Has at least one common interest, chemistry mentally and sexually

Any person that is female.

Why is tits size important to you? Should I be conscious of tits size when seeking my first gf?

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Thus. They just lay there whilst you fuck them and it's the most boring shit everytime.

My next gf will be healthier than my last. My ex had a long list of issues both physical and mentally and would always whip one of her conditions out for sympathy and lemme tell you, it's so draining. They make themselves look pathetic and weak + it's a major turnoff.

Ideally, I want a girl who can make me happy. I can go on walks with her and one day go on some sporting trips. We can cuddle together on days when it's raining outside, we can be a drinker mess together & really find a girl version of me because I love myself

The type that knows how to deal with her issues, and will accept to deal with yours.

Willing to listen, change and become a better more healthy person.

>accept to deal with yours
Like being a virgin?

Among others

Consider the outwardly-bitchy ones. I know two examples who are low-key the most caring people you'll ever meet.

Just like how a good number of outwardly-sweet ones are stealth-bitches.

Well if tits size is important to you then you should be conscious of it when choosing a girlfriend.
If you don't care what size her tits have then it doesn't matter.
It's really not that hard :P

fucking this desu